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I would like to take an opportunity to congratulate you for all your efforts in creating such an insightful and informative Group Book Review Circle It is surely a great platform to gather and learn more about like-minded people. This was really a wonderful piece of information. It was enriching and educating. Thank You. I am amazed at the number of reviews and the wide range of books you have read and written about.

Really impressive! Without the educative literary information from you I feel spiritually dry. Nice to hear from you. It was interesting to know about the significance and use of diary entries in the world of writing. Brought by breath o' blush'd wind, 't whirls up.

Book: Ybo' and Other Lies

The inability to take control of one's own mind, highlighted by the use of passives, throws the reader into a landscape of Freudian dreams and Christian symbolism where questions only bring more questions, while the answers are hidden in the fog of punctuation and sound:. While the soul is dipped into its remotest corners in "Ybo'", the following series "Heaven from Hell" is a conscious nightmare, a literary exploration of the stagnation of the world. Its complexity should not be a deterrent to the reader: the imagery and powerful diction are a continuous reminder that poetry does not need analysis, but understanding and empathy to be appreciated.

It is a highly parodic series, with references to hundreds of texts that the literary mind will find exquisite stimuli, or doors to other worlds. Its mind-boggling and soul-freezing refrain, "We cannot drop the curtain" is a reminder that there is no escape from the stage of life, and its continuous references to war reflect the conflictual nature of the poems themselves:.

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After a war, wall still Facing the winds like stubborn willows: Whispering and weeping. The poems play with different rhythms and meters, from the regimented hendecasyllables of the "epitaph" to free verse, and at times get stuck in polyglot cacophony, like the broken record of Babylon tower:. Quocumque me verti Where? Quocumque me veri Where? Such a complex series is followed by 24 "Flickers", delicate spiritual landscapes that capture subtle feelings through juxtaposition of natural imagery and sounds.

These seem to be, structurally, less experimental than the previous poems, however, the experiment here is not with form, but with imagery, and the ambition is to push explore the possibilities of human expression: feelings become the protagonists, if "Ybo'" is is a charcoal painting, "Heaven from Hell" oil on canvas, the "Flickers" are watercolours. Adrift On tolling waves Forgetting enamelled Abyssal skulls On the white sands.

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The collection closes with a group of miscellaneous poems, some of them about war Under Heavy Copper Heavens' some erotic, like the exquisite "Between Dreams", which captures a moment of intimacy during sleep, paints it white, gives it the hissing sound of sleep through the alliteration of 's' and fills it with the richness of the juices of nature, freezing this split second forever, in a still where dream and reality mix:. As if in dreams, I rest my nose between Your cheeks — the moon is sleeping on my face Still wet with love and passion, silver drops In rivulets of nectar fall down the slopes And kiss my lips, disclosed like rose to dew, And drown my face along a milky way Of satin waves, and find humid source Of joy — a plump carnation brown and dark Like loquat nested warm and snug in you; A silent kiss I stole from slumber's arms.

After so many changes of style and themes, the collection closes with a change of mood.