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Bokeh Nonsense Technique - Mike Browne & Simon Taplin

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Couple Therapy and Support: A Positive Model for People with Intellectual Disabilities

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Voucher Codes. Minds Articles. Rosa is an artist and designer working within the mediums of painting, printmaking and textile art. Our March exhibition is celebrating our local female heroes, and the entire exhibition is made up of the wonderful photographs submitted by members of our local community. Responding to our call out for photographs of inspiring East London women, we received a diverse mix of images of local women who are making a huge impact on our community.

The winning 15 photographs are being displayed in our cafe throughout March, and you can view the shortlisted 24 images through the button below:. Tobez is an artist whose work draws upon folk tales, legends and fables. He records his surreal interpretations of the world in sketchbooks, which in this exhibition are translated into digital prints. This series is inspired predominantly by Ancient Greek myths. Through a graphic visual style - at once playful and reflective - Tobez exposes and subverts traditional assumptions about age and gender, and explores universal concerns of freedom and entrapment; isolation and escape.

After escaping the vineyard, Lilania visits an enchanted lake where she meets a lake spirit and is transformed into a giant bird. Each of the fifteen illustrations tells a different part of this tale, and you can see them all together at the cafe this February. This exhibition is about taking on a new challenge, with Charlotte creating abstract paintings and learning how to express herself in an uninhabited way.

Her works explore colour and how intuition influences mark-making and composition. Although she has an idea of the colour palette for each piece, most creative decisions are made straight on canvas or paper using acrylics, pastels, and pens. The exhibition celebrates a new chapter as an emerging artist, using traditional materials in a contemporary way. She graduated with a degree in Fine Art in , specialising in video and installation, and has since worked in television.

Her work is questioning the meaning behind her own mixed heritage and how this, alongside the different people and communities she has met over time, is shaping her own identity. She expresses this through the use of paint with her use of bright colours. Within this exhibition, Sofia has also taken inspiration from the form and vibrancy of flowers exploring how shapes and colours can transcend a person back to a specific memory in her watercolour prints.

As well as the paintings in this exhibition, Sofia is selling a selection of prints and cards too. About 15 years later and I'm still completing that homework. The idea with single line drawings is to keep the pen moving, this way you spend less time fussing over minute details and trying to make something that is an accurate representation, and focus more on getting the feel and essence of the subject matter.

In drawing single line portraits I like to get a feel of the person as is represented to me at the exact time that I am drawing. Getting a good likeness is not what these paintings are about. The drawing is done in a matter of minutes and then that representation is stuck. Colours are then chosen to reflect the emotion or my interpretation of the mood of the subject and of myself.

If I drew the same person twice the image could change drastically, based on their mood and mine. The speed at which a painting is done means that it becomes a snapshot of how I am feeling at a certain time and the choice of subject is usually directly linked. Above all else I find it fun. I like to paint because it connects me to different emotions and acts as a release.

The spontaneity behind this style works for me as I can get straight in to something without much planning and preparation. After a childhood in the south of France she decided to relocate to London, a city she felt corresponded better to her art. Influenced by her studies in graphic design and her love for the hidden and the intangible, she creates a surreal world of light and shadow; of hard edged lines and flowing curves; of saturated colours or black and white.

One is on a constant quest for freedom whether it be through the material or the immaterial, opulence or austerity, pleasure or deprivation. In this pursuit one comes to realise that although the box may be expanded it remains present. The work pictures a limited reality through opposing forms, colours and concepts. However it is still placed within a forever multiplying universe. Imagery is used to precisely disguise thoughts and feelings. One may find oneself stating and believing in a certain concept yet simultaneously stating and believing in its opposite.

A dual nature that nevertheless remains unified, hence the existence of a third multidimensional reality. Diisonance is a collaboration, part of a jigsaw, the genesis of which is shared experiences; Steve and Paul met in the early nineties squatting in Claremont Road, East London at the height of anti-road protests, poll-tax riots and dissent.

In Diisonance Steve's collaborative starting point is responding to Place Waste Dissent, with further memory travels and exotic imaginings. At the last count Paul has moved on average every 11 months, but only ever owned one tent. It truly works as a whole: poems bleed into one another, characters disappear and reappear later in the collection, images reflect and haunt other images. This book is important. Peter Boughton Minor Literatures. Stephen E. Hunt I nternational Times. Diisonance to be published by Hesterglock Press gathers new collaborative experimental text created for performance during diisonance events in Sheffield in June Eight years of being a landed alien, now a permanent resident of London, Thomas Rowe was born in a rural, drug riddled, burnt out port city on the Northwest of Canada's Vancouver Island.

He never found any inspiration so departed at the age of Over the years Rowe has been able to channel his ideas and vision through a number of different mediums, he has self-released 6 books of poetry and has released 3 full length albums.

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Rowe's new body of work, titled 'At The Edge of The World', is a collection of collage art that arose when creating cover art for his current London based alt-psychedelic rock band 'Mass Datura. Using found images clipped and collected from old National Geographic's Rowe was able to satisfy his need to create new abstract and agile images, toiling with composition, playful shapes and proportions.

Influenced and inspired by artists working with collage such as Pop artist Richard Hamilton, contemporary painter Grant Thomas and his old boss at the skate company Toy Machine, photographer Ed Templeton Rowe takes from popular culture as he does from the pages of National Geographic, spontaneously at his pleasure. Rowe uses a full spectrum of eye catching colour pallets to create feelings of euphoria in distant angelic childhood hyper dreamland. Imagine you and your friends know nothing at all but of smiles, how to feel natural with chaos and that only this that separates each of us as humans is the cold breeze between us.

Led by tutor Ginny Hawke, beginner to experienced artists work on projects across 10 week terms every Monday and Thursday in our Create Place. Incorporating different drawing techniques and mediums, from pen, pencil, biro, charcoal, collage, acrylics, water colours and oil, this exhibition is a retrospective of subjects studied for the last academic year: trees, leaves, sea-life, animals and human anatomy.

Tom and Jess Jones-Berney are the brother and sister design duo from Hackney, running under the moniker of Tomartacus. Focusing on colour over form, each picture begins with a collection of abstract shapes, layered on top of one another, leaving you with the impression of something both complex and childishly simplistic. Through May we are exhibiting the retrospective works of Nick Hayes, a graphic novelist, illustrator and political cartoonist living in East London.

He has worked for the New Statesman, The Guardian, The Literary Review as a cartoonist, and has illustrated for a wide number of periodicals. He has published three graphic novels with Random House, and has one in the pipeline.

Pedagogical Investigations

The first book, The Rime of the Modern Mariner recasts Samuel Coleridge's story of a wandering seaman into its modern context, a vast gyre of plastic waste in the pacific ocean. His second book, Woody Guthrie and the Dust Bowl Ballads, is a biography of the formative years of the Amercian folk singer, and a look at the deforestation of the great plains which caused the dust bowl of the thirties. His third book is called Cormorance, and is entirely silent, empty of words, and considers the healing powers of nature.

Rome is a photographer and writer based in London since His work straddles portrait, still life, and street photography, focusing on human stories within the urban landscape. Forin often adds pieces of text alongside the photographs to provide greater context to the images.

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The liminal state is by definition undefinable for it has no attributes of either its previous or future form. The pictures and the words offer a view of a self-contained world that exists somewhere in the underexplored territory between the outside world and what is within. In such an improvised dance that life is, we are all wearing dancing shoes, all moving through time. Mykadelica is the self-titled retrospective of Shadwell-based artist Mike Whyte. This exhibition is the culmination of 20 years of work.

Reflecting upon the beginnings of an illustration career in Wolverhampton, leading through the ebbs and flows of the following two decades. Music can be listened to. It can be sung and played. It can be drawn. A sketch is a bit like a photograph which tries to capture the moment but it is also able to transmit what the artist feels during that determinate instant. A rough sketch line might transmit more emotions than a finished masterpiece.