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Zena’s Period Blood: In Love with the CEMETERY MAN

What makes it more difficult for a hardcore fanbase to build up is its lack of availability in America. The film is not shown on streaming services like Shudder, Netflix or Amazon Prime. Aside from his duties as caretaker, Francesco spends his time putting together the pieces of a human skull, reading old phone books and returning the resurrected dead to their graves with the help his assistant Gnaghi Francois Hadji-Lazaro. In this small cemetery, the dead return as sentient, but hungry-for-flesh zombies, seven days after their death. Sometimes the dead come back sooner, but the actual rules of their resurrection are unclear.

The first part of the movie unfolds like a typical zombie movie — we watch Dellamorte and Gnaghi dispatch zombies on a nightly basis, all the while Dellamorte attempts to get local politicians to open an official investigation of the cemetery. At this point his sanity begins to break and the movie makes its subtle turn from a zombie flick to a serial killer flick.

Dellamorte Dellamore - The Cemetery Man - Anna Falchi & the ossuary

As this happens, he begins to have conversations with a figure in the cemetery that identifies itself as Death. Dellamorte is advised that if he wants to kill, to kill the living before they die and become zombies. All essentially mean the same thing as Francesco is a dealer in and of death. The movie examines the thin lines separating life and death, passion and love, duty and family. Michele Soavi creates a multi-layered story that can be enjoyed as a zombie splatter film on the level of The Evil Dead , or peeled down to its core.

Gnaghi, whose interests include spaghetti and…. This film is pretty much widely appreciated by anyone in the world of movies from Scorsese to a large majority of horror fans. It is based on Dylan Dog, an Italian comic that I have never read nor seen.

Cemetery Man (Italy, 1994)

If it is anything like what your eyes watch on screen then what am I doing not ordering the whole collection right now. You know from the opening seconds you are in for a host of fun and a ton of awesome special effects. Rupert Everett also looks perfect. I first saw this film in the 90s and was never able to find a reasonably priced copy until recently.

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Beautifully surreal and original. My love for this movie grows with every viewing. But one aspect of my affection has been unchanged since I first watched it: my infatuation with Anna Falchi. She is one of the loveliest creatures to have ever walked this earth. But Ms.

The cemetery shots, especially at night, are superb, and nearly every scene exhibits a style and flair that demonstrate Soavi is at the top of his game here. Just pick up one of the Blu-ray releases, sit back, and enjoy this feast for the senses. Dylan dog is too significant to my being for me to even try to express a vaguely rational opinion about this film. I watched this when it first came out on VHS in the early 90s, and at the time was severely disappointed.

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I was familiar with Italian horror films but felt Dellamorte Dellamorte lacked the Dellamorte isn't perfect but it's a fun minutes, cramming in necrophilia, zombie Boy Scouts, a levitating head, a whole host of semi-profound soliloquies on death, a chemical castration gone wrong and loads of headshots.

As if Lynch directed City of the Dead, which was already an oneiric and rather surreal film. Or a postLovecraftian film. Been mad for quite some time it seems. Among other things, getting raped into overcoming your dickphobia and getting married to said rapist is uhhhhhhhhhhhhh. No bueno. Required a blind blu-ray overseas purchase and finding a DVD player in the house that could play it, but worth every bit of that time, risk, and effort.

A whimsically batshit Italian horror-comedy romp thru the cemetery. One of those special films that I dream of one day curling up on the couch on a brisk fall evening alongside the perfectly weird girl of my dreams sorry for projecting my fantasies and longing onto you, imaginary dream girl.. One can dream, right..? A big collection of films that might be considered as strange, mindfucking, surreal and weird. Sorted by year. Suggestions are….

Cemetery Man. Director Michele Soavi. Mauro Marchetti.

Genres fantasy drama horror comedy. And it makes perfect sense.