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She enjoys summer trail hikes with her family almost as much as she enjoys staying inside during the winter. Many thanks to Little Bird Publicity and the author! It was an absolute pleasure reading and reviewing! With a Killer Reception. The Sisters, Texas Book 8. Scroll down for giveaway! Wedding preparations are underway, but the aisle to the altar gets rockier by the minute. Squeeze in a suspicious death during a Texas Independence Day celebration, the needy new widow Madison befriends, and an unscrupulous politician trying to unseat Brash as chief of police, and the path seems littered with obstacles.

Madison will move mountains, however, to marry the man of her dreams.

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All they really need is each other, their children by their side, and a preacher to make it official. In an effort to please everyone, the couple opts for a private ceremony followed by a public celebration. For maximum enjoyment, follow the series from the beginning. I received a copy of this book for free and this is my honest and thoughtful review.

This was an absolutely fantastic and enjoyable way to launch into a series that I will definitely be reading more of! Having read and reviewed Tangible Spirits , a previous book by the author, but not a part of this series, I was quite excited for the opportunity to delve into The Sisters. My mom had read many of the books and raved about them to me, so I was definitely looking forward to getting started. The author's effortless writing style instantly drew me into the story and vividly captured this colorful community with its quirky and eclectic cast of characters.

Every character has such a lifelike personality that they each jump off of the page and welcome you as an old friend into this down home and delightful little community.

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As with any good company, t he dialogue was witty, humorous, and realistic, keeping the story moving at break neck speed! Add in the mounting tension from investigating multiple murders, scrutiny on the police chief's job performance, and quite a few suspicious individuals all with their own motives, and the pages could not fly fast enough!

Maddy's extensive skill set derived from the numerous side jobs she has undertaken throughout her life gave her amateur sleuthing abilities such authenticity. She's a jack of all trades, but a master at finding herself where the dead bodies seem to be! But she's also tenacious, spunky, and likeable, making it an absolute treat to move through the story in her company and draw from her insatiable curiosity as she tries to discover the truth.

Beautifully blending elements of romance and family dynamics showcased the distinctly upbeat and lighthearted nature of cozies, yet the multilayered and well plotted mystery sets it above its more traditional counterparts. Very few clues, some red herrings, and lots of dramatic twists and turns made the ending definitely hard to see coming, but wonderfully satisfying!

46 Books By Women of Color to Read in - Electric Literature

Now to go back and start from the beginning to stay awhile at The Sisters this summer reading season! An avid history buff, Becki likes to poke around in old places and learn about the past. Other addictions include reading, writing, junking, unraveling a good mystery, and coffee. She loves to travel but believes coming home to her family and her Texas ranch is the best part of any trip. Connect with Becki below. She loves to hear from readers and encourages feedback!

It was an absolute pleasure reading, reviewing, and hosting! And be sure to check out the other stops on the tour for more opinions this reviewapalooza! Chicken Scratch, 1. StoreyBook Reviews. When the Stars Fall, 2. Tangled in Text. Max Knight.


Home Again: Starting Over, 4. Reading by Moonlight. Christmas in The Sisters, 6. The Clueless Gent. The Lilac Code, 7.

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Hall Ways Blog. Wildflower Wedding, 8. Book Fidelity. Carpe Diem Chronicles. Chapter Break Book Blog. The Librarian Talks. Forgotten Winds. Nerd Narration. That's What She's Reading. Sydney Young, Stories. Labels: 4. Little Girls Sleeping. He looked down at the little girl, sleeping peacefully, her arms wrapped around a teddy bear.

He knew he was the only one who could save her. He could let her sleep forever. But as Katie starts to investigate, the case reveals itself to be much bigger and more shocking than she feared. Hidden deep in the forest she unearths a makeshift cemetery: a row of graves, each with a brightly coloured teddy bear. Katie links the graves to a stack of missing-persons cases involving young girls—finding a pattern no one else has managed to see.

And then another little girl goes missing, snatched from the park near her home. I just finished reading this book! It was an absolute thrilling, edge-of-your-seat read!

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Thoroughly enjoyed!!! Jennifer Chase has become one of my favorite crime thriller authors. She totally captures you from beginning to end!!!! The author kept me hooked from the first page till the last.

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I truly thought I knew the serial killer… Boy was I wrong. This i s a fantastic read, it kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire time. Well done!

A must read! I really liked it! Would like reading more of her books! This book keeps you involved and unable to put it down!! Have you soaked right in till the end! Absolutely loved it and can't wait to read another from this author! I read this book in two hours. I could not put it down. I never guessed who the killer was until he was revealed. Mind blowing. A "who did it" crime mystery that keeps you guessing , and then changing your mind! I could not put this book down. A real page turner full of suspense! This was an absolutely fantastic start to a new series that I can't wait to read more of!

Katie Scott is a young woman who has recently returned to the United States following a deployment to Afghanistan. She had previously served as a patrol officer for the Sacramento Police Department and isn't quite sure if she wants to return to that job or remain in her childhood hometown to work for her uncle in the Pine Valley Sheriff's Office.

Katie is an incredibly well developed character. She is likeable, strong-willed, and vulnerable enough to make her even more relatable to readers. There was never a moment when I didn't believe or empathize with Katie's struggles to cope with her previous experiences. Her emotions are so honestly expressed that readers can't help but relate to her circumstances and condition. Fast-paced chapters kept the tension and suspense mounting until the very end. By Marjorie Herrera Lewis. My answer is simple: serendipity. After decades of cajoling by my allergy doctor, I finally relented and scheduled myself for allergy-shot testing.

Probably because my great-aunt was a football coach during World War II. Hearkening back to my days as a sportswriter, I began a stream of questions. By the time my head had stopped spinning and my adrenaline had stabilized, I stopped asking questions and just let Jean talk. The more she told me about her great-aunt, the more the story resonated with me. In a way, I had lived a similar story, only forty years later and not as a coach but as a sportswriter.

Tylene and I had both walked into life experiences we had not sought out, and in many ways we had not been welcome. I was a sportswriter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram when in I was asked to temporarily cover the Dallas Cowboys beat during the off-season. My job was to monitor the beat—handle any press announcements, stop by the training facility to see if anything interesting was going on, and check up on any contract talks or free-agent signings. But I loved the thrill of competition, so I set out to develop sources and break stories.

I broke a few that caught the attention of my sports editor, Bruce Raben. Bruce liked my tenacity, so he handed the full-time beat to me. And the first person to find out was Cowboys general manager Tex Schramm. I was in the Cowboys public relations office of Greg Aiello when Tex stopped by. Always the proud Cowboys executive, Tex asked me how it felt to be a beat writer for the best team playing the best sport in the world.

Dead Giveaway by Simon Brett

My honest reply was not well received. He went on to tell me I was a fool. When he finished scolding me, I asked him why he cared so much. From then on, Tex, Coach Tom Landry, and all the other coaches and staff members treated me respectfully and professionally. One football player, however, had a different point of view, and he was eager to share it. Despite his point of view, at least that football player was honest, and frankly, I appreciated it.

Like Tylene, I had grown up a football fan and had learned the game from my father, William Herrera. Like Tylene, I did not seek my job. And like Tylene, I endured ridicule, even from someone I had thought of as a friend. And like Tylene, I had a backstory. Her son, Billy, died only minutes after his birth.

He would have been a senior in high school during the season that Tylene became coach. I, too, endured a private personal struggle—one my colleagues did not know about—while covering the Cowboys. I, too, wanted to become a mom. I had a miscarriage early on, and while I was a Cowboys beat writer, I had undergone surgery that left my husband, Chuck, and me with no more answers than before it.

I was also hospitalized on three occasions—the last time, I awoke to find my husband at the foot of my bed telling me he could no longer stand to see me suffering. He said it was time that we forget about becoming parents. It was a chilling moment. Although we eventually had two daughters, I understand Tylene in many ways. This is why I am telling her story. While writing When the Men Were Gone , she became inspired to try her hand at coaching football herself and was added to the Texas Wesleyan University football coaching staff in December She is married and has two grown daughters and one son-in-law.

June , Author Video. Hall Ways Blog. Notable Quotable. StoreyBook Reviews. That's What She's Reading. Sydney Young, Stories. Guest Post. Texas Book Lover.