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While few states specifically prohibited homeschooling, legislators and school officials acted as if they had.

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Homeschooling parents faced threats of jail time and having their children removed from their home. Some were arrested. Many were taken to court. But those early homeschoolers hung tough. They fought the court battles. They went to the library and crafted their own curricula.

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Massachusetts passed the first compulsory school attendance law in ; by all states had enacted similar legislation. All Rights Reserved. In an article for CRHE , homeschool graduates Rachel Coleman and Sarah Evans discussed their childhood experiences and the importance of social interaction.

Homeschool 101: Getting Started (for newbies!)

Asked what advice they would give to homeschooling parents, they offered the following:. What works for one child may not work for another. Listen to your children, especially as they move toward their teen years. Ask for their input and incorporate it into your lives and into your homeschool plan.

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If your child is feeling lonely or would like more friends, find activities, a club or a co-op or a sport, to enroll her in. There was one year in high school, where I became really depressed because I hardly had any friends in my social circle—or I only saw them once a week. Read the rest of their discussion here. Socialization is about more than just social interaction. Make sure your child has the opportunity to build the skills he or she will need in these roles. One of the best things about homeschooling is that you can create an educational environment that fits your child rather than fitting your child into an educational environment that may not suit them well.

But this also means you have to be vigilant and willing to change your approach if you find that what you are doing is not working. This involves listening to your child and asking for their feedback. Your children need your unconditional love regardless of their academic success. They need free time to play. They need friends and mentors outside of their family.

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They need privacy, responsibility, and freedom. Listen to your children when they tell you about their needs, both academic and otherwise. If homeschooling is not fulfilling those needs, be willing to consider other options.

Getting Started Homeschooling

If your child would rather not be homeschooled, listen to their reasons and ensure that they are part of the decision-making process. If your child is unhappy with a certain aspect of homeschooling, spend some time brainstorming solutions with them. Listen to your child. Giselle Palmer, a homeschool graduate with over a decade of experience as an elementary school teacher, offers these words to homeschool parents:.

First of all, congratulations! What an incredible task you have chosen to undertake! In my mind, there is little that compares with the joy and excitement of teaching young people—watching their minds work, seeing the lights come on as they grasp a new concept, enjoying the electric atmosphere of a classroom filled with engaged students, and most of all, standing back and looking on with pride as I see them taking pride and ownership in their work and extending the ideas beyond what we have learned in class.

Most of all, enjoy this time with your children. Encourage them to press on when things are difficult, and get excited about your teaching, so your students will catch your enthusiasm and become eager learners themselves!

Getting Started in Homeschooling: The First Ten Steps

Have a wonderful time experiencing the delights of learning with your children and making memories you will all treasure. For additional information, see our Resources for Homeschool Parents page. Category: Blog Tags: parents. Research Time!

Homeschooling: Getting Started

Take Your Responsibility Seriously In most states, there are few legal safeguards in place to ensure that children who are homeschooled are making academic progress. Locate a Support System If possible, we encourage parents to meet other homeschooling families before making their decision to homeschool, and, if possible, to join a state or local homeschooling organization once you begin homeschooling. Create an Academic Plan Homeschooling does not have to mean replicating a school setting in the home.

If any of these motivating factors ring a bell, homeschooling might be a great fit for you and your kids. While some states are very relaxed in their approach toward homeschooling, others have more rigid guidelines and regulations. The strict states require regular reporting, submission of test scores, evaluations by outside professionals and sometimes home visits by state officials. Read our article about understanding homeschooling laws in your state.

Just like it is with parenting styles, there are almost countless philosophies, methods and approaches to home education, which means that you get to dabble in the research, test them out and take your pick. Here is a brief overview of the more common homeschooling methods. Traditional method — Your homeschool would be set up just like a public school with a complete curriculum and traditional grading system.

The Well-Trained Mind is a great resource for exploring this method. This is one of the more popular homeschooling methods. Maria Montessori translate into homeschooling, too.