Refinishing Cabinets: Tips and Advice

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Check it out. We are getting ready to paint our cabinets as well. Wondering how this has held up over these months? Any chipping? Any advice would be much appreciated!!!! We used the Cabinet Coat, we never used any Benjamin Moore on the cabinets. We love the Cabinet Coat, one year later and NO chips at all! Hi Melissa!

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  • DIY Kitchen Cabinet Painting Tips.
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Not sure if you still see comments on this post, but I have a question for you. There is SO much information and so many varying reviews!

Kitchen Cabinet Installation Tips for Beginners

Two questions: 1. It is now almost 2 years after your kitchen makeover, I think, and I would be curious to know how they are still holding up? I did a quick Google search and it looks like the brand of paint you used is sold at Wal-Mart and Home Depot. Which, are two of the lower priced, value stores, that I know of. It looks exactly the same. The paint we used is made just for cabinets. If I redo it I will use the Benjamin Moore Advance, since we used that in our mudroom cabinets and it has held up well. I am so happy to have found your blog! Your kitchen makeover looks beautiful!

My husband and I have been looking for just the right primer and paint to hold up in our kitchen. We are starting from scratch. Purchased unfinished oak cabinets from lowes, do I need to sand to a smooth finish before priming? Thanks in advance! Your cabinets look fantastic. I am in the process of painting mine. I have stopped counting the number of paint sprayers I have tried and returned. I ended up where I began, painting them by hand. Do you remember what the color of your walls were in the first picture before you painted your cabinets? Is that a green color?

I like the color. Thanks for a great blog. Thank you for this wonderful blog. I am contemplating doing this myself. How far away would you say you held the paint sprayer? Hi — just love your makeover! We are planning ours now and have a similar cabinet arrangement as yours. I noticed your microwave gone…we want to take ours out but are unsure where to go with it. Where did you end up putting yours? I see that this is an older post, but I was looking at the photos and wondering what you did on the hardware for your pull out drawers.

When I did my small bathroom cabinet, I unscrewed it, painted it, and then reattached it, but I imagine that would be a pain for kitchen cabinets, although I will be going from honey oak to either grey or white. What did you do? What do most people do? Great job!

Tips + Tricks for Painting Oak Cabinets - Evolution of Style

It looks wonderful. I wanted to ask about your counter tops. I noticed you did keep your same counter tops, which we are planning to do. In the before pictures you have a in backsplash of your counter. In the after pictures it gone. Was that difficult to do? Outstanding job, it looks amazing. Now my question to you since you painted your cabinets about 1 year ago……How is the paint holding about against bumps, bangs, dirt, grease and build up? I have done my laundry cabinets which look wonderful but in some areas the paint came off bumping against it. Also in some areas where the hinges fitted a little snug.

Any additional advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for the great tutorial. I love your cabinets, they look as though you bought them like that! I was over loaded with soon much out there….. Maybe, like you, a different color on the bottom? Thank you for all your I helpful hints! Thanks for sharing this very valuable information! We have been trying to talk ourselves into painting our cabinets, this advice really helps!

Your kitchen is beautiful! Great article. My kitchen cabinets also need new color. I will surely try out these tips. Thanks for sharing. Do one thing at a time. I see that you removed the granite backsplash and replaced it with tile. Did removing it cause a lot of drywall damage or damage the countertop at all? Painting kitchen cabinet looks easy, but it is not so as you think. If you are not experienced, then I am sure you cannot complete the job fairly. You have to learn few ideas for it from experts. But, I am suggesting you, if you are confident and money is not a matter for you, you can try it yourself thinking that if it would be not up to mark, I will try again.

If you are not so confident, you should hire a home remodel company, its talented team would provide you a quality service. As a result, the kitchen interior looks great. I am getting ready to conquer my kitchen and have found your instructions very helpful. I do have 2 questions. Can I use a self leveling paint and do you see or feel the grain in your paint from the cabinets?

I am curious if the primer is enough to fill in the frain. Others have recommended applying space and sand to make them smooth.

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The paint we bought is self-leveling. When brushed on it looked fine but for the doors it looked much better sprayed. Drive me nuts! You can use a level or work off the tile edges to make them straight. Like a crooked painting. Easy fix and everything else looks awesome! Love gray! Thank you so much for your tips. I hope they turn out as well as yours did. Thanks again. I tackled my kitchen took me about 1 weeks. Primer Kilz and paint Benjamin Moore. Months later my cabinets have chips all over and very difficult to clean.

I painted them white!

Did I mention I primed 2x sanded between and painted 4x times and sanded between each coat. I have to repaint or just replace my doors. We did not use Benjamin Moore paint. We used the one mentioned in the article. Ours are now 3 years old and not chipped. I think the paint makes a big difference. We installed it in , my memory is just not that good LOL!! I love your post! We had a contractor use CabinetCoat on some cabinets they made for our upstairs sitting room back in so I was planning to use that on our kitchen cabinets, and I was thrilled to find that you had actually used it with great success!

Do you remember about how many gallons of the CabinetCoat you went through? Today's Top Stories. Putty Knife. Tack Cloth 3 Pack. High-Hiding All Purpose Primer. Angled Paint Brush. Ballet White Enamel Paint. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Color Is Everything. Hi, Peggy! We usually take the cabinets outside and paint them there. My custom-made, raw wood cabinets were recently delivered. Is it easier to paint them once they are hung up? OR, while they are still sitting on the floor? Good luck with your project! My cabinets are not wood.

They are white builder grade laminate that can peel away from the pressed board. Is there a paint that would adhere to that type of material?

Don't Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Until You Read This

If not what would be the best way to make over Those types of cabinets? I prefer dark cabinets And my husband wants to leave them be. We want to hear from you! In addition to posting comments on articles and videos, you can also send your comments and questions to us on our contact page or at While we can't answer them all, we may use your question on our Today's Homeowner radio or TV show, or online at todayshomeowner.

2. You’ll need to label each cabinet panel.