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As familiar with hunting butterflies as she is fending off admirers, Veronica wields her butterfly net and a hatpin with equal aplomb, and with her last connection to England gone, she intends to embark upon the journey of a lifetime. This mystery will keep you guessing all the way to the end and when the mystery is solved during the maids hearing the answer comes to Dr. Leaving the hearing and placing herself in contempt for leaving when it was her turn for testifying. She puts herself back into danger till the truth is revealed and she is rescued by Nick.

The narrator Jessica Osbourne did a lovely job of the voices throughout the novel. I really enjoyed the British accent and her change up between female and male parts. I feel the tone throughout match the scene that was going on. I would listen to other books that she is narrating with confidence that she would do a good job. I feel that the production by Siren Audio Studios of this book performance was dead on! Sorry for the pun. It held my attention from start to finish! I assure you will be as well! The cover I felt really did not portray what is a mystery look.

It is nice and not sure how I would change it. Maybe the addition of the knife wrapped with the strangulation item used. Typeface I do like it and feels it does fit the time period. The Book was provided for review by Audio Book Reviewer. All views are strictly mine and not in any way influenced by others.

Thank you for your time reading this and comments are always welcome about my review of this book! Feb 29, Dawn Thomas rated it it was amazing. The story takes place in Victorian times. Doctor Alexandra Gladstone has replaced her father as the physician for Newton-upon-Sea. While attending a dinner, Elsie, a young kitchen maid runs into the dining room ranting and waving a kitchen knife. She blames Lord of Dunford for killing her lover, George.

The next morning, the Lord is found dead and Elsie is to blame. While investigating the death, Alexandra gets a note to meet Quince, the leader of a bunch of ruffians. The note says she is to meet The story takes place in Victorian times. The note says she is to meet him at the pier after dark. The following morning, two boys arrive at the surgery in need of medical attention for dog bites. Alexandra knows the boys are the same ones involved in the scuffle the night before. She believes they know something that would put them in danger. Time is running out for Alexandra to figure it out.

This is the first book in the Alexandra Gladstone mystery series. Several times, I thought I knew who did it only to find out I was wrong. This is the beginning of what may be an interesting series based during the Victorian era in England. Alexandra Gladstone follows in her father's footsteps as a doctor in a small English community. Of course, it is unlikely that a woman could be a doctor during this era but she has been trained by her father who was well respected in the community. Her assistant and best friend is Nancy, with whom she grew up, and her faithful companion is Zack, a Newfoundland dog, who protects the doctor.

Th This is the beginning of what may be an interesting series based during the Victorian era in England. The scenario is this: A wealthy man is murdered in his home after a maid crashes his party waving and knife and vowing to kill him. Of course, she is arrested and charged with his murder. However, as the author unfolds events it appears that at least three people have motives which could propel any one of them to kill their host.

Gladstone seeks to discover the truth and save the young maid. The story is well written, easy to read and suggests romance may be found in future novels of the series. However, my favorite character was Zack. Since I was able to do so in this novel it rated only three stars for me. Perhaps I've read too many mysteries! Feb 04, Sheryl rated it really liked it Shelves: audio-book , historical , hoopla , mystery.

This was a quite enjoyable historical mystery. With good characters and no shortage of suspects of possible suspects, I wasn't able to figure out "who done it" which is nice. This was a quick, easy read, or in my case, listen. The narrator of the audiobook was excellent and did a great job varying her voices.

The only issue I had with the audio was the production itself; it was very "cheesy"- playing music between chapter sections and between the chapters themselves. They also played backgroun This was a quite enjoyable historical mystery. They also played background music during one scene when the characters are dancing. Other than those oddities, the audio was very good. Oddly enough, I couldn't find it on Audible at least in the U. Try Hoopla through your local library for any U. This is the only book in the series on audio. The series is promising though, so would be worth pursuing in print format.

May 15, Angie added it. This works easily as a standalone novel. The author has done an excellent job in crafting the characters. The plot is compelling with the right amount of twists and turns to keep the reader turning the pages. The author blended historical facts of the difficulties a woman doctor would have come across during that time period. The author does an excellent job of writing Dr. Gladstone as a woman of her time experiencing those difficulties because of her gender, yet strong and determined enough to This works easily as a standalone novel.

Gladstone as a woman of her time experiencing those difficulties because of her gender, yet strong and determined enough to weather through them regardless. There is a bit of humor mixed in with the seriousness of murder to make this story enjoyable and the characters very likeable.

Symptoms of Death: A Dr. Alexandra Gladstone Mystery, Book 1 (Unabridged)

Though the characters and their relationships are still a work in progress they are developed enough at this point that readers can easily connect. I have to say that I really liked Nicholas a lot and hope that Alexandra will give into the attraction between them in spite of the difference in their social status. The writing well done and I am interested in reading the other novels in this series. I recommend this for those who like historical mysteries.

It was a quick yet thoroughly enjoyable read. Jul 15, Shea rated it liked it Shelves: historical-fiction , mystery-suspense , series. I enjoyed this first novel in a series following Dr. Alexandra Gladstone, a fictional pioneering female physician. I got the fourth novel on an e-book deal and was then compelled to read the first three.

Gladstone was taught by her physician father in a time when women were not allowed to go to school to become physicians. Upon his death she has become the town doctor with mixed reception. In this story a murder has taken place and through her medical knowledge Dr. Gladstone knows the case i I enjoyed this first novel in a series following Dr.

Gladstone knows the case is not as cut and dried as many would like to believe. With the help of Nicholas Forsythe, a barrister and houseguest of the deceased, Alexandra must find the murderer, track down a ghost, and save the young scullery maid accused of the crime. The plot was twisty enough to keep me interested and I would like to get to know Alexandra and Nick better. I look forward to reading the next book in the series. Alexandra Gladstone mysteries. Set in England's early 's in a small village outside London, Dr. Gladstone, trained by her father no real medical license required to practice at this time in history - most cures were holistic in nature, so a female doctor,although rare, is believable and residing with her maid, a childhood friend.

There's a very large breed of dog that resembles a bear Newfoundland , named Zac Great fun with a tad of romance Marie Shirley Griffin This is the first of the Dr. There's a very large breed of dog that resembles a bear Newfoundland , named Zack, living with the doctor for comfort and protection. There's been a murder up at the Earl's castle whilst he has been giving a weekend party. The doctor is hot on the trail. I'm planning on reading the next one. Dr Alexandra Gladstone, no relation to the PM, was trained by her father and follows in his footsteps in the hamlet of Newton-upon-Sea.

A hysterical kitchen main bursts into the dinner party Alexandra is attending at Lord Boswick's, attempting to kill the host with a kitchen knife. She is subdued and Alexandra administers a sedation to the maid calming her down. However, the next morning, the lord is dead and the kitchen maid is missing.

The good doctor has more to fix than cuts and boils in sol Dr Alexandra Gladstone, no relation to the PM, was trained by her father and follows in his footsteps in the hamlet of Newton-upon-Sea. The good doctor has more to fix than cuts and boils in solving the mystery. It keeps one involved by the characters sometimes feel a bit hollow.

I would read another though! There seem to be a large number of people who are glad that he is out of the way though. When Dr. Alexandra Gladstone arrives to inspect the body she knows she must solve this crime before a young scullery maid is put to death. What she finds out about Eddie and his unsavory activities is quite telling but how does she go about finding the real killer when this killer also wants her dead? Gladstone is a physician when women are not totally accepted "dear Eddie" is dead by the hand of another.

Gladstone is a physician when women are not totally accepted in the role so people don't always believe what she has to say. However, with the help of her faithful housekeeper and her dog Zack she manages to do what she needs to do. Aug 15, Light rated it liked it Shelves: first-reads , mystery , historical-fiction. Received this book as a first reads giveaway on audio and enjoyed listening to it while commuting to and from work.

The audio version was very well read with varying voices for each character speaking which allowed me as a reader to get more into the story. I do not read many mysteries but was able to figure out who actually committed the murder in this case quite early on in the book. That being said, it seemed this was the first in a series and I would certainly read subsequent books.

Entertai Received this book as a first reads giveaway on audio and enjoyed listening to it while commuting to and from work. Entertaining albeit easy read. This book sucked. If it weren't for the cover art I would have no idea of the period in which it was set from the writing and there seemed to be many anachronisms and just plain errors. By page I didn't really care so I pretty much skimmed to get the rest of it over with. Saw the big clue the minute it it dropped so the ending was no great surprise. There's some precious reading time I'll never get back. I really liked this book.

I found myself immediately pulled into the writing, the characters and the story. I did figure out who the murderer was based on one big clue, which isn't generally good as I am a lazy reader and prefer to be swept up in the story and not working to figure out the mystery. Usually if I figure it out it wasn't very well hidden. But, while I knew who, I had no idea why until the end. I believe I will pick up the next in the series. I love reading Victorian Mysteries I dearly love this book. It is really good and it is so Victorian too. I love it. I am going to be reading more books by this Author in the near future.

Nov 01, Corinne rated it really liked it.

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Although it took awhile to get into the story, I found it was very enjoyable to listen to. AND it is a mystery, albeit a bad one. I found this an enjoyable mystery series and looked forward to reading more. However, there were only two written. Good Mystery Enjoyed the first entry to a new mystery series, featuring an observant female physician as the lead character.

Looking forward to the remaining books in the series. An interesting setup but somewhat unevenly executed Julie Mink rated it really liked it Nov 01, Karen rated it liked it Sep 29, Jessica rated it really liked it Feb 17, Readers also enjoyed. About Paula Paul. Paula Paul. Paula Paul writes novels that touch the heart and challenge the mind.

She has published 25 novels, some with major New York publishers and some with small presses. They include historical fiction, mysteries, YA and literary novels. She is a native of Texas. She wasn't really born in Lubbock, as her profile info states.

She was actually born outside of Lubbock on her grandparents' farm. She grew up Paula Paul writes novels that touch the heart and challenge the mind. She grew up on a ranch about 80 miles from where she was born and attended a country school where she graduated as valedictorian. She has a degree in journalism and worked for several years as a print journalist, winning a number of state and national awards.

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She has also won national awards for her novels. Other books in the series. Alexandra Gladstone 5 books.

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