Natalies Good Fortune: A Tale of Piracy and Adventure (The Adventures of Natalie Brennan Book 1)

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In , when the Scraper Bike Team lost its rent-free space, Propernick and Burnette drew on their community connections to set up the Shed, a youth-run bike shop, in a foot-long shipping container behind the Martin Luther King Jr. Burnette recruits and manages a cadre of Scraper Bike volunteers at both sites. Her rise at the library was swift: in January she started as a part-time programs assistant, and by February she was in her current position as teen services supervisor.

Dantis was tasked with creating STEM science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programming. Interested in the Maker movement, she was a natural fit. One of her first initiatives: Print Your Head, in which teens were 3-D scanned and walked away with a small 3-D-printed plastic bust of themselves. The program caught the attention of a teacher at a local middle school, who asked the library to collaborate on 3-D-RD, a nine-week course focused on 3-D printing, research, and design.

The class was so popular, enrollment shot up 40 percent the second year, so the library added another class section. Dantis is the first U. Here is your opportunity to get the recognition you deserve. As Library of the Year, your library would stand out as a model for others. With this honor comes the prestige of being a national example, broad exposure for your library, and even more accolades. To submit your nomination, visit gale. All types and sizes of libraries are welcome to enter. Entries are due by April 4, By calling attention to the essential services libraries like yours can provide, we believe we can help to further the discovery of knowledge and insights by all people, for all purposes.

Connecting libraries to learning and learners to libraries. They also surface a handful of overlapping core values that make for a truly effective library manager and offer lessons for those who aspire to the role. No single career path leads to a position as a library man- Library managers cite a wide variety of experiences that ager. Many professionals find themselves taking on these inform effective managerial styles—far beyond traditional leadership roles unexpectedly, often thanks to organic professional development workshops or classroom work.

Frequent and open communication with team members is Others benefit from the support of colleagues who en- at the core of growth and success as a manager. Berman, courage them to take on greater responsibilities. Both Blake and Amaral. A career in libraries can take unexpected directions. It is much easier projects, prioritizing face-to-face contact with coworkers. On a daily basis, she makes a point trenches also builds collegiality and trust. Failing to assess the plore, try new things, and take needs of individual personaliownership of their work.

They, in turn, do the same for their own staff. Mentorship and professional networks can prove vital. Whether or not a particular manager has direct budgetary trusted individuals outside of work, for a fresh perspective. For Berman, the key to delegating is gaining trust and why. Amaral, for tasks such as scheduling should fall to her. The Next Step: Director Mentors, networks, and learning from outside the library help new leaders take on the challenge.

LJ asked directors from across the country to share insights for librarians who aspire to move up. A good working relationship with the board is essential to an effective directorship. Working with a team means there are going to be tough spots as well as success stories. In the end, Davis was proud to see her library board and coworkers pull together to maintain service.

Sometimes you have a colleague with untapped potential and you want to promote them For some directors, their current position is a culmination of experience gained both inside and outside the library field. David Leonard moved into the director role at Boston Public Library after a year as interim director. Prior to that his experience was in the realm of academia, the nonprofit sector, and technology and consulting worlds. He is currently pursuing a doctorate in library and information science.

Library System. It was a great investment. Semifero attended director-focused workshops ofOne additional piece of advice? I would never be where LJ. State library training also benefited Kong, who attended Rewards abound the Synergy Leadership Initiative in addition to attending Although being a director can be challenging, isolating, the Public Library Association PLA Leadership Acad- even frustrating, it can also be rewarding in a way that few emy.

It also helps to director in the world The results for those already in the job can be a challenge—and sometimes, the best course is to exit and regroup. How can librarians successfully navigate such a detour in their career trajectory? Because such topics are often little discussed, librarians in those situations may feel alone or lack examples from which to learn. To encourage frank discussion, several librarians interviewed for this article have been granted anonymity. However, despite his advocacy, university administration kept pulling from the library to fund other projects.

He planned his departure, securing budget allocations for existing projects and helping staff develop skills needed to move work forward between deans. Sometimes, the issue is closer to the front lines. Despite the usual challenges— organizational politics, responsibility growth, budget uncertainty, staff resistance to change—Strange loved it. Eventually, the balance shifted. Being the first in a new position can be both an opportunity and a risk. The ers been consulted about it. I left the walked out the door within a few months.

One director had held the posibrarian at a community college. She chose to leave when a week, and I figured I could use it as a she saw that her vision for the library learning experience. Asking questions helps [ensure] for five years. She pursued her interests and participated in that the change has been fully fleshed out and you can be a local library consortium, leveraging her connections into more prepared for anything that may come your way. Another librarian whose noisy office makes focusversity and an adjunct lecturer on library technology. Moving for a job is destabilizing enough—be project at a midsize academic library.

Buoyed by her initial sure the job is worth the upheaval.

She tions Just keep building your experienced. When Finally, know when and how to take that final stand. Just keep building your skills Books are selected for this list based on strong reviews, media buzz, overall industry interest, and personal reading. Though a few date back to February, most are publishing from March onward, with some key July titles featured.

American War. ISBN In a searingly relevant work, Egyptian-born, Canadian-based journalist El Akkad imagines a second American Civil War, in which six-year-old Sarat Chestnut is herded into a displaced persons camp with her family and eventually trained as a weapon of war. Chancellor, Bryn. May When old bones are discovered in a nearby ravine, folks in Sycamore, AZ, assume they belong to troubled teenage newcomer Jess Winters, who disappeared 18 years ago. Estranged from her white parents, Helen is shattered by the suicide of her adoptive brother, Korean-born like herself, and f lies home to find out what happened.

Instead, she compellingly finds herself. Fluidly written, with no sanctimony and plenty of dark humor; bound to provoke. Ko, Lisa. The Leavers. When Deming Guo is 11 years old, his Chinese immigrant mother vanishes, and he spends a rebellious adolescence wondering what happened. Hartnett, Annie. Rabbit Cake. Tin House. Minick, Jim. Fire Is Your Water. Swallow: Ohio Univ. After her mother drowns while sleepswimming, Elvis Babbitt gamely pulls herself through while shoring up her clueless father and troubled, sleep-eating sister Lizzie.

After fire claims the family barn in rural s Pennsylvania, Ada loses faith in God and hence her astonishing ability to heal. But a young man brings her love and, finally, renewal. Heiny, Katherine. Standard Deviation. Watts, Stephanie Powell. Ecco: HarperCollins. The Original Ginny Moon. Park Row: Harlequin. How To Be Human. Metropolitan: Holt. Out of love and on leave from work, Mary finds comfort in the presence of a gorgeous red fox that has taken to visiting the back garden of her home in the London suburbs. But the neighbors are. Melville House. Conversations with Friends.

Hogarth: Crown. Smart, persuasive, and never self-indulgent; a London Book Fair buzz book from a rising Irish star. Spufford, Francis. Golden Hill. Salt Houses. Houghton Harcourt. Palestinian American poet Alyan clarifies Middle East displacement by chronicling a family repeatedly uprooted after the Six-Day War of Nigerian musician Taduno returns to an unrecognizable homeland and learns that his girlfriend has been abducted by government agents. Thoughtful readers will be enthralled. Live from Cairo.

Hamilton, Omar Robert. The City Always Wins. Sean McDonald: Farrar. Himes, Julie Lekstrom. Mikhail and Margarita. In , Soviet writer Mikhail Bulgakov bangs up against intensifying censorship and is pursued by the secret police even as he falls for brashly beautiful Margarita, who inspires his celebrated The Master and Margarita.

Spaceman of Bohemia. Little, Brown. My Cat Yugoslavia. A pet boa constrictor and a talking cat? Clearly, this is a fabulist take on some very real issues, as the son of Muslims who fled Yugoslavia when it imploded faces life as an immigrant and a gay man in straitlaced Finland.

This debut novel… has an intensity and power that demands a second reading. The Color of Our Sky. Coming of Age Assadi, Hannah Lillith. Universal prepublication praise. Buntin, Julie. One of the Boys. The Zero and the One. Twelve: Hachette. But Zach is on a collision course with death. Poisoned Pen. Love, Melissa Scrivner. Ostensibly the dutiful girlfriend of gang leader Garcia, Lola is actually the knifesharp, tough-as-bullets brains behind the operation. Blue Light Yokohama. Minotaur: St. Newly reinstated Tokyo police inspector Iwata inherits a troublesome case: an entire family has been slaughtered and the symbol of a large black sun left behind.

The Wages of Sin. Pegasus Crime. A former debutante victimized by sexual assault and now one of the few brave women at a Victorian-era medical school, Sarah Gilchrist recognizes an anatomy class corpse as a working girl she met at a clinic and immediately investigates. In a wildly reimagined world where social conservatives are rising, a gay double agent working for resistant Amberlough City think the Weimar Republic gets himself and his burlesque-performing lover in trouble.

The Ship. Orbit: Hachette. James, Vic. Gilded Cage. Del Rey: Ballantine. Dark Gifts, Bk. In a darkly fantastical world where the lower classes must serve the magically gifted upper-class rulers for ten years, a teenage boy dreams of rebellion, his sister of a better life, and a nasty young aristocrat of using his dark gifts for his own ends.

The Girl from Rawblood. Sourcebooks Landmark. At a gloomy early s English estate, young Iris is enjoined not to form any relationship lest she set into motion a terrible family curse. Naturally, she rebels. Miss You. When two young people repeatedly cross paths after meeting in Florence, their love looks meant to be. The Reminders. ISBN ; lib. Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine. Pamela Dorman: Viking. The Standard Grand. But a nasty multinational corporation wants the land.

Almost Missed You. If Violet and Finn have the perfect marriage, why does he abandon her on holiday and take their son to her best friend, demanding that she hide them? The Shark Club. Winawer, Melodie. The Scribe of Siena. Studying research on the Black Death, neurosurgeon Beatrice Trovato time travels to medieval Sienna and falls in love with a city under disastrous threat. Cassandra Campbell does an excellent job reading this emotional and romantic novel. She articulates the Italian, Irish, German, and American accents perfectly, while emphasizing the dilemma of each character as she captures their personality.

Bauer, Belinda. The Beautiful Dead. Dreamscape Media. Reporting a gruesome murder places television reporter Eve Singer directly in the crosshairs of a serial killer. As the executioner continues to construct his highly stylized murders, Eve must handle not only her demanding, competitive job but also the endless demands of her demented father. The fast-paced action only lets up as Eve gets distracted by her declining parent and is forced to play catch-up on all fronts until the final minutes. Gethsemane Brown Mystery. Mix a bold African American musician, the Irish countryside, and the ghost of a murdered composer, and you have the makings of a captivating mystery.

Gethsemane Brown reluctantly assumes the role of music teacher and conductor of the orchestra at a boys school in rural Ireland. The position comes with the stipulation that she. As Gethsemane asks questions in the small town where everyone knows everyone and their business, there are more murders and her life is now in danger, which only compels her to work harder.

London-based actress Jessica Carroll narrates with a soothing British accent, while her pitch-perfect Irish and American dialects bring the characters to life. The plot, characters, and conclusion are complicated enough for adults and simple enough for older children. As children, they grow to love each other deeply. But as Angelo matures, he rejects Eva and their relationship to become a priest. When the Germans occupy Italy, Angelo risks his life to hide Eva, whom he.

Hart, Josephine. For her entire life, Ruth has been consumed by the jealousy she feels toward her adopted sister, Elizabeth. Ruth believes she has always taken second place to Elizabeth, whose good nature and kindness make her the object of adoration for their parents. In adulthood, Ruth has become obsessed with Elizabeth and with destroying her. During the process, Ruth manages to ruin her own life as well. Frederick gives a distinct voice to each of the many characters, making it easy to distinguish one from another and to follow the story.

Verdict While this is not a story to lift the spirit, it will appeal to adults who are interested in the conflict and consequences of a complex narrator. The Little Parachute. The son of her vanished lover is mute, and this trip to Paris was to see a physician. She is pulled into a terrifying and deteriorating situation, with her history unfolding in parallel with that of another Frenchwoman working for the Nazis. Janes has written a long-running mystery series set in Nazi-occupied France and describes Paris well, but this fractured story is confused, difficult to follow, and ends abruptly, with no resolution.

Narrator Philip Bond does little to differentiate the characters, exacerbating the disorder of unpredictable scenes and changes in point of view.

Full text of "ERIC ED Large Print Bibliography, "

The threadbare plot, sprinkled with contrived local kookiness and folksy Southernisms, is uncomfortable listening and a cuckoo in the cozy mystery nest. A more apt niche would be dozy mysteries—for people who read casually to kill time. An intriguing tale of the post—Civil War Southwest, the story concerns the travels of Capt. Kidd earns meagre pay as an itinerant news reader to audiences in the small towns of Texas. Although the story is fiction, the author gives listeners some wonderful descriptions of the real Texas hill country and the dangers and rigors of frontier travel, including Indians, bandits, and would-be human traffickers.

Kappes, Tonya. Kenni Lowry Mystery. When old Doc Walton is found murdered, small-town sheriff Kenni Lowry must solve her first homicide case. It is a coming-of-age tale of a young woman who is trying to find her place in the world. Rachel was 12 when her mother died and her father sent her to an English boarding school; she is now 18 and shocked to find how dramatically things have changed in the years she has been away. Will the secrets Rachel carries—one rooted in the past, the other in her growing relationship with her former tutor—help her come to terms with the changes in her family and in her country?

British actress Katherine McEwan provides a rich narration that fully renders both the individual characters and the descriptions of life in midth century Kenya. Francis Coll. Once the highest paid female copywriter in the country, Lillian Lily to her friends, Lils to her faithless mate is intelligent, witty, and rather wonderful. She has written well and been well paid, fought for the rights of women in the workplace, has known too much drink and her share of despair.

But she survives. While her frequent perambulations reveal a New York that has changed irrevocably, Lillian lives with the hope that her greatest love, the city, will rise again. Fish life is complex and interesting. Jonathan Balcombe, an expert in ethology, reveals the surprising abilities among the thousands of varieties of fish. Their intelligence, diversity, and variety are astonishing; there are fish that have better vision than humans and see a wider range of light and more colors; there are fish that can hear at ranges above and below the human hearing range; there are fish that hunt in groups and use simple tools, revealing a social aspect to their underwater lives.

Balcombe also discusses the ability of fish to feel emotion and urges reconsideration of human practices and policies related to fish. Balcombe is informative and passionate but also provides an edge of whimsy to his fish story. It is unfortunate that a PDF of the illustrations is not included. Michael Page, an AudioFile Earphones winner, has a crisp tone that enhances the material. The narration is performed with the dexterity of a seasoned actor.

Telling his life story from his beginnings as a natural drummer to early runins with major musical inf luences, Collins delivers personal stories about being an absentee father and a less-than-perfect husband and also talks about his music. Avid music fans will appreciate the detailed discussions of certain recordings and who played what on which song. Anyone who can sing along to his songs should listen to this audiobook. Steagall, Gateway Technical Coll.

HighBridge Audio. Everitt, a renowned scholar of British and European culture, has turned to those contentious ancient Athenians who gave us democracy for his ninth book The Rise of Rome; Augustus; Hadrian and the Triumph of Rome. Everitt writes this popular history about the rise of Athens in a narrative style meant for the reader to experience the events as did the Athenians and Greeks who lived through them. The style is entertaining and informative. The book can be appreciated by those with little knowledge of ancient Athens and those who would like a refresher. Michael Page, AudioFile Earphones winner, gives a formal and precise delivery appropriate to the material.

Feasel, Cyndy with Mike Yorkey. Grant never expected that the game he loved would destroy his marriage, rational thinking, and ultimately his life. The former NFL lineman was posthumously diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease caused by head trauma known as CTE chronic traumatic encephalopathy. In order to cope with the aches and pains plaguing him in retirement, Feasel turned to alcohol, exacerbating the damaged brain that was already working against him.

Narration by Michelle Lasley is clear and easy to listen to but at times is unconvincing, owing to the very personal nature of this audiobook. Noah, Trevor. Brilliance Audio. Born during apartheid to a Swiss-German father and black Xhosa mother, Noah shares stories from his formative years when he often felt more like an outsider than the shining star he is today. His stories give insight into not only his personal history but the culture and history of South Africa. The subject matter is difficult, with violence, racism, and poverty all being part of his complex narrative.

Despite his circumstances, Noah is able to find humor and love even in the worst of times, mostly owing to his strongwilled, independent, and devoutly Christian mother. Audio at its best. Joseph Cty. Pomfret, John. His interest in the ways in which the history of the two countries and cultures have intersected and sometimes collided is broad. He refers to interactions between Chinese and American officials to illustrate the ways in which the cultures work for and against the best interests of each country on the world stage. He also offers insightful glimpses into the ways in which students, missionaries, and women have been treated in China and the ways in which Americans have interpreted its issues with civil rights.

Tom Perkins offers a lively reading. Stone, Brad. Hachette Audio. Stone The Everything Store presents a detailed account of two powerful players in the contemporary internet marketplace: Uber and Airbnb. Both firms started as one of many ideas that fledgling entrepreneurs launched in the mids.

Although there were other ride- and space-sharing companies debuting about the same time, it was the hard work, vision, and contacts with venture capitalists that allowed Kalanick and Chesky to grow their companies, first nationally then internationally. MEDIA strangers. Both companies now stand as mature, successful enterprises always searching for new opportunities in the digital world. Dean Temple does a wonderful job presenting the story, changing the tone of his voice to individualize the different players. Hupp, West Virginia Univ.

Parkersburg Lib. Although Taubes is unable to build an airtight case against sugar as a culprit that warrants government regulation, he presents a convincing argument that makes one think seriously about limiting the amount of sugar we consume. Stubbs, John. Jonathan Swift: The Reluctant Rebel. A Dubliner by birth, Swift insisted that he was English and, thus, was able to write simultaneously as both an insider and an outsider about politics. An essayist, pamphleteer, poet, and cleric, he understood the vanities and egos of his own age and was sharply critical of the flaws that plagued society.

His tone is somber, suggesting gravitas when appropriate, and temperate, suggesting irony and humor where needed. Taubes, Gary. The Case Against Sugar. Books on Tape. If The Case Against Sugar were a criminal case, it would be a case for the prosecution, Taubes writes. Like a skilled attorney, he puts on the stand a litany of expert witnesses, including doctors and scientists and their centuries of research on the relationship between sugar consumption and chronic Western diseases, such as diabetes, insulin resistance, and even gout.

Taubes also debunks the arguments that sugar is harmless, by carefully laying out the history behind sugar and how it evolved, thanks to technology, marketing, and bad science. Encouragement consultant Giant Leap Consulting and author Right Risk; Courage Goes to Work Treasurer presents an enthusiastic summary of how leaders can survive and learn valuable lessons from the mistakes in their careers.

He explains how the best of these leaders choose to learn from the situation and how to admit their error to others. The types of situations covered are not merely minor mistakes but significant blunders that challenge the fundamental operation and success of an organization or shatter the ego of the leader. The author shares real case studies from his consulting experience that demonstrate how leaders in different types of organizations responded to their mistakes and failures, and he highlights the few who were transformed by them.

This refreshing new information can help anyone in a leadership position learn how to kick-start themselves after a major failure. A House Full of. The narration by Susan Ericksen is steady, although there are a few mispronunciations of proper names. VERDICT This volume tells the stories of a sisterhood that many readers might not be aware of, one that arguably initiated the cracks in that glass ceiling.

Wiltz, Chris. Wiltz has set several novels, as well as a mystery series, in her hometown of New Orleans. Here she tells the true story of Norma Wallace — , a notorious and very successful madam who opened her first bordello in Taxi drivers, hotel staff, and bar owners recommended her businesses to tourists, while city fathers and the law turned a blind eye—thanks to her bribes. Law Lib.

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Blood Bath. Blu-ray UPC In truth, when overcome by bloodlust, he transforms into a vampire and acts out his strange desire to kill while being taunted by ghostly images of the woman who led to his death hundreds of years ago, a woman who looks just like his current beloved Lori Saunders. This set has all four versions of the film as it was reshot and reedited over years while producer Roger Corman attempted to get a product that worked commercially. She accepts the chairmanship of a royal commission charged with scrutinizing gun violence and the source of illegal weapons flooding New South Wales Australia.

And while she struggles to keep the personal and professional separate, she is often fighting those who are in a position to ruin her career. Verdict A strong cast and impressive cinematography contribute to a quality production. Viewer discretion is advised owing to strong language, violence, sexual situations, and nudity. Recommended for public libraries where legal series are popular. Cat People. Jacques Tourneur, dist. Director Tourneur and producer Val Lewton crafted a towering achievement in dark entertainment with Cat People, delivering excellent characterization with sophisticated fright.

This new television adaptation of the popular L. The Cuthberts had requested that the orphanage send a boy to help with the work, and Anne is a surprise in more ways than one. Verdict A lovely production, this feel-good family film is recommended for most public libraries. SDH subtitles. To lighten the mood, ample time is provided for Barnaby to negotiate generally humorous situations revolving around his wife Fiona Dolman and pet dog Sykes.

The current set brings the number of episodes available to since its inception. Over the decades, the cast has changed and the local population has grown more diverse, with people of color and same-sex couples, but the vibrancy of the intricately constructed puzzles remains. Verdict Highly recommended escapist viewing for all fans of traditional British whodunits. The Park Bench. Ann LeSchander, dist.

Emily Nicole Hayden , a lover of literature, is hired to tutor Mateo Walter Perez , an immigrant and first-generation college student. Although they come from dramatically different backgrounds and have little in common, their friendship gradually develops during the instruction on a park bench as they discuss literature, life, aspirations, family, and favorite folklore illustrated with whimsical animated drawings. Verdict There are few surprises as to how this story ends, but the two very likable protagonists make getting there an enjoyable experience.

Long before she was a rarely amused, dour dumpling of a monarch perpetually clad in black, Queen Victoria — was a young woman in love. MEDIA ter Lord Melbourne played to perfection by Rufus Sewell , Victoria in a star turn by Jenna Coleman not only learns to take the reins of command but also finds herself making the difficult choice as to whom she will ultimately give her heart.

Verdict This sumptuously produced new series delivers all of the compelling characters, fascinating historical detail, expertly designed settings, and delicious drama—both upstairs and down at Windsor Castle—that viewers of period television crave and that fans of Downton Abbey miss. Hanks keeps the film visually interesting by supplementing the interview snippets with archival snapshots and video footage.

VERDICT Informative and entertaining, a nostalgic journey through American pop culture music fans are sure to relish and a must-see cautionary tale for business-minded viewers. All Work All Play. Patrick Creadon, dist. Watching someone play video games may not seem like something people would pay to do, but, surprisingly, this new endeavor, called eSports, is becoming very popular. IEM is a global tour, with teams competing for trophies and prize money. Each team is owned or sponsored, and the players are paid to play video games in front of a live paying audience.

ISBN 13: 9780615578712

The film, which includes interviews with the players and with Michal Blicharz, the man who started IEM, does a fine job of explaining eSports and why it is so in demand and might even convert viewers into caring about the outcome of the tournament. Bonus features include deleted scenes. VERDICT With eSports viewership on the rise, this engaging production is a strong purchase for libraries to pair with video game checkouts and academic libraries looking for upand-coming trends.

All Things Must Pass. Colin Hanks, dist. While music celebrity shoppers such as David Geffen, Elton John, and Bruce Springsteen contribute fond reminiscences of what made Tower so special to pop music fans, the tale is primarily told through candid interviews with founder and former president Russ Solomon and a handful of ex-upperlevel employees. These company insiders. The 78 Project Movie. Alex Steyermark, dist. Pieces range from Cajun music and gospel to folk, blues, country, even novelty songs. Modern-day performers reflect on what draws them to roots music and what it means in their lives.

The video only comes alive during the performances. An optional purchase. Each of the eight nearly hourlong episodes tackles some aspect of crafting, recording, or selling popular music, including the role of an in-studio producer, multitrack recording methods, and, in the best segment, the importance of visual imagery in promoting new releases. Past and present music superstars and innova-. Soundbreaking also features an impressive collection of live performance clips and behindthe-scenes studio footage and just enough narration from actor Dermot Mulroney to introduce each episode.

Bonus features include an amusing conversation between Elton John and legendary Beatles producer the late George Martin. VERDICT By covering many types of popular music genres from the past six decades, this well-produced and thoroughly enjoyable and informative film is sure to appeal to a broad audience of music lovers and music-makers.

Bonus features include commentary tracks and a trailer. Highly recommended. Osicki, Saint John Free P. The Business of Amateurs. Bob Demars, dist. Rated: TV Director DeMars played football for the University of Southern California and received career-ending injuries in his only start. His very personal film examines several interlocking issues facing college athletics, including the long-term effects of such trauma. There has been an increase in suicides among former college and NFL players brought on by multiple concussions. Cinema Paradiso.

Arrow Video, dist. Rated: R. Fifty minutes longer, this extended version shows the middleaged Salvatore Jacques Perrin rekindling an adolescent romance thwarted by his film-projectionist mentor Alfredo Philippe Noiret , whose funeral has brought the native-son-made-good back to his cherished hometown.

Kino Lorber. Men and women who participate in college sports provide their institutions with millions of dollars annually. However, 80 percent of athletes receiving scholarships live below the federal poverty level. In addition, academics often take a backseat, with students steered into watered-down curricula and programs intended to maintain their eligibility to compete. More than half of student athletes fail to graduate.

The film includes interviews with former players, family members, physicians, and others connected to college athletics. No one from the NCAA or associated with a major university appears in the film. Free To Run. Pierre Morath, dist. Director Philippe Faucon delves into the frustrations of a disenfranchised immigrant by favoring quiet moments of revelation instead of the usual histrionics. Steamboat Bill, Jr. Lobster Films, dist. A pair of Buster Keaton double features debut in newly remastered editions. The lesser but worthy cofeatures are icing on the cake of these delectable releases.

Free To Run follows the progression of the distance running movement from those early days to the present, when every major city worldwide hosts a marathon and anyone can participate. When superstition in the mystical power of a nearby volcano fails to provide a solution to her predicament, the young woman resorts to more desperate measures. The Tree of Wooden Clogs. Criterion Collection. Fittingly told in an unflashy style without professional actors, the largely plotless story details rituals from pig slaughter to courtship in leisurely fashion that paradoxically proves involving while taxing patience.

Restored to immaculate condition, this lauded film generally earns its considerable status. Ned Thanhouser, dist. It is almost impossible to resist watching this video if only to discover the meaning behind its title. MEDIA sidecar racing community. Production and sound quality are very good; includes bonus street race footage and interviews.

VERDICT This realistic film helps viewers understand the depth of the problems of urban youth; recommended for any collection with an emphasis on the inner city and education. Highly recommended to Trekkies and general audiences alike. Public performance; closed-captioned.

The Fly by Light effort offers a different and creative approach. Working with Washington, DC, school dropouts and troubled youngsters, Fly by Light takes small groups of adolescents out of their neighborhoods to the hills of West Virginia for peace-education training to cope with problems, move forward with their lives, and secure a future for themselves. Writing and music help these young people rise above their terrible pasts and learn to control their anger. The woodland experience is just the beginning; the kids are mentored in a nine-month program when they return home.

There is no bathos here—just honest. Among the Believers. The strongest virtue of this documentary is the access its makers were given to its subjects—people in Pakistan who have historically not allowed cameras to film them. His critics claim that the mosque is at the top of a network of seminaries that provide a constant flow of recruits to the Taliban and ISIS to wage jihad in the name of Allah. Aziz disagrees and lets the film crew see how the students attempt to memorize the Quran in epic, sunrise-to-sunset, trance-inducing study sessions.

The students, some as young as four and from impoverished backgrounds, are given food and housing in exchange for learning the sacred text. VERDICT Among the Believers takes viewers into a rarely documented part of Pakistan and includes enough archival footage and alternate opinion to show how jihadist soldiers are created by ceaseless indoctrination.

Frightening and fascinating. Buried Above Ground. Ben Selkow, dist. Post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD is most often associated with combat. Each uses drugs or alcohol to overcome depression and suicidal thoughts. Erundina fights her addiction through Alcoholics Anonymous, psychotherapy, higher education, and finally a loving intervention that forces her into rehab. Ashley survives by giving back to the city she cannot leave and finds hope in rebuilding on higher ground. Disenchanted with the growth of cookiecutter suburbs, New York architect Robert Simon — envisioned a planned development that would combine the best elements of city and suburb, a place that welcomed all races, creeds, and income levels.

In the early s, Simon bought 6, acres of farmland in Virginia, not a state known at the time for its inclusivity, and brought his vision to fruition. Mixing archival footage, interviews with those involved in the planning and building of Reston, as well as residents, and footage of people simply enjoying the area, the film offers a loving look at this successful attempt at designing not just housing but a community.

Twenty years after he left Reston, Simon returned to help ensure that his original principles, which were being threatened, would survive. The Leopard in the Land. James McEachen, dist. Artist and Disney designer Joe Rohde challenged himself to go to Mongolia to produce a series of paintings to raise funds for the Snow Leopard Conservancy. After conferring with Mongolian scientists doing fieldwork, the artist is hopeful traditional taboos can protect these elusive predators from being killed by herders.

The harsh life of the high steppes and mountains is well documented. Extras include a profile of Rodney Jackson, the biologist who founded the conservancy. This film should please viewers interested in saving endangered species. Conn, formerly with Surrey Libs. Some gamers purposely mirror their own sexual orientation, some role-play as the opposite of themselves, and still others simply see which characters they have the most meaningful relationship with and go from there.

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Of course, role-playing games have existed long before video games. There are any number of tabletop versions out there, with a variety of different systems and rules. All of them, however, allow the gamer to create any number of characters and imbue them with characteristics of their choosing. This can be extremely helpful to someone who harbors feelings of being unwanted, misunderstood, rejected by society, or anyone who is marginalized or disenfranchised. Look for games that demonstrate and promote peace and cooperation. Settlers of Catan is a perfect example of a competitive game that demands civility.

As a game rooted in resource management and trading, it demands a certain amount of give-and-take from players. Like its board game cousins, this version features the player or players managing a civilization, building it from its most basic agrarian roots to a sprawling society. There are many ways to achieve victory, including through military might, but building trade relations and alliances—and maintaining them— are necessary no matter what strategy is implemented.

There are games that allow players to do that as well. Set in the wake of an all-out nuclear war, these games have players taking on the role of a survivor who must for varying reasons venture into a wasteland on a personal quest. While the older games are available on PC, the fourth installment in the series is readily available on modern consoles. Many gamers demand that politics stay out of games, but the truth is that politics are inescapable.

Advocate for games that ask tough questions, and encourage your patrons to seek answers in those activities. When all else fails, at least you can offer your patrons games that will allow them to detach and forget about the real world for a while. Nintendo is your best friend when it comes to bright, colorful, and cheerful stories and characters. Abrams, David. Brave Deeds. Big ALA push. Bordas, Camille. How To Behave in a Crowd. Tim Duggan: Hogarth. Downloadable: Random Audio. Her protagonist is year-old Isidore Mazal, whose five older siblings are all astonishingly accomplished.

Dee, Jonathan. The Locals. Kobek, Jarett. Downloadable: Penguin Audio. Having attracted a cult following and New York Times support with the small-press I Hate the After Fobbit, six soldiers going AWOL to attend a Internet, Kobek breaks out with funeral; the first title of the new imprint Lenny books his first big-house publication. His new work scours the s— 90s social scene, as wealthy aspiring artist Pardons, Pulitzer Prize finalist Dee Adeline befriends a Midwesterner named taps into the zeitgeist with a novel about a Baby she discovers in an East Village rural, working-class New England town squat.

She introduces him to nightlife of that elects a New York hedge fund bildowntown Manhattan, then takes him lionaire as its mayor. But culture drugs with relish. Eventually, each comes to a crossroads that tests their friendship. Galera, Daniel. The Shape of Bones. Penguin Pr. Lamprell, Mark. One Summer Day in Rome. Flatiron: Macmillan. It features a young man taking a mental detour as he travels to the Andes for some mountain climbing.

Recalling his coming of age in Esplanada, where he hung out with a tough bunch. That novel was written in second person, and here Rome serves not just as setting but narrator. Timid Alice travels there for a last chance at excitement before marrying; Meg and Alec are looking for. A Division of Baker Publishing Group bethanyhouse. Cook Distribution at With a 50,copy first printing. Perhaps best known for Cal and also author of Grace Notes, which was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize and the Whitbread Novel of the Year Award, veteran Belfast-born, Glasgow-based MacLaverty returns with the story of a retired Irish couple facing the holes in their marriage while vacationing in Amsterdam.

Patterson, Molly. In her highly touted debut, Pushcart Prize winner Patterson links four women over generations to show the ties that bind and how they might be loosened. Finally, in late s China, Juanlan escapes her stultifying home life through a risky affair.

Schmidt, Sarah. See What I Have Done. Atlantic Monthly. But was Lizzie responsible for all those whacks with an ax?

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Zhang, Jenny. Sour Heart: Stories. Lenny: Random. Keller sets her debut novel in a West Village dessert shop where the marzipan dragons breathe real fire and the featherlight angel food cake helps customers lose weight. Fourteen years after the last invasion, humans complacently believe that they can defeat any threat from Mars. But Jenkins sees danger coming. With a 60,copy first printing. Hanson, Hart. The Driver. Michael Skellig, an army special forces sergeant now working as a limo driver, is carting around skateboard mogul Bismark Avila when he gets an intuitive sense of danger—and saves Avila from two gunmen.

Great expectations. Hartsuyker, Linnea. The Half-Drowned King. So he throws in his lot with Harald of Vestfold, a powerful young warrior and perhaps the king who has been foretold. In fact, first novelist. Kenyon, Sherrilyn. Now the god Apollo is sending an army of demons to destroy the people of his granddaughter, Medea, who is not content to sit back idly. Testy Falcyn has a weapon that could save them all. With a one-day laydown on August 1. Lapena, Shari. A Stranger in the House.

Lapena wrote award-winning literary fiction, then triumphed with her first thriller, The Couple Next Door. Here, a woman is found injured in a shady part of town. Macomber, Debbie. Any Dream Will Do. Raised in an abusive household and imprisoned after helping her no-good brother, indebted to a drug lord, with funds from the bank where she works, Shay stumbles into a church upon her re-. This is an up-to-date and unparalleled multilingual reference for the 21st century.

We are a world of travelers, students, technology workers, researchers, business people.

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All need a multilingual visual reference. With more than pages and 5, entries, you will not find a more comprehensive resource. We know where this is going. Percy, Benjamin. The Dark Net.