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Classic Diner Mystery Series

They alert us when OverDrive services are not working as expected. Without these cookies, we won't know if you have any performance-related issues that we may be able to address. These cookies help us understand user behavior within our services. Many people in Pittsburgh, however, enjoy adding sweet relish. I really enjoy it with relish—but I prefer dill relish. So add what you like and…. To download this recipe in a free PDF that you can print, save or share, click here. Click here for the free PDF. New York Times bestselling author of. Yes, this is me, Cleo aka Alice. Join coffeehouse manager Clare Cosi as she solves the crime against "Sleeping Beauty," opens secret doors uptown and down , and investigates a cold case that's been unsolved since the Cold War.

Wonderful recipes are also featured. See Once Upon a Grind's. Mystery Pick of the Month! This culinary mystery includes 25 delicious recipes! Our bestselling hardcover is. This culinary mystery includes more than 25 delicious recipes! Click here for theFree Recipe Guide. Clare goes to Washington! Join amateur sleuth Clare Cosi as she sets out to caffeinate our nation's capital and solve a capital crime. Goldsborough's first effort, Murder in E Minor , was published in After the publication of Fer-de-Lance in , several Hollywood studios were interested in the movie rights.

Connolly did portray Wolfe in the latter film, after Arnold decided he did not want to become identified in the public mind with one part. Lionel Stander portrayed Archie Goodwin. Stander was a capable actor but, as Archie, Rex thought he had been miscast. A young Rita Hayworth then Rita Cansino portrays Maria Maringola, who sets the story in motion when she asks for Wolfe's help in finding her missing brother, Carlo.

That's the best explanation of what's wrong with the film", wrote Variety June 16, Stout replied, "I don't know. I suppose so. Nero Wolfe has been portrayed in four radio drama series on five different networks. Williams starred in its first incarnation April 10—June 26, on the regional New England Network. Luis Van Rooten succeeded Ortega sometime in Louis Vittes wrote most of the scripts for the minute episodes, basing none of them on Stout's original stories.

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Only one episode of the series is in circulation. Francis X. Broadcast July 17—November 30, , the series was a product of the Don Lee Network , a California affiliate, and may have been broadcast only in that region. Although 21 episodes were produced, the series finale, "The Case of the Shakespeare Folio", is the only episode that has survived in radio collections.

Produced by Edwin Fadiman and directed by J. Donald Wilson, [78] the show was written by Alfred Bester. The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe was the first radio series that, like the Stout stories themselves, stressed characterization over plot. The series was produced and directed by actor Ron Hartmann, who spent two years writing the hour-long radio adaptations of Stout's original stories.

The piece was performed along with an Arsene Lupin story and an adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes story " The Final Problem " as part of the troupe's summer mystery series, "Moriarty's Mysteries". Rex Stout appeared in the December 9, , episode of Omnibus , a cultural anthology series that epitomized the golden age of television.

Dupin and Jack Sydow. On September 15, , Rex Stout wrote a confidential memo to Edwin Fadiman, who represented his radio, film and television interests. The memo provided detailed character descriptions of Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin, and a physical description and diagram of Wolfe's office. Stout's biographer John McAleer inferred the memo was guidance for the NBC Nero Wolfe radio series that began in October , but in summarizing the memo's unique revelations he remarked, "A TV producer could not have hoped for more specifics. Guernsey, Jr. The theme music was composed by Alex North.

Wohlgang , Eva Seregni Mrs. Becher Mr. The series was to air Mondays at 10 p. ET beginning in September Everything seemed to point to a sale of the series. A facsimile of the brownstone house in which Wolfe lives in the novels But when the film was made and shown around, it was considered too good to be confined to half an hour. The four rare pilots on the release were digitally restored in high definition by SabuCat Productions from the best archival film elements available. Gilroy was signed to write the television script "The Doorbell Rang" and direct the TV movie on the assurance that Welles would star, but by April Welles had bowed out.

Thayer David was cast as Wolfe in the TV movie. William Conrad was cast as Wolfe in the TV series. Rachel Bruner. Written and directed by Frank D. Gilroy , the made-for-TV movie was produced as a pilot for a possible upcoming series [] — but the film had not yet aired at the time of Thayer David's death in July Although it was titled "Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe", the production departed considerably from the originals.

All 14 episodes were set in contemporary New York City.

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Independent producer Michael Jaffe 's efforts to secure the rights to the Nero Wolfe stories date back to his earliest days in the business. In the mids he was working with his father, Henry Jaffe, a successful attorney turned producer, when the Nero Wolfe rights came on the market. Warner Bros. One of the reasons that I never actually tried to make it as a series was that I didn't believe a network would ever let us make it the right way. I've known him for years and years. He swore he'd let me make it the right way.

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High ratings led to the original series, A Nero Wolfe Mystery — A Nero Wolfe Mystery adapted the plots and dialogue of the Stout originals closely; unlike previous Wolfe adaptations, the series retained Archie Goodwin's first-person narration and did not update the stories to contemporary times.

The episodes were colorful period pieces, set primarily in the s—s. Reid Sergeant Purley Stebbins. In a practice reminiscent of the mystery movie series of the s and s, the show rarely used guest stars in the roles of victims, killers and suspects, but instead used the same ensemble of supporting actors each week.

An actor who had been "killed off" in one show might portray the murderer in the next. Production of A Nero Wolfe Mystery coincided with Rex Stout's becoming a top-selling author some 30 years after his death. The series was released on Region 1 DVD as two sets The Golden Spiders bundled with the second season , and as a single eight-disc thinpack set. These are the episodes in order of appearance:. The whole series became available on DVD in Produced by Casanova Multimedia and Rai Fiction, the eight-episode series, which ran for a single season, began with "La traccia del serpente", an adaptation of Fer-de-Lance set in in Rome, where Wolfe and Archie reside after leaving the United States.

The stage production was authorized by the estate of Rex Stout; Stout's daughter, Rebecca Stout Bradbury, attended the opening. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about Rex Stout's fictional detective. For other uses, see Nero Wolfe disambiguation. Main article: Archie Goodwin character. Main article: Nero Wolfe supporting characters. Wodehouse [47].

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McAleer [1] : Main article: Meet Nero Wolfe. Main article: The League of Frightened Men film. Main article: The Adventures of Nero Wolfe. Main article: The Amazing Nero Wolfe. Main article: Nero Wolfe radio series. Main article: Nero Wolfe film. Main article: Nero Wolfe TV series. Main article: A Nero Wolfe Mystery. Weight lbs. Age In In the Best Families , Wolfe temporarily sheds pounds. In " Help Wanted, Male " chapter 5 it is called his "number two chair".

Besides the varying street addresses, he retained minor inconsistencies, and catching them is one of the pleasures of readers of the Nero Wolfe stories. Inspector Cramer's first name, rarely invoked, was originally Fergus, and later modified to L. An assistant district attorney was either Mandel or Mandelbaum. Hamilton lists all of the orchids mentioned in Archie's accounts in alphabetical order.

Six years later, in If Death Ever Slept chapter 11 , Archie describes Wolfe as "a practicing private detective with no other source of income except selling a few orchid plants now and then". Sixteen years later, in The Black Mountain chapter 1 , Archie puts the number at ten. The thing had never gone off except when we tested it In chapter 6 of Where There's a Will , Archie's room is on the third floor, where it is in subsequent accounts.

In Too Many Cooks , Wolfe questions a group of black men. Archie's opinion, voiced using racial epithets, is that interviewing them will be a waste of time, but Wolfe's candor and respect gains him the men's trust. The session ends at a. Again Archie objects, suggesting that Wolfe should wait until later that day.

Wolfe calmly says: "Archie, please. You tried to instruct me how to handle colored men. Will you try it with white men too? That book, however, was not a commercial success, and only three books featuring Fox were written, one of which was later used as the basis for a Wolfe story at the urging of Stout's publisher. Archie starts his report by stating, "I am against female detectives on principle. Archie remarks again that Sally and Dol had made him change his attitude about female detectives.

The score, CPN, is in Box p. It breaks our mold. Rex Stout: A Biography. Boston: Little, Brown and Company.

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Royal Decree: Conversations with Rex Stout. Ashton, Maryland: Pontes Press. The American Magazine. Crowell Publishing Company: Kenneth Rockville, Maryland: James A. In the Queens' Parlor. Cool French Comics. Retrieved According to chapter 16 of Too Many Clients , the picture measures 14 by 17 inches. The Brownstone House of Nero Wolfe. Boston and Toronto: Little, Brown and Company. The New York Times. United Press International. Marko Vukcic engaged Wolfe in " Omit Flowers ". Nero Wolfe of West Thirty-fifth Street. New York: Viking Press. The Wolfe Pack.

Merely a Genius. February American Orchid Society Bulletin. American Orchid Society. The Nero Wolfe Handbook. Salisbury, North Carolina: F. However, in In the Best Families , Wolfe displays no noticeable reticence whatsoever concerning travel in an automobile.

The New York Observer. The Nero Wolfe Companion, Number 1. October 17, Chicago Tribune. Retrieved December 18, The Mysterious Press. Subsequently collected in Gotwald, Rev. Wildside Press, , pp. Retrieved July 6, The Denver Post. Magritte Museum. Archived from the original on November 25, February 4, Accessed Oct. Archived from the original on March 3, The Digital Deli Too. Silent Movie Idol Francis X. Radio Life. September 23, New York: Oxford University Press. The Globe and Mail. The Post Meridian Radio Players. Retrieved December 22, The Billboard.

The Baltimore Sun. March 14,