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Shaggy Scooby Doo Get A Clue!

Visit our easy to use website today to search for self catering accommodation within the UK. A time for Santa, stars, and singing carolers. A time for ornaments, gifts, and twinkling lights. Choose a few to hold on to, and be open to creating new ones. For example, if your adult children can't come to your house, find new ways to celebrate together, such as sharing pictures, emails or videos.

Try to accept family members and friends as they are, even if they don't live up to all of your expectations. Your cabin phone will follow that change, so feel free to use its wake-up call capability to ensure you miss no event. Large ships will have most or all of the features discussed below Smaller ships e. Give each child a piece of paper with the name of their puppet on it and a crayon. Once all of the kids have written out a story about their puppets, help them to find away to fit all of those stories together, creating one "Super Story". This teaches children how to co-operate with each other.

Using the construction paper and magic marker, help them to write a story board of the new puppet show based on the interconnected story that they have just written. And fred and the gang are always there to save her. What is it about Seooby-Doo that has helped it endure For more than 30 years? I think everybody is a Scooby-Doo fan. In the past, superheroes were superheroes, and this. I think that's exactly what's kept it popular for all these years. You can't aim something at just one group and make it transcend all those generations and all those different groups.

It has to be something for everyone, something everyone sees, whether it's in each character or In the story. What's it like working on such a big production for six months? It's an amazing flow. It starts from Raja, who is the most Incredible director I have ever worked with. I have never worked with someone that just wants everything to be great and everyone to have a good time. The cast works incredibly well together. It's supportive. It's creative. It's a really great environment to work in.

It's really easy to tum to someone else and go, "This isn't working" or "What do you think? How was this group of actors to work with? Matthew Is a walking incamation of Shaggy. I've known him for a long time and it's been such a great chance to observe him and his acting process. And I've always had the utmost respect for freddie as an actor. Working with him has been great and easy. She has this Incredible sarcastic humor that 's perfect for the role. And she's an incredible Scooby fan and brings so much heart Into the project and into the character, because this is a character that she truly loves.

Do you think audiences will like the film? To see Scooby on the big screen will be Incredible. He 's your dog. It's unbelievable. The fllm has the perfect feel--the ambience, the color schemes, the costumes, the set. It all falls into place just right. That's the excitement of seeIng this movie. As the leader of the Mystery Inc. He's strong, confident, and authoritative at times. He's like the most popular guy in school - good-looking, athletic, and even smart. Obviously, he was the perfect role for actorI heartthrob freddie Prinze, Jr.

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Not to mention that freddie 's been a huge fan of Scooby-Doo since he was a little kid. He has a large collection of Scooby memorabilia, including the entire cartoon catalog on videotape. But interestingly, Freddie didn't jump at the chance to play his cartoon Idol. In fact , he couldn't bear the thought of seeing his favorite cartoon brought to the big screen. This is the kind of movie that lasts forscript for fear it would tarnish his love for the ever. Kids will watch it for the next fifty cartoon.

But after his girlfriend now fiancee ,. Sarah convinced him that the movie would bring the cartoon to life in an exciting and visu-AND ally stunning way. After a qUick call to his agent and a meeting with director Raja Gosnell, Rumor has it you're a big Seooby-Doo Over the years, I have collected every Freddie was able to reclaim the role before it episode of Scooby-Doo that has ever come got away from him. I am a true fan. I was very fond of it as a child and am still now.

Plus, they had a cool talking dog - and how can you go wrong with that? After we were done filming, I knew I had to shave it all off and start over.

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What iF there's a sequel? Freel is the leader of the group. But at times he can be a little smug, don't you think? Fred Is a good guy. He's just a little behind the times. What makes him so lovable and goofy is that he thinks he's got it all down. You had to dye your dark brown hair blond For the movie. Was that Fun? That was the one difficult thing about making this movie. I didn't like the blond hair. I would go as far as saying I hated it. My hair was so fried. It became like hay that I could feed to some animals 'on a. I would do a sequel if it was the same group of cast and crew, but I would probably argue that Fred would like to have brown hair for that one.

You, Matthew, and Sarah already knew each other beFore Filming began. And you all met Linda For the First time. How did everyone get along For the six months that you were on location in Australia? It was a great chance to work with Matt again. I have always been of the opinion that Matt makes my work better.

I hope I do the same for him in return. And I feel the same way about Sarah. We got paid to portray friends while hanging out with our real friends. The friendship part of the Scooby gang came naturally. There was no getting to know you period. Linda fit into the picture perfectly. I'm not sure what she expected when she got there , but she qUickly realized how laid back we were and became part the gang instantly.

You've got a reputation as a practical joker, Did you pull any on the Seooby gang? Once I tumed on the heater for four hours on a hot day and Matt came back to a roasting trailer. That's why I love working with him. I have played pranks on him from day one of knowing each other and he never knows it's me. It's gotten too easy. It's like beating up your little brother. I finally 'fessed up on this film and he was surprised. The challenge was gone. What did you do in your Free time?

I'm writing a comic book of my own and I spent a lot of my free time on set coming up with ideas, creating my characters and the world they are going to live in. On weekends, we'd all get together and eat big meals and rent movies. Or Sarah and I would fly to Sydney and hang out In the big city. We caught a Kylie Minogue concert.

It was crazy.

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They love her in Australia. It's like seeing Prince in America. What's your Favorite scene From the movie? Without a doubt, It was the scene called the soul-switching scene. All of the characters have their souls switched by an evil force. When the movie begins. We got to all playa different character or two for a few minutes in the film. I get to be Velma, and it was fLn to see Matt do me. He used it as his opportLnity to try and peke fLn at the things I say and the gestures I make. We each had to figure out the qUirks that would clue the audience into who we were at that pelnt when the souls are SWitched.

It was fLn, but I definitely make a better fred than Velma. You didn't keep Fred's trademark ascot tie? That thing was uncomfortable and Itchy. The costumer and I decided we should hold a ritual buming of the ascot at the end of filming. As modem as we made the movie, there are certain things that just had to be kept. So as much as I hated the scarf, it had to stay. It is a piece of fred. We crack jokes about the ascot in the movie. Daphne and F. Shaggy is the kind of easy-going, food-loving soul that no one can help liking. He goes with the flow, traveling the country in the Mystery Machine with Scooby-Doo, his best friend In food and fear.

He's such a fun , down-to-earth guy, it's no wonder Matthew Lillard was jumping for joy at the chance to portray him on the big screen. It was always on. It was great. If anyone had ever told me I was going to play Shaggy in a big movie, I would have told them they were crazy. It's all the things you loved about the cartoon in a full-length movie.

It's got a great story, great characters, a couple of tWists in the end that are fun. It's great fun for a whole family. While Matthew considered himself lucky to get the chance to star in such a big movie, he knew it would be hard work. There was a lot of pressure on me. I had an Idea of what I wanted to do, because I'd watched the cartoon for so long. When I got the part I pretty much watched every single one of them ever made, so I knew what he was like, and I wanted to bring that to life. I'd never done an accent or an impression in a movie. So to do one of this size and this stature and with this high profile of a part to start with was intimidating, to say the least.

Oh no, in fact , I never did any imitations before I got the role. That was one of the scariest. When I first started working on the voice of Shaggy I would have to scream for a long time to get my voice tired , so that I could talk with a scratchy voice. You can't really go through six months of work screaming yourself hoarse to sound like Shaggy. I did that originally to get the part, and then when I did , I figured that I would have to find a better way to do the voice. I started to work with my own voice to find the break [scratchy quality] in Shaggy's voice.

What kind of input did you have with helping work out your character? The great thing about Raja [Gosnell, the director is we talked about what we wanted to do with the part and we agreed early on. I would do a scene and I'd do it again the way that he wanted it, kind of the safer version. Then he let me go off and attack it and improvise. It was a two to one - he'd get two [takes and I'd get one. And that was great because that will allow you as an actor to be creative and create a fuller character.

It's a really great way of working. They were terrible.

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Any time you see me eating a Scooby Snack in the movie, they were miserable. But they looked good on camera. What was one of your favorite scenes? Well, there was a big fart contest between Scooby-Doo and me. I liked that. Also, Shaggy gets a girlfriend in the movie. Her name is Mary Jane, and she's played by Isla fisher. That was fun. To play Shaggy getting the girl was a blast. No, I'm not as food obsessed, but I sure do like chocolate chip cookies. At one point somebody said, "Let's give Shaggy a cheeseburger. Shaggy's a Yeggie head.

I like a good cheeseburger. Did you have to eat a lot of Seooby Snacks in the movie? There were a lot or stunts in the movie. Were they hard to do? It was an exhausting and long shoot, But it's a big movie so because of that , the bigger the movie the longer it takes , All the pretty hard core stunts a stunt guy did. But the small stuff I did , In one scene there's a tube I go down to save Scooby, so they kind of hooked me onto these wires as they sent me down this tube , It was kind of like a waters Ii de only it was covered in slime, I went down it about twenty to thirty feet.

It was at such an angle that I went down really fast and they had bUilt this platform [mats at the end of the slide] and I went diving into the platform of mats. It was totally fun , Any time you get to do physical stuff like that it's totally fun. The acting is great, but when you get to do the physical stuff on top of it, it makes. This was a particularly long movie shoot. What did you all do during your rree time?

We did everything. The set was right next door to an amusement park, We shot at a place in the Gold Coast called Movieland, kind of like a Universal Studios with roller coasters. So evel1j now and then we would pop over and ride the roller coasters. One night off we played tag with Nerf guns at freddie 's house ,. Sounds like making this movie was more run than it was work. When you're working with people you know and like, that makes your job so much be er. There is so much down time that you can enjOy each other's company in between sho s and on the weekends. Moved to Tustin, California, as a young boy.

What would Mystery, Inc. The smartest member of the group, she always offers the group innovative, intelligent insight, but she rarely gets the credit when her ideas pan out. However, that doesn't prevent the preppy brain lac from going about her work , which often involves bribing Shaggy and Scooby with Scooby Snacks. As a child, actress linda Cardellini confesses that she was more drawn to Daphne than Velma. It wasn't until she got older that she changed her mind.

I wanted to be her. No one wanted to be Velma," linda explains. In simple terms, she's just smart. She loves what she does, and she's comfortable with who she is. She doesn't worry about what she wears and she just is how she is. I flnd her the most interesting. In , she starred as straight-A student lindsay Weir on the critically acclaimed TV show freaks and Geeks. Since then, linda has gone back to college in Los Angeles, where she's majoring In theater. She says she wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Bringing her to real life is hard and it's a lot of pressure. But it's fun.

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I liked any episode. Velma helmet hairdo. Everyone thinks it was a wig, so I probably should have just worn one and saved my hair from the chopping block. It took an hour with an expert hairstylist and a lot of hairspray to get that helmet perfect every day.

Those were classic. What do you like about the movie that's diFFerent From the cartoon series? We start in the midst of a mystery , which is classic Scooby. We have a little separation of the gang, and you get to see into the personallives of the characters, which you never saw in the old cartoons. You get to see what else the five of us at Mystery, Inc. What kinds of things did you do to make yourselF look so much like Velma From the cartoon? I have the Coke bottle glasses, I had to wear the familiar orange turtleneck, although they went with a lillie different skirt and shoes.

The ones they chose were a little updated. I also had to cut my hair. I have had long hair my whole life and for six months I had the. I re-watched all the cartoons. I borrowed a lot of them on tape from Raja [Gosnell, the directorJ. I called and talked to the woman who was the original voice of Velma. She really didn't think there was much she could tell me , but just talking to her was really fascinating. It was monumental to talk to the woman who originated Velma's voice.

There were a ton of Velma and Shaggy lines on the Internet, so my boyfriend burned them onto a CD and left a long pause after each one, so it was like a language tape. I could repeat after her, which really helped me get down the certain cadence Velma has in her voice. You said you liked Daphne better when you were a kid. A couple of years ago, my friends and I were going to dress up as the Scooby gang for Halloween, and no one wanted to be Velma.

The two girls in the group were fighting over Daphne until I gave in and said I'd be Velma. Then I realized how much fun it would be to be Velma. She is a very complex character, and the smartest one of the bunch. There was so much you could do with her. We never ended up doing it, but I guess it got me hungry to play Velma.

It was fate , I guess. My favorite scene is the one at the Voodoo Lounge. I get to sing and dance. The scene is meant to be an out-of-character moment for. I got to be funny in this part. That scene is the best because she breaks from her norm and out of her shell. I worked with a singing coach and a choreographer. It was a fun departure from what I was doing for most of the five and a half months I was in Australia.

The Scooby cartoons were known For celebrity cameos. Tell us about workin9 with Pam Anderson. HaVing real-life celebrity guest stars on a cartoon was a fantastic idea and particularly innovative at the time. And they always got the people on there who were big at the time. They were the people you'd want to see on The Tonight Show. They decided to have a few real-life celebs do a few cameos, and they got some great people. Sugar Ray came, we had been on the island for so long that it was just nice to see new faces. Pamela came during one of the very first weeks of shooting.

She was fun to work with. Did you keep any souvenirs from the movie? I took home my glasses, my orange turtleneck, skirt, and shoes. Pretty much I could be Velma for Halloween next year. I put it on and give myself advice in front of the mirror on bad days. As a wrap gifl, we were all given a statue of the Luna Ghost from the film.

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I also came home with a bicycle I used to ride around Australia. How did you spend your down time in Australia? I loved my life there. It was beautiful. I was so close to the beach at all times, and the beaches there are so vast and gorgeous. The sunsets are beautiful. We went to the beach a lot and I hung out with my friend Judy. My family came to visit and I showed them around. The cast would play games together and eat together.

The island that stands in for Spooky Island was a paradise. We got to feed wild dolphins, which was a first for me. You don't get to pet them though. They have to keep them wild so they will feed themselves and live on their own. It was really lush and the water was so beautiful. How was it working with Freddie, Sarah, and Matthew? She moved to Los Angeles after high school to pursue acting full time. E8rly P8sslon: linda has been involved in community and school theater since the age of ten. Stroke of Luck: linda was once a contestant on The Price Is Right game show, and won a brand-new fireplace.

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I'm a sucker for white cake, white frosting , and rainbow sprinkles, although I wouldn't tum away a perfectly good glazed," linda says. The all-new Scooby looks like a real dog, but acts human in many ways - just like the cartoon Scooby. Getting the world's most beloved Great Dane camera-ready for his first live-action feature film was a huge challenge for the makers of the Scooby movie.

At first , they wondered If a real animal could take on the role. But the animated Scooby is so human in so many ways his paws are like hands, he walks on his two hind legs, and he even talks like a real person - the film's producers and director knew they would have to find another way to bring Scooby to life. It looked great in Who fram ed Roger Rabbi! We don't have that sort of cartoon world [for Scooby-Dool.

The crew watched dozens of old Scooby episodes to get a grasp on how he fits into his world - how he walks, talks , laughs, and especially how he runs. They drew sketches of how Scooby would fit into scenes with the actors playing the rest of the gang.