Die Rolle der Armee in Saudiarabien (German Edition)

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The prosecution cannot seem to grasp that there was no cost attached to using publicly owned buildings like schools as polling stations. Talking to defence lawyers they are concerned that when Spanish Police gave evidence claiming they were going peacefully about their duty on referendum day and were attacked by violent protesters they were not allowed to show film of those same officers smashing their way into polling stations and batoning voters.

When the defence does show those films they cannot comment as to how they contradict police evidence.

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Another thing strikes us. They cannot give evidence in Catalan and there is no simultaneous translation available. Hywel points out in Welsh courts you can choose to give evidence in Welsh or English with simultaneous translation at hand. Same cases, including murder ones, are heard entirely in Welsh is appropriate.

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The 12 accused are on trial because they championed the democratic wish of the majority of Catalan citizens — not all supporters of independence- to decide their own future democratically. Something Spain refuses them.

The Conversation

Carme Forcadell represents the sovereignty of the Catalan Parliament over which Spain has ridden rough shod. As with the others he welcomes the growing international support they are receiving. At the close we leave the prisoners. We walk out into the evening sun to plan our evening. They will be driven back to prisons outside Madrid, arriving half an hour before visits end.

They are woken at the crack of dawn to be brought back to court. This means the only time they can discuss with their defence team is in the lunch break. I found it hard to bite back tears as I left them. They expect to be found guilty and receive sentences of 12 to 25 years.

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They expect the European Court to squash those verdicts but that will take several years. By then Carme will be Jordi and his partner are having a new baby. She or he will be growing up and their son has had not been with his dad at home since he was a baby. This trial is an affront to democracy.

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An article written directly after the Brexit referendum. Mathew D. The vote for Brexit is the best thing […]. Steinberg The particular conditions include the correct indication of the initial publication as GIGA Focus and no changes in or abbreviation of texts.

Will Finance Policies solve the EU “Refugee Crisis”?

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The domestic reforms implemented aim to limit the traditional areas of power and shift these to the heir to the throne. Although many of the reform measures have been supported by the population, they carry risks for the kingdom. In the long term, they could simultaneously threaten all three traditional pillars of stability — the royal family, oil revenues, and religious legitimacy.

Saudi foreign policy has become more proactive and militarised, as the Saudi role in the Yemen war and in the blockade of Qatar has shown. This reflects a new self-image on the part of the kingdom as a major regional power with strategic interests.

Italien, 11.05. - 02.06.12222

This should not, however, be understood as political liberalisation, let alone democratisation. Rather, the Saudi system of rule is being modernised and streamlined in order to consolidate power for the benefit of one person, the heir to the throne, in the long term.

Policy Implications Despite these developments, Western states should have an interest in cooperating with a Saudi Arabia that is operating within the changed realities of the region. Keywords: Saudi Arabia Domestic policy Political reforms Socio-political change Political power Regional foreign policies of individual states. Januar, www. April Friedman, Thomas L. November, www.

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