Regionale Disparitäten und Raumentwicklung in Malaysia (German Edition)

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Stevens, Tripathi, Sabyasachi, Yoonsoo Lee, Zenou, Y. Ashok S. Jed Friedman, Why, where and when does it matter? Barrett, Christopher B. Kerr, Marattin, Imbs, Jean, Verspagen, Bart, Mion, Giordano, MION, Giordano, Greenaway, David, Zidar, Knarvik, K.

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Quantitative and qualitative information tool about the central paradigms in sustainability research. Public-private partnerships approach: A success story in achieving democracy in the home ownership for urban inhabitants in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysi. Experiences in the U. Public Transport Accessibility Level in Poznan. Case study Municipality Vracar, Belgrade. Can Technology Keep Us Safe? Providing Web Maps for Everyone.

Understanding Users and their Requirements. Prospective enhancement of urban planning methodology based on OO modeling and rational unified process. Promoting sustainable spatial development by ICT. Projekt Kulturlandschaftsforschung: Untersuchung der Wechselwirkungen zwischen Raumstruktur und Geschwindigkeit mit dem Verkehrsmodell Mobidyn. Prognose von Nutzungsmustern einzelner Besuchergruppen in urbanen Erholungsgebieten. Case Studies for "Real Time Planning". Private or Public Transport? Preservation and valorisation of cultural and environmental resources and information systems, an investigation into a web gis.

Presenting a potential bus rapid transit line with GIS, analytical models and 3D visualization. Prato: organizzazione e tecnologie per un nuovo modello di sviluppo urbano consapevole. Possibilities of applying the e-government management concept in Serbian cities. Policy Analysis for an Airport Metropolis. Planungswerkzeuge in Raum- und Verkehrsplanung — quo vadis? Planungsrelevanz: Potenziale und Herausforderungen neuer Geodatenstrukturen. Planungsinformation im Internet. Planning the Digital City the rising up of the M.

Planning support systems for the integration of land use and transport; new ways of using existing instruments. Planning in the information age: Opportunities and challenges of E-planning. Plan and Design Together — Just a Vision? Perspektiven des Computereinsatzes in der Landschafts- und Umweltplanung. Perspektiven der Stadtplanung beim Aufbau von Verwaltungsnetzwerken.

Perspective Vienna - A comparison of planning scenarios and real development. Patch - Switch - Stratus - An insight into infrastructural spatial mediation strategies in contemporary Lisbon metropolis. Participatory planning for urban regeneration - the Polish experience. Participation processes in seven Chinese villages towards sustainable future images by implementing small project concepts.

Participation on the wire: internet based participation in urban and regional planning in Germany. Participation of citizens as potential endusers in the innovation process for assistive technologies. Case Study: Tehran Urban Parks. Parametric representation of objects in monitoring. Panta Rhei? What about When Movements Come to a Halt? Orijentir — Interactive City Guide for All. And the role of data donations. IT": Viennas strategy. Open Source Software - is it real treatment for public sector's software needs?

Open source and free software: More than saving money! Online-Planungsinstrumente auf nationaler und transnationaler Ebene. Erfahrungen aus forum. On the Right Track? Evaluation as a Tool to Guide Spatial Transitions. Objektorientierte Entwicklung von Planungswerkzeugen an Beispielen aus der Umweltplanung. Nuove strategie sociali, economiche, urbane e architettoniche per il social housing.

Nobel Economic Laureates and the "Performance" of Cities.

German Vlog #207 - Auf der Straße in Penang, Malaysia

New Urbanism in Historic City Centers? New technologies, research and marginal rural regions: the strategic formula promoted by Adimmac for the Local Agenda 21 of the La Mancha Alta Conquense Spain. New residential areas in Bucharest Metropolitan Area location, type and characteristics. New Information Technologies: An illusion of equity. New Belgrade - between Yesterday and Tomorrow. Netzwerkanalyse von Stakeholdern im Kontext natur- und landschaftsbedingter Erholungsnutzung. Netzwerk Geoinformation Tirol.

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Network Centric City. Computer Science Vision of Urbanization. Naturstandsdaten - Luxus oder Notwendigkeit? Nachhaltigkeit und Flughafenregionen - Wunschdenken oder Chance? Music on line or music in the city? A stake for the future city. Multimediale Beschreibung georeferenzierter touristischer Objects of Interest. Multidirektionale Kommunikation im Bereich standortbezogene geographische Informationssysteme. Morgenstadt: CityInsights. Monitoring, planning and forecasting dynamics in European areas - The territorial approach as key to implement European policies. Monitoring und Visualisierung von Carbon Footprints im urbanen Raum.

Monitoring the development of informal settlements in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Monitoring of Terrorist's Treats: a Theoretical Approach. Monitoring human mobility in urban systems. Mofist — Mobile field survey tool for conversion areas. Moderation internetbasierter Planungs- und Beteiligungsprozesse. Modelling the Coverage of Public Utility Providers. Modelling automated technologies within a strategic transport model. Modeling favelas. Heuristic agent based models for squatter settlements growth and consolidation. Model-based Planning for a Sustainable Urban Development.

Mobi-Kid - Child-friendly information for the safe and sustainable use of public transport. Mit Potenzialanalysen die richtigen Verwaltungsdienstleistungen digitalisieren. Mischung: Possible! Metropovis: time-dependent real-time rendering of large and photorealistic virtual cities. Methodology of target and requirements management for complex systems concerning the application field of an energy-efficient city. Metaphors from the Resilience Literature: Guidance for Planners. Measuring seasonality in Central Europe's tourism - how and for what? Mapping urban open space and the compact city - research methodology.

Mapping People? The meeasurement of physiological data in city areas and the potential benefit for urban planning. Managing change: Lessons learned in case studies on revitalising old industrial sites in European cities. Management of Delhi's Urban Growth and Shrinkage. Manage and planning sustainable city case study Tehran metropolitan. Macro-spatial aspects of the digital backbones network in Latin America.

Machen neue Medien bessere Raum planer? Low cost high quality 3D virtual city models. Logistics land use - A buffer between harbour areas and urban neighborhoods? Local land use plan on web site or information about land use? Examples from Poland.

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Local Developmental State? State-led Entrepreneurial City? Liveable City TP. Ho Chi Minh - Adaptation as response to impacts of climate change. Livability and Social Integration vs. Lisbon: Towards a supra-metropolitan configuration? Linking facts - Web 2. Lifestyle Center — a new approach for designing better cities.

Libraries of Serbia on their way to the City 3. Learning the public preferences for living environment characteristics: the experimental approach. Learning from Barcelona: Towards Urban Sustainability. Laserscanning in der Raumplanung. Landscape planning and visualisation -World Construction Frankfurt. Landscape as a Connection — Beyond Boundaries. Landing an airport? Airport development and strategic land use planning in the EU.

Yes, but How Thematically and Where Areally? Land uses allocation as key to city's environmental improvement. Land Administration to Decrease the Poverty? L'altra faccia dell'economia: gli street vendors e l'uso dello spazio urbano nell'area metropolitana di Cagliari. Kuala Lumpur towards a sustainable and competitive globalizing city region: Can multimedia super corridor MSC be a driving force?

Korneuburg — eine Stadt plant sich selbst. Kooperative Planungs- und Kommunikationsplattform. Kontextualisierte und integrale Planungspattformen in der physischen und virtuellen Welt - Europas Zukunft. Konsens durch Kommunikation. Konfliktsituationen in der offenen Planung. Konfliktfelder von wachsenden Logistikknoten.

Kommunale Raumanalyse mit Nachhaltigkeits-Indikatoren. Knowledge-based urban and regional development in the ICT age - the rich and the latecomers. Keynote: Urban planning and transport in the global economy: What can be done? Kann die Raumordnung online ein Schritt zur besseren Raumordnung in Tirol sein? It's the Footprint, Stupid! Urban Assessment by Footprinting Public Transit.

IT modeling experience in urban and regional development. Ist die Raumplanung ein Motorrad? Issues in use of computer generated representations of large-scale urban developments as planning support tools. Is Junik Unique? Devising Planning Policy Documents "in-house". Is disinformation easier than in the past? Internetnutzung in einem Stadtplanungsamt. Relevanz - Moderation - Software. Internet im Stadtplanungsamt Solingen Mehr Information?

Mehr Partizipation? Internet based tool fpr assessing regional location factors. Intermodale und -operable Projekte in den Korridoren. Interactive landscape planning - results of a pilot study in Koenigslutter am Elm, Germany. Interaction with Interconnected Data in Participatory Processes. Inter-Governmental Partnership, Assemble Together.

Intelligent GIS for monitoring systems development. Intellectual system of the complex analysis of economic dynamics on time series. Intellectual capital reporting for regional cluster initiatives and networks — A tool to support innovation and regional development? Integriertes Monitoring als Werkzeug einer nachhaltigen Stadtentwicklung. Integrierte Simulation von Raumentwicklung und Verkehr bei stark steigenden Energiepreisen. Integrative tools for land use and flood risk management. Integration von Grundlagendaten und Bereitstellung von aktuellen Stadtmodellen im Netzwerk.

Integration von Fuzzy-Methoden in Bewertungsverfahren. Integration of Inhabitants in Contemporary City. Integration of incomplete and scattered information to help urban planning and decision-making —With special reference to Tehran. Integrating Mobility Environments in the City. Integrated System for Innovation: a new strategy for South Italy local development.

Institutional Framework of Brownfield Regeneration in Serbia. Institutional flexibility as a key element for urban renewal and development: The case of Palestinian towns. Innovative web-based tools for participatory planning. Innovative Urban Development Projects in Vienna. Innovative Informationstechnologien als Bausteine einer nachhaltigen Stadtentwicklungspolitik. Innovating Multidimensional Urban Visions.

Infrastructure Acquisition and 3D Virtual Integration. Informationstechnologie und Planungsethik. Informationstechnologie als Instrument und als Gegenstand der Raumplanung. Bestimmungen bei der Festlegung neuer Widmungs- und Bebauungsbestimmungen. Informationssysteme kultureller Objekte im virtuellen Umfeld - eine kartographische BetrachtungB.

Information Society - Sustainable or Not? Information city: Is it a sustainable one? Infographics for Smart People in Smart Cities. Inflation in space consumption. Indikatoren zur Landschaftszerschneidung? Untersuchungen zur Einsetzbarkeit in der strategischen Verkehrsplanung. Nagar, Bhopal. Improving the traffic system - A tricky balance between upgrading and destroying of remote regions. Improved reconstruction and rendering of cities and terrains based on multispectral digital aerial images.

Improve public participation in planning processes by using web-based 3D-models for communication platforms. Implications of the usage of mobile collaborative mapping systems for the sense of place. Immobilienvergleichspreise steiermarkweit. Ihre Immobilien und Standorte fest im Griff. Identifying the neccesary information for a spatial decision: Camping for beginners. ICT and urban design, a paradigm challenge.

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I-City: information and communication technologies for urban planners. Human's Digital Space — What about the Metrics? How to stay a Smart City? How to assess urban competitiveness in the ICT age. High tech and high touch in Chinese settlements - communication and sustainability in the EU project success. Healthy City? Habitat patterns and their environmental implications: A computational inquiry. Grundlagendatenerfassung mittels digitaler Photogrammetrie.

Groupware and Public Participation for Urban Planning. Grounding Justice in Public Meeting Practice. Grid analyses in Prague urban planning. Green Spaces 3. Greek bio-climatic design and the sustainable development. Graz-Reininghaus — ein resilienter Stadtteil. Government, governance, mediation, participation and planning. About the interface between planning service provision and citizens. The tale of two capital cities: Madrid and London. Glocalisation unter raumtheoretischer Sicht.

New System of an analysis for decision making. GIS-based evaluation of public facility provision to achieve improved governance and equitable service delivery. GIS supports urban planning in Prague. GIS supports planning and the public participation process with planning support systems. GIS in fighting the effects of the frequent floods over the Romanian counties. GIS as a decision making support tool for urban planning and management: A Practical case of Tanzania.

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GIS - die "Apparatemedizin" der Raumordnung? Gestione delle risorse ambientali e pianificazione del territorio: le linee guida per la Valutazione ambientale strategica come strumento sistemico nei processi di pianificazione e programmazione. Gestaltung des Stadtvolumens - Planen im Zeitalter der Kommunikation.

GeoMultimedia and Multimedia Cartography.

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Geographic Information Systems in the Internet: Sustainable solution for the information society. Presentation of activities of Vienna Urban Planning. Geo-informatics in the electrical energy sustainable development. Geo-informatics in fighting crime and in strengthening public security. Generation and vizualisation of 3D-city and facility models using CyberCity Modeler - New functions and projects -. General information system for religious Italians' cultural resources. Gender Mainstreaming und Standortentwicklung.

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  • Planning Practice on three Island Biosphere Reserves by Cipriano Marin - Issuu.
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  • Gender ALP! Gaza City: Virtual space and the control of physical space. Games in Urban Planning - a Comparative Study. Future Landscape - Expertenumfrage am Internet. From Urban Foresight to Urban Futures? From the vertical city to the virtual city: the rise of the cyber city. From the kilowatts to the bites - different patterns of inner city regeneration policies using the Information Communication Technologies implementation programs. Free software: The open GIS source solution for local governments.

    A case study: Perspectives, experience and possibilities for the city of Frankfurt Oder. Forschungsschwerpunkte nachhaltig wirtschaften: Ziele und strategische Ausrichtung Formale Beteiligungsverfahren im WEB. Folgt der Raumordnung die Zeitordnung? Zur technischen Relativierung von Raum und Zeit. Finding the "institutional space" for democratic e-governance. Feedback for Urban Planning and Solutions. Favelas via satellite.

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    Spatial analysis of slums. Exploring the people's perception of urban public parks in Tehran. Exploring spatial behaviour of visitors in peri-urban recreational areas - multi-attribute analysis of individual route profiles. Explore the spatial equity of urban public facility allocation based on sustainable development viewpoint.

    Experimentelle 3D-Visualisierung mit Cinema 4D. Expansion of the City of Resistencia. Its Metropolitan Process. Evolutionary Algorithms in Urban Planning. Event based simulations: enabling improved development planning and partnerships. Evaluation of visual attributes in urban parks using conjoint analysis. Evaluation of Sustainable Regional Land Use. European Spatial indicators — temporal development and quality aspects.

    European perspectives of banking business. Europas Planung muss entwickelt werden. Estimations of urban land use by fractal and cellular automata method. Erreichbarkeits-Raster-Raumanalyse - Funktion und Anwendungsbereiche. Erfolgsfaktoren und Hemmnisse zur Realisierung urbaner Produktion in Reallaboren. Eparticipation in Narva, Estonia, towards sustainable urban development. Environmental management information system - a tool for urban planning in developing countries.

    Energy efficiency and solar renewable energy through minimalism. Energia e paesaggio al tempo dei cambiamenti climatici. EmoCycling — individuelles Sicherheitsempfinden von Radfahrenden in Karlsruhe. Einsatzfelder der Informationstechnologie in der Regionalplanung. Einsatz von Virtual Reality in der Regionalplanung.

    Einfach-Mehrfach — ein partizipativ angelegtes Erfolgsmodell der Stadt Wien. Eine Stadt wird dreidimensional: 3D-Stadtmodell Bamberg. Einbindung einer Wissensbasis in GIS. Effiziente Erzeugung von 3D-Stadtmodellen aus vorhandenen Vermessungsdaten. EEarth: Bridging the divided national geo-databases via multilingual web application.

    Economic transformation and urban planning in Vienna: Emergence of the service sector and its implications for urban regeneration. Ecological Problems of Motor Transport of Azerbaijan. Ecological Monitoring Network for the Gulf of Finland. Ecological improvement and sustainable development in skiing resorts by adapting the EU-Eco-Audit.