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A single web can span a river 25m wide. To build it, the female sprays a continuous line of silk from one bank of the river. Air currents carry it across to the other side to create a bridge. In the centre of this bridge, the spider constructs a spiralling orb web that can reach almost 3m in diameter.

You might expect the creator of this colossal web to have the proportions of a fictional giant, but Darwin's bark spider is no Shelob. They are also camouflaged to match tree bark. How and why would such small spiders produce the huge quantities of silk needed for their supersize webs?

The world's biggest spider web can span an entire river

To find out, he and his colleagues have been researching evolutionary relationships between spiders, which should shed some light on how web weaving evolved. While Nephila spiders weave webs with dense patterns of lower quality silk, Caerostris create sparse webs with very tough silk. Both techniques provide a strong web that can catch prey. But by positioning their webs directly above rivers, Darwin's bark spiders can capture dozens of dragonflies, mayflies and other energy-rich insects that live over the water.

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To find out if this idea is correct, biologists are studying the spiders and their silk. Using this method, they have found that the silk is stronger than steel. It has also been referred to as the toughest biomaterial known. They may sound similar, but there is a difference between toughness and strength.

Strong materials are resistant to stress, but tough materials are stretchy, meaning they can absorb more energy before breaking. This is essential in a spider's web, as each strand has to resist the impact and thrashing movements of prey without disturbing the rest of the structure. The combination of strength and toughness is highly sought after by engineers seeking to make new materials, from body armour to fishing nets.

Scientists have set their sights on creating "fibres of the future" from spider silk, and there is no bigger target than the webs of Darwin's bark spider. Earth Menu. Record Breakers Spider The world's biggest spider web can span an entire river.

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Share by Email. Share on StumbleUpon. By Ella Davies 26 November Its conspicuous webs can reach over 40cm in diameter This is the name given to webs with a spiralling, circular pattern of interconnecting threads. Nuse's class ROCK! Thanks for stopping by Wonderopolis! It sounds like you have a very comical spider, Elijah! We Wonder what kind of spider he or she is? We're impressed you noticed, Jadyn!

Before , we used a different logo for our responses. We updated it in , when we updated our website design! We encourage you to add your questions to our Wonder Bank, Jadyn! Practically all of our Wonders come from submissions by our Wonder Community! Ya I love spiders they're awesome do you like spiders? So I want more spider facts soon so I can read about them so what's your name?

My name is Cassie. Every evening for the past week, a spider about the size of a quarter spins a large web on our front porch. By the morning it is gone. Why doesn't she leave the web there in the daytime? WOW, how cool that you're able to experience that spider's home every evening! It's truly a work of art!! We Wonder if you have explored the life of different spider species.

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Some are known to weave their webs in the evening, but to protect themselves from predators, they take down their web after they've caught their prey. Everything is usually gone before dawn! We solved your wonder using a book on spiders. Spiders spin webs to help them catch their food or prey. We wondered if all spiders made webs. We found out that they not all of them do. Wolf spiders, tarantulas, jumping spiders, fishing spiders and lynx spiders do not spin webs.

Why Spiders Decorate Their Webs

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Orb Web Identification

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