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Consequentially, pedagogy means reflection about its own paradoxicality: it is a philosophical protest against itself and the thought; it also is an attempt to bring whit the concept beyond the concept Adorno. His research into the foundation of the social sciences, which commenced with the series entitled, Metodologia delle Scienze Sociali [ Methodology of the Social Sciences ], a work reflecting the systems theory of Niklas Luhmann and the pragmatic transcendentalism of Karl-Otto Apel and in association with other leading German-speaking exponents of contemporary philosophy, also touched on contemporary Italian philosophy, and again involved some of its leading figures.

One of his key mentors was Kurt Gerhard Fischer, professor of the theory of political education at Giessen University and extremely learned and erudite social sciences scholar as well as expert of political teaching. He is the author of over publications, largely in German and Italian language, but also in French, English, Dutch, Turkish and Greek.

His philosophical theories regarding the foundation of intercultural pedagogics have been published in Italian, German, English, French, Dutch, Turkish and Greek; furthermore, they have been the object of much in-depth discussion in foreign books and journals. Its privileged area of research is the critical pedagogy.

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Benner, M. Borrelli, F. Heyting e C.

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Winch hrsg. Heyting, C. In addition, he has translated, edited and presented to Italian audiences the most recent essays of the German philosopher Karl-Otto Apel, collating them in three volumes in accordance with the philosopher's wishes: Karl-Otto Apel, Lezioni di Aachen e altri scritti [ Aachen lessons and other papers ], Pellegrini, Cosenza ; Karl-Otto Apel, Cambiamento di paradigma.

La ricostruzione trascendentalermeneutica della filosofia moderna [ A change of paradigm. The transcendental and hermeneutic reconstruction of modern philosophy ], Pellegrini, Cosenza and Karl-Otto Apel, Ermeneutica e filosofia trascendentale in Wittgenstein, Heidegger, Gadamer, Apel [ Transcendental hermeneutics and philosophy in Wittgenstein, Heidegger, Gadamer, Ape l ], Pellegrini, Cosenza He wrote a volume on Kant Lettere a Kant. Apel's transformation of Kantian ethics ], Pellegrini, Cosenza Falcioni Temperatura di discretizzazione M.

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Vulpiani: L. Vulpiani, Un tentativo di spiegare il caos ai politici Arel A. Vanden-Eijnden Random multiplicative processes: An elementary tutorial S. Redner Realizing Boltzmann' s dream: computer simulations in modern statistical mechanics C.

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Wright Saving the Differences: essays on themes from Truth and Objectivity. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press. Negli anni Settanta la dimostrazione che esistono sistemi di logica modale incompleti rispetto alla semantica relazionale al secondo ordine, conosciuta come semantica di Kripke, ha portato alla formulazione di un approccio alternativo basato su strutture al primo ordine.

Bibliografia essenziale: C. Meredith and A. Prior Modal logic with functorial variables and a contingent constant.

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Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic, vol. Thomason Semantic analysis of tense logics. The Journal of Symbolic Logic, vol. Correspondence theory. Gabbay and F. Guenthner eds. Dordrecht: Reidel. I seguenti relatori hanno accettato l'invito del comitato scientifico:.

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De Giorgi" delle edizioni della Scuola Normale Superiore. Sono anche previsti due o tre interventi programmati. Comitato scientifico ad oggi confermato : - Prof. The featured topics include, but are not limited to, the following:.