Sarah Laughs (Bible)

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Yet he did not punish her or retract his promise.

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God's grace was great enough, not only to do the impossible for Sarah, but also to accept her human limitations and forgive her unbelief. What an encouragement this is for those of us who struggle to believe! We don't have to pretend before the Lord. In fact, he won't let us.

Sarah Laughs (Genesis 18)

Rather, he draws near to us so that we might grow in our relationship with him, a relationship based on truth. Do you try to hide your doubts from the Lord, fearing his response? How does the example of God's response to Sarah impact you? But you know me, Lord, and therefore you know how often I feel and act as if many things are too hard for you. When I face challenges too big for me to handle, I can be swallowed up by fear.

Why Did Sarah Laugh?

And when I hear the promises of your Word, I may not laugh, but I easily fail to claim them for myself. Forgive me, Lord, for my unbelief. Thank you for your gracious response to Sarah. Though you made sure she owned up to what she had done, you didn't rebuke or punish her.

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Baconsky, T. Mazzucco, C. See e. Sarrazin, B.

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The link between the insistence that Jesus never laughed and fear of association with Gnosticism is my own, based on the observations in Stroumsa, G. CrossRef Google Scholar.

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English version in Bremmer, J. Roodenberg ed.

For a lucid contemporary reading of On Abraham , see Colish, M. Les Matriarches. Alter Genesis ad locc.

Sarah Laughs by Jacqueline Jules

Hud —74; see Tamer, G. On the delicate question of whether God can be said to laugh, and on laughter and Islamic theology more generally, see Holtzman, L. Classen ed. I am indebted to Matthew Keegan, both for telling me about this source, and for translating it from the Arabic for me. A brief but more readily available summary of later exegesis of Sarah may be found in Stowasser, B. Personalised recommendations.