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Photos: Astana: A city in the steppes. A city in the steppes — Astana became the capital of Kazakhstan in Much of its modern architecture is striking in its scale and design, especially in contrast to the vast, open steppes that surround it. Hide Caption. Baiterek: Astana's 'Tree of Life' — The meter-tall tower has been compared to a giant lollipop and is meant to evoke the local legend of the "Tree of Life". It was based on a sketch by President Nursultan Nazarbayev who has been instrumental in the development of Kazakhstan since coming to power in Keeping the 'peace' — Inside the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation.

Central Concert Hall — "Nazarbayev used to joke that the building was right in front of his residence, and that the project's construction site - and us, of course - were always under his control," says architect Manfredi Nicoletti who designed the Central Concert Hall. Presidential palace — The presidential palace was designed to resemble the White House in Washington D. The world's largest tent — Astana's newest building is the Norman Foster-designed Khan Shatyr, a shopping mall that doubles as the world's largest tent.

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Story highlights Astana became capital of Kazakhstan in City is becoming known for striking modern architecture President of Kazakhstan has played large role in shaping the capital. There is something mirage-like about Kazakhstan's capital Astana. Little surrounds the city for 1, kilometers, save a handful of provincial towns dotted across the world's largest steppe, a flat, empty expanse of grassland. Shooting up from this void is a mass of strangely futuristic structures.

The newest of these is the Norman Foster-designed Khan Shatyr , a shopping mall that doubles as the world's largest tent. Foster was also the architect behind the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, a meter-tall glass pyramid. Exhibitions explore herbal remedies to explain how some may have confused them with witchcraft. The town celebrates the summer solstice in nearby caves and the Witch Museum takes part in the festivities.

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Titulcia lies to the south-east of Madrid, home to a bizarre underground world. Restaurant owner Armando Rico discovered the subterranean complex in The archways, medieval art and plasterwork show potential Renaissance origins, but no one knows who built the catacombs — or why.

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Tunnels link a series of domed chambers where symbols cover the walls. German researchers in the s thought the tunnels may have been a meeting place for the Knights Templar. It derives its name, the Cave of the Moon , from the fact some believe the central vault represents the full moon. But researchers also found Celtic, Roman, and other medieval remains in the cave.

Some visitors believe it holds psychic power while Rico believes it to represent the Earth and the moon. Many historical sites faced destruction during the construction of the Aswan Dam. The single-room temple stood in the Nile Valley near the temple complex of Philae, used to worship the goddess Isis. Specialists dismantled the temple and shipped it to Spain in The site proves a popular attraction for photographers at sunset!

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Guernica stands for devastation and loss in the annals of European history, made famous by the Picasso painting of the same name. German forces targeted the old city during the first aerial bomb attacks on civilians and the rebuilt city now houses a Peace Museum. The museum tells the story of the bombing alongside other war atrocities, and explores conflict resolution and human rights. A reminder of the horrors of war. No article on weird places to see in Spain would be complete without a graveyard. High on the hill overlooking the city, the cemetery opened in Its 57 acres have seen over one million burials across , plots and cremation niches.

Much like the city itself, the cemetery boasts monuments in classic, Gothic, Art Nouveau and Modernisme design styles.

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This silent area, the Grave of the Quarry, is the resting place of around 4, people executed by the Franco regime. If you want to see the whole park, it can take over 3 hours to walk around it. Sometimes called the House of Bones, the lower floors resemble a giant ribcage. The exterior decoration further up the facade looks more like blood vessels.

Many compare the ridged, undulating roofline to the back of a dragon. This private museum is one of the best weird places to see in Spain. Founded by Juan Antonio Lara Jury, the museum displays his vast collections.

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But the Museo Lara is also home to the second Spanish Inquisition connection on this list. The cellar contains exhibits about the Inquisition and witchcraft. So, you can make an absolute fortune, or take one job per year and still cover your living expenses. A groom with his dudes iStock. No, not like a prostitute.

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Two examples? A diver with a shark iStock. Welders, for example , can earn huge salaries.

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Also, the extraction industry is in need of divers to build and repair platforms and pipelines. Couple man and woman lay cuddling on the bed iStock. Yes, you can get paid quite a bit to snuggle with a stranger. As with many other jobs on this list, the pay can vary. But if you snuggle hard enough, you can make a sizable salary. Imaginary view of the Earth in outer space iStock. Bacon in a frying pan iStock.

But depending on where you do it, it can get unusual, fast. Cooks that work in fairly wild surroundings — like submarines , for example, can break the six-figure threshold.