French Pathfinders in North America

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Thankfully today, the sun shines brightly as the beach comes into view, and you […].

What if France Kept its Colonies in America? - Hearts of Iron 4 [HOI4]

When Grace found out she had HIV, she wanted to end her life. It was a hot, humid day in Mtwapa, and the journey to the clinic had been tiring.

Grace barely noticed the […]. Join our movement! Our Contribution To Health For All We are committed to country-led solutions in order to achieve universal sexual and reproductive health and rights in our collective pursuit of health for all. Taking a Stand for a Better Future. That Orange Shirt. The river they named differently, but it has since borne the title of that ill-starred colony. When winter came, the island, exposed to the fierce winds blowing down the river, was fearfully cold.

Ice floated by in great masses, frequently cutting off the settlers from the mainland and from their supplies of wood and water.

French NenuFAR telescope granted SKA Pathfinder status

The terror of those days, the scurvy, soon appeared, and by the spring nearly half of the seventy-nine men lay in the little cemetery. Of the survivors the greater number had no other desire than to flee from the scene of so much misery. In the hope of securing a more favorable site in a warmer latitude, Champlain, who already had explored a part of the coast and had visited and named the island of Mount Desert, set out in a. They followed the shores of Maine closely, and by the middle of July were off Cape Ann.

Then they entered Massachusetts Bay. The islands of Boston Harbor, now so bare, Champlain describes as covered with trees. The aboriginal inhabitants of the region seem to have felt a friendly interest in the distinguished strangers. Canoe-loads of them came out to gaze on the strange spectacle of the little vessel, with its bearded and steel-clad crew.

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Down the South Shore the voyagers held their way, anchoring for the night near Brant Rock. A head wind drove them to take shelter in a harbor which Champlain called Port St. Louis, the same which, fifteen years afterward, welcomed the brave Pilgrims. The shore was at that time lined with wigwams and garden-patches. The inhabitants were very friendly. While some danced on the beach, others who had been fishing came on board the vessel without any sign of alarm, showing their fish-hooks, which were of barbed bone lashed to a slip of wood.

The glistening white sand of a promontory stretching out into the sea suggested to Champlain the name which he bestowed, Cap Blanc White Cape, now Cape Cod. Doubling it, he held his way southward as far as Nausett Harbor. Here misfortune met the party. As some sailors were seeking fresh water behind the sandhills, an Indian snatched a kettle from one of them. Its owner, pursuing him, was killed by his comrades' arrows. The French fired from the vessel, and Champlain's arquebuse burst, nearly killing him.

In the meantime several Indians who were on board leaped so quickly into the water that only one was caught. He was afterward humanely released. This untoward incident, together with a growing scarcity of provisions, decided the voyagers to turn back. Early in August they reached St.

The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. VII. (of 12)

Discouraged as to finding a site on the New England coast, Champlain and Monts began to look across the Bay of Fundy, at first called Le Fond de la Baye the bottom of the bay. A traveler crossing this water from the west will see a narrow gap in the bold and rugged outline of the shore. Entering it, he will be struck with its romantic beauty, and he will note the tide rushing like a mill-race, for this narrow passage is the outlet of a considerable inland water. The steamer, passing through, emerges into a wide, land-locked basin offering an enchanting view.

Fourteen miles northward is Annapolis Harbor, shut in on every side by verdant hills. This is the veritable Acadia, the beautiful land of Evangeline, and here was made the first settlement of Frenchmen in North America that had any degree of permanence. The explorers had discovered and entered this enchanting basin in the previous summer. Now its beauty recurred to them, and they determined to remove thither. In their vessels they transported their stores and even parts of their buildings across the Bay of Fundy and laid the foundation of a settlement which they called Port Royal, afterward renamed by loyal Britons Annapolis, in honor of Queen Anne.

The season proved very severe, and in the spring it was decided to persevere in the project of planting a colony, if possible, in a warmer region. For the second time Champlain sailed down the New England coast. At Chatham Harbor, as the place is now called, five of the voyagers, contrary to orders, were spending the night ashore.

The word quickly passed around among the Indians that a number of the palefaces were in their power.

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Through the dark hours of the night dusky warriors gathered at the meeting-place, until they numbered hundreds. Then they stole silently toward the camp-fire where the unsuspecting Frenchmen lay sleeping. Suddenly a savage yell aroused them, and arrows fell in a shower upon them. Two never rose, slain where they lay.

French Pathfinders in North America by William Henry Johnson

The others fled to their boat, fairly bristling with arrows sticking in them, according to the quaint picture which Champlain made. In the meantime, he, with Poutrincourt and eight men, aroused from their sleep by the horrid cries on the shore, had leaped from their berths, snatched their weapons, and, clad only in their shirts, pulled to the rescue of their comrades. They charged, and the dusky enemy fled into the woods.

Mournfully the voyagers buried their dead, while the barbarians, from a safe distance, jibed and jeered at them. No sooner had the little party rowed back to the ship than they saw the Indians dig up the dead bodies and burn them. The incensed Frenchmen, by a treacherous device, lured some of the assailants within their reach, killed them, and cut off their heads. See All Customer Reviews.

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