Christmas Connections: Miracles, One Good Deed At A Time

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It all works out — To make Christmas about His conception day, and Easter about His death, and the fall festivals, about His birth. The twins Gemini and the archer on horseback Chiron; Sagittarius — The first 2, years. Pisces the fishes and Virgo the Harvester; the bread; the grain — The fourth 2, years.

The first 2,, predate Abraham, still in Ur. The next 2,, take you to the start of the conquest of Canaan, via the enslavement, in Egypt. The next 2,, take you up to today… The final 2,? The Millennial Reign, of God On earth, for 1, years? Aquarius, represents that. And then the 1, years, of the Release of the Dragon? You guys are too clever for your own good!! I believe Christmas is a moot point in every respect. As for a savior?

This is a horribly researched article, and BAS should be ashamed for re- publishing it. The census of Quirinius certainly occurred in 6 CE. HaDerech in Acts, then these Biblical accounts become crystal clear. The only time that occurs is in Course Year 3 of 6 from the 14th through the 20th.

Therefore, Yochanan was conceived on the 22nd of the 12th month in 4 CE. That certainly coincides with the first census of Quirinius. I even verified what the star of Bet Lechem Bethlehem was with our local planetarium. Christ arose as the Lord of the weekly Sabbath on 18 Abib, which was — not coincidentally — when Jehoiarib first served after originally being selected by lot. The Order of Malki-tsedeq Melchizedek supplanted that of the imperfect Levitical priesthood. Finally, His empty tomb was discovered early on the first day of the week 19 Abib! He never reached 30 years of age; that is also consistent with the Scriptures.

There is a significance to the days and times given us to observe and keep. These dates are not therefore to be confused with the days and times set by man in the name of their deity. I have read or heard much of this before. However, it is a nice seasonal reminder. As this article suggests, she would be using a comparative-religions approach to the interpretation of the Christmas event — an approach that is not as ancient, necessarily, as she supposes.

The above article gives alternate perspectives, and for that I am quite grateful. Every word in the Bible is there because God put it there. How about that! She confirmed what I had been told. We will never know the actual date of Jesus birth. If Zechariah saw the angel Gabriel in 6 BCE, Elizabeth would have conceived John a couple of days later, after Zechariah completed his service and went home. The burning of the incense takes place during the Day of Atonement.

That day was Sept 22, 6 BCE. This would allow time for Herod to seek the death of Jesus. Allowing a few months for the Magi to arrive and Herod would have hedged his bet by calling for the killing of every boy under 2. This would also allow time for the flight to Egypt and upon returning, Herod Archelaus would be king causing Joseph to settle in Nazareth. If the early church did the calculations for themselves, they too could have arrived at a similar result.

Sheep do graze in the fields of Bethlehem all year long according to some people who have been there. But whenever he was born, it was the start of his incarnation, not of his existence, since he was there at the creation. Thanks BAR and the Author. Merry Christmas! Material implication already of Stoics in Nicea A. D battle: st. Athanassius contra Arius plus B. God bless! All true. However the important aspect missing form the article is that Jesus was a sun god born of a moon god through Virgo, the virgin in the House of Bread, Bethlehem.

The birth of the sun is seen as 3 days past the winter solstice. On this day the constellations display the birth narrative just before sunrise. Scholars turn their back on the fact Jude-Christianity is built upon cosmic mythology like all the other religions in the region. It is not special. Stop pretending. The moment of conception is vastly more important than the day of birth, without which there would nevr be a birth. Gloria a Dios en las alturas,Y en la tierra paz, buena voluntad para con los hombres!! Lucas I believe you may have missed the importance of the Feasts of God and their significance.

Christ was likely born during the feast of tabernacles dwellings commemorating the temporary dwellings for the Hebrews upon leaving Egypt. Christ was born in a temporary dwelling as his family was traveling as well. This correlation may be worthy of examination as the feasts were prophetic as well as contemporary to the day they were given. Saturnalia was an ancient Roman festival in honour of deity Saturn, held on 17 December of the Julian calendar and later expanded with festivities through to 23 December.

The holiday was celebrated with a sacrifice at the Temple of Saturn, in the Roman Forum, and a public banquet, followed by private gift-giving, continual partying, and a carnival atmosphere that overturned Roman social norms: gambling was permitted, and masters provided table service for their slaves. But instead the gifts are given to others? Really, Jesus is the replacement of the sun god of the pagan festival, which during that festival they gave each other gifts. Worship of false gods? Worship of idols? Followers of tradition?

December 06, Jesus was well not born on Dec 25 we just celebrate it on that day because of the festivities. We believe the Dec. However, the method of proof by which to substantiate that claim has largely been lost to history. This has left Christmas open to the charge that the date was derived from the pagan winter soltice, or other serreptious means. However, other than the mere coincidence of sharing the common date of Dec.

To the contraary, evidence that Jesus was born Dec. We are happy to be able to share the evidence with you here. Jesus Christ was not born on 25 December. A statement by Pope is a reality that has been confessed. There remains a few more of the realities both the Christian faith and the rest of the world has started to realise. He as is believed specially by Christians and Muslims in particular that was taken to heaven and will appear is a totally wrong. Jesus migrated to India and died there at the age of about years.

His tomb is in Srinagar city. Another interesting fact for Christian world is that Marry mother of Jesus has her grave in Murree a beautiful hill station about one hour drive from Islamabad the capital city of Pakistan. Further more that the world is expecting the Messiah will not come in shape of Jesus instead the Messiah has not only come in shape of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian. He claimed to be the Messiah and the Imam mehdi in in India and died in Lahore currently in Pakistan in After his death currently it is his fifth successor Mirza Masroor Ahmad who currently resides in London.

While the Christian people specially youth are getting rid of Christianity and becoming more of disbelievers of Allah Almighty. It is the Ahmadiyya community which is telling the truth about Jesus and Mary in particular hence the world is rapidly approaching and entering Islam. For further information you are more than welcome to visit my country Pakistan where I can do my utmost to entertain you and provide maximum details.

I recently watched The Star of Bethlehem, a fascinating documentary linking the arrival of the wise men in Bethlehem to December 25 on our solar calendar. I always knew that our date of celebration had to have some heavenly significance not tied to a pagan holiday to have continued to our present day. I was pleased to learn that it does. Can you condemn others with a clear conscience?

The Christmas Club by Barbara Hinske

Jesus may not have commanded that not celebrate his birth, but many did long before it came into regular practice. Do you condemn the shepherds and wise men? If it is done properly, we are worshipping the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior for humbling himself to become a helpless baby. We remember it because His journey of sacrifice began then and his birth and death are linked.

They cannot be separated. That is simply what we are doing. God announced a party for the birth of His son. Jesus was born on December 25 Christmas is the biggest celebration of Christianity, at which all celebrate the birth of Christ. There is, however, no mention biblical or otherwise indicating 25 December as the one in which Jesus was born. You should be concerned with the attitude of Christians towards Christmas and not the Feast itself.

Constantine was a follower of this religion. Mithraus just happened to be born on ….. A perfect fit! It also this much distance between summer to the end of winter. God has no beginning and ending. Instead of rejecting paganism, some people embraced pagan practices. Because God manifested in the flesh to die for our sins. Why insist to give Christ a celebration of His coming as a Messiah or His birth which is a false tradition of Roman Catholic. Any half-truth is not truth at all but lies.

His resurrection truly defeat sin, death and Hell. If there is no night, then eternity is surely only one day!!! Details on my blog at: crazyrev dot blogspot dot com please make the necessary adjustments! At the end of the day, why do we waste so much time on speculation about this date? The miracle is Scritpure teaches clearly that His birth was the fulfillment of prophecies given hundreds of years prior, His vicory over sin and satan millennia prior.

For surely the relegation of them to a single date each in the calendar dulls the joy of everything about our God? Above all things, let us rather celebrate the promise of his return, for it is in that our hope is fulfilled. Eternity is so much more than a day, surely? Thank you Mr. McGowan for such an interesting and engaging article. Ultimately, however, I think the traditional Saturnalia celebration linkage is far more credible because we know how pervasive Greco-Roman paganism was and how it very nearly subsumed Jewish culture with the Maccabean Revolt and events before and after.

Christmas in Europe at one point resembled trick or treating for Halloween, which is why it was banned for many years in the United States. Nor is Tishri the 9th month after Abib for that 9 month symettry you allude to but is the 7th month. Thank you for your kind attention.

Lots of comments and ideas…many interesting, others — well……As to Shteef who is offended that Christians believe the multiple gods are untrue —when did this become news to you? Judaism was, and is, firmly monotheistic. Read Isaiah and Micah, among others. Kriishna was no virgin birth.

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And while his birth story is unusual, it is not more so than the birth story alleged of Alexander the Great, Buddha, or others. But not virginal — and certainly not monotheistic or something prophesied as a solution to the sins of mankind. E, rather then AD. Nine months from June 21st is March 21st 4 BC. I am still seeking the exact date. This is consistent with new borns being first borns usually being a week or two late. He was not born December 25th nor January 6 nor in September. I find it hard to believe that a very prominent climate event such as the winter solstice did not command the attention of the leading elders, as it had from earlier times.

Christmas Connections--miracles one good deed at a time

Apparently the solstice was considered proof of the return of the longer days leading to the spring equinox and the planting season, and eventually the summer solstice and later harvesting. Anyone claiming one was chosen because of the other is plain wrong — epic fail. December 25th was NOT chosen because it was the birthday of Mithras, quite the reverse, Mithras was very late in its existence celebrated on December 25th by some following the date the Christians were using for Christ.

There is no evidence Mithraism dated Mithras birthday at all till the 4th Century at the earliest. There is NO evidence at all that Sol Invictus was celebrated on December 25th before the mid 4th Century, given there is plenty of evidence of Christianity using this well before that date the claim that dating Christmas Day followed that of Sol Invictus cannot be maintained. It is clear that the Christians selected December 25th as they believed he was conceived and died on the same date March 25th and they believed a pregnancy was exactly 9 months. Whilst both these assertions are in fact highly improbable to know, they are clearly not taken from other religions but are based on what they believed from extrapolating via their own scripture.

It was important to them at that time to have a single agreed day for all Christians to celebrate the birth of Christ. And so it goes on doing so now. Arguments over whether it really was December 25th or any other day are largely irrelevant. Perhaps it would be much better to say that 25th December is the date Christians choose to make special remembrance of the Incarnation. Mary conceived when Elizabeth was 6 mths pregnant Luke , some time around the 15th of Shevat perhaps.

Good grief. So many who actually believe Dec. It is the Winter Solstice and the date was used so that Paegans would embrace Christianity. And those of you who believe that the Christian Bible is accurate……fools. It has been changed so many times, I dare you to find one publication that is accurate to the original scriptures of those who wrote them.

Not god, gods. Chimps DNA and ours is only one marker apart. A little artificial insemination with a few female chimps and voila! Gods help us! There is no evidence whatsoever to link the Christmas tree with any pagan religious practice at all. There is plenty of evidence showing links between the image of a tree and Christianity and more specifically, with Christ and even specifically with his birth.

The link between Christ, Adam and the Fall is well established which lead to mystery plays performed at Christmas often starting with the story of Adam and Eve. The earliest Christmas trees were hung with fruit of which our glass baubles are the modern representation. Apropos Easter and spring lambing. Lambing in Israel did not occur in what we call spring.

Seasons are rather different in Palestine. The Summer is hot and dry and grazing is poor. The winter is mild and wet — grazing is plentiful. The coincidence of Christian festivals with the solar cardinal points is notable. There is, however, no need to posit a pagan reason for this. After all, Genesis says the sun and moon were placed in the heavens for signs and seasons. What more important events in history, for Christians, should they be signs for? December Original article here. Why is the birth story of Jesus so similar to the story of Danae in the Greek mythology before Christ?

Well, Dia de Muertos was moved to Oct 31 to coincide with All Saints day; before the Spanish colonization, it was celebrated some time in early Summer. Why do Christians worship on Sunday, when in the Ten Commandments it clearly says to remember the Sabbath day and to keep it holy? How was that insulting? March 25 Christ conceived by the Holy Ghost plus nine months brings us to December 25 the birth of Christ at Bethlehem. The article was first republished in …… […]. Retrieved from Bible History Daily. Since the Roman registration was an early census, it can be assumed that the two are […].

Christmas is not biblical period. It is purely pagan from the winter solstice the idol of the tree. Sorry to say. December 25 is the birthday of the Sun God Mithra the true Gods of Constantine really proverb by archaeology , that is who you are unknowingly worshipping. It is the MO of Satan all through the Bible. While the ancient jews bowed down to their Balls and Calves and Asteroths they thought they were worshipping Jehovah their God the whole time.

No early documents indicate this and the tale appears to have first arisen in the twelfth […]. Hippolytus, around the same time, does […]. This gradually helped lead to the Great Schism of A. When The Church was beginning the practice of commemorating the lives of saints, prophets and patriarchs, the date often used as mentioned in the article was the date of death, when known. For in the practice of commemorating lives of saints, that day for each saint becomes their name day, in accordance with earliest Christian traditions. When the Gregorian Calendar was adopted in The West in , the difference between the two calendars was 10 days, which would have meant Christmas was celebrated on January 3rd in Old Calendar countries.

Since that time, the gap between the two calendars continues to widen, which means that since then you might find historical references mentioning Christmas celebrations on January 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th OR 7th. The shepherds and the apostles were both present and it was mentioned that this Jewish feast they were celebrating was also the birthdate of Our Lord. Is it possible that In Armenia Christmas is One principle: Ecclesiastes Birth day tradition was rare. McGowan explains, the celebration of the birth of Christ derives from the early Christian […].

The gestational period for humans is 40 weeks, which is more than 9 months. If conception is March 25th, 40 weeks later is December 30th, not the 25th. The timing of birth of Jesus is a topic that has been the subject of debate for many years. There are many theologians that have openly started that the Birth of Jesus was not in December, and most likely not in the winter season. There are those who say that there is no way of telling when the birth of Jesus occurred, and that it does not matter as long as we celebrate it in the correct spirit and for the right reason.

What if there really is a way to know the real date of the Birth of Jesus, would it make a difference? A nugget of wisdom may be found on top of the ground or laying in a stream, but the mother-lode vein of understanding will only be uncovered with diligent, and time consuming search. Let us take a look at some verses of Holy Scripture and the words that they contain, to see what can be found.

The first 4 verses of Luke chapter one tell us of the importance and the reliability of what Luke is about to tell us concerning Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist and the time in which he served as a priest in the Temple. The 8th course was named after Abijah as he was the first Priest to be appointed to that office for that particular time. Most Holy Bibles that have any kind of cross reference system, directing you from one verse that you might be reading to another, will most likely give you a cross reference from Luke to I Chronicles This cross reference may be found at the end of the verse that you are reading, in a center column, or in a foot note found at the bottom of the page.

This would be the 8th week of the Hebrew year. New Month which always began with the new moon. Exodus 1 And the LORD spake unto Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying, 2 This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you. The Gregorian calendar is the calendar that most of the world uses today and starts the year with January 1.

The Hebrew calendar Starts each month with the new moon. The month of Nisan, Abib starts in mid March to mid April depending on how the New Moon falls for that month, in that particular year. The year, or 2 years that we are looking at would be Hebrew years and , which takes us back to the last year before. We are looking at 2 years due to the fact that John the baptist was conceived and born 6 months before Jesus. This would mean that the entire time period that we are looking at is a couple of days short of 17 months,.

Please remember the Hebrew months only had 29 — 30 days, not 30 — 31 as the Gregorian calendar. Zacharias served the 8th week of that Hebrew year in the temple, which would have been Iyar 20th, through Iyar 26th , or on the Gregorian calendar it would have been May 13th through May 19th, 1BC. Jesus was conceived 6 months after John was conceived, which would have been Chesvan 27th, On the Gregorian calendar it was November 13th 1BC.

Jesus was born 9 months later. Please keep in mind that the birthday of Jesus will always remain the same on the Hebrew Calendar, it will always be the 27th day of the Hebrew month Av. However, because the Hebrew month has less days than the Gregorian month, his birthday on the Gregorian calendar will change each year to coincide with the Hebrew calendar. Most often, if not all the time, his birth date will fall within the month of August on the Gregorian calendar.

Please note that they came and gave gifts unto Jesus, not to each other. Ponder this for a moment, that if all the money and resources that was, is, and most likely will continue to be spent on Christmas gifts each year was taken and presented to the body of Christ, the Christian Church, and distributed to the the people who are truly in need, how exceedingly pleased, happy and joyful, GOD would be. To the homeless, the sick, the hungry, the thirsty, and those in prison. If you do not know or trust most Christian Churches or non profit organizations, than you could always find people in the area that you live in to give to help them through tough times.

There will always be those who have less than we do that we could give to as if we were giving personally to Jesus. This is an astounding figure. Eighty percent of diseases in developing countries are caused by contaminated water. Over 2 million people are killed each year due to the use of contaminated water, most being children under the age of five. Left untreated, fistula can lead to chronic medical problems, including ulcerations, kidney disease, and nerve damage in the legs. With this amount, we could pay for every one of the U. The Connection of Christmas with pagan Ancient Festivals.

Kid Gets Christmas Present For This Good Deed! (Social Experiment)

Thus the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary was placed on the 25th of March, or about the time of the vernal equinox; the Feast of St. Michael on the 29th of September, or near the autumnal equinox; and the Birth of Christ at the time of the winter solstice. Christmas was thus fixed at the time of the year when the most celebrated festivals of the ancients were held in honour of the return of the sun which at the winter solstice begins gradually to regain power and to ascend apparently in the horizon. Previously to this says William Sandys, F.

The promised restoration of light and commencement of a new era were therefore hailed with rejoicings and thanksgivings. The Saxon and other northern nations kept a festival at this time of the year in honour of Thor, in which they mingled feasting, drinking, and dancing with sacrifices and religious rites. It was called Yule, or Jule, a term of which the derivation has caused dispute amongst antiquaries; some considering it to mean a festival, and others stating that Iol, or Iul spelt in various ways , is a primitive word, conveying the idea of Revolution or Wheel, and applicable therefore to the return of the sun.

In the course of them, as is well known, masters and slaves were supposed to be on an equality; indeed, the former waited on the latter. Indeed it was at one of these festivals that he instigated the murder of the young Prince Britannicus, the last male descendant of the family of the Claudii, who had been expelled from his rights by violence and crime; and the atrocious act was committed amid the revels over which Nero was presiding as master. Towards the end of the feast, when the sun was on its return, and the world was considered to be renovated, a king or ruler was chosen, with considerable power granted to him during his ephemeral reign, whence may have sprung some of the Twelfth-Night revels, mingled with those in honour of the Manifestation and Adoration of the Magi.

And, in all probability, some other Christmas customs are adopted from the festivals of the ancients, as decking with evergreens and mistletoe relics of Druidism and the wassail bowl. It is not surprising, therefore, that Bacchanalian illustrations have been found among the decorations in the early Christian Churches. The illustration on the following page is from a mosaic in the Church of St. Constantine, Rome, A. Whatever evidence you think you have is wrong. Historical evidence points to Mary and Joseph traveling to be counted in the Roman census and to pay their taxes.

It would have been foolish for the Romans to schedule this during the winter because many people would not survive the journey, which would have been difficult enough on foot in warm weather. The Romans would have scheduled this during a more hospitable time of the year. Jesus was most likely born in the spring after the worst of the cold weather had passed but not yet at the height of the summer heat which would have made the journey equally perilous. The pagan that you rejoice in using is nothing but the ancient Hindu practise!

You have to know a lot about yourselves, mates. But I can say you belong to me. Wanna know more? The Bible makes no notation on his birth date or year, for that matter. And considering that the good book is riddle with historical and scientific inaccuracies, it […]. As a Christian, I would cede nothing to the common secular culture. It is an interesting article and worth reading by anyone who is curious as to why this particular […]. People should stick to the Bible teaching, if it was necessary for us to celebrate the birth of Jesus the apostles would have mentioned it since they were guided by the Holy Spirit.

First century Christians followed the teachings of the apostles, so should we. Acts Colossians Whatever we do in word or deed must be done in the name of Christ. They do a balanced job on the question and note that the information […]. Any thoughts or insights about this? How December 25 Became Christmas. The correct time for his birth has to be the Feasts of Tabernacles — the Jewish Messianic feast. When I celebrate my birthday, I celebrate the age that I have achieved, not the day of my birth. Nonetheless, the day we set aside to […].

How December 25 Became Christmas

I find the assertion that pagan gods are false to be deeply offensive. How dare the follows of one imaginary being condemn the followers of multiple imaginary beings. Shame on you. That date coincides with the clues from the Bible, where shepherds are tending to their flocks, […]. This would have Jesus being 33 years and 7 months old. Incidentally, this would be the only time that the so called unpardonable sin would occur. According to 1 Cor. In fact, the major early writers of Christianity fail to mention the holiday at all, and one of them — Origen of Alexandria — actually made fun of birth celebrations, regarding such […].

It seems to me that there is mention of December 25th before 4th and 5th centuries and before the holiday festivities became a concern. I suspect that the Birth of Christ was adopted for those holidays because it was already there. There are some documents […]. Proverbs Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.

As I understand this writer is Christian, so I am confused as to why B. C and A. Great article, however I find that detail extremely offensive. The early church argued a lot about when to celebrate. In surveying […]. In the introduction it is acknowledged that the Bible offers few clues regarding when Christ was born. And the extrabiblical evidence from both the first and second century is equally silent regarding the date of the birth.

As the writer acknowledges, there is no mention of birth celebrations amongst the very earliest of Christian writers. The writings of Mark and Paul make no reference to the birth of the Messiah, whilst those of Luke and John provide differing accounts of the event, with neither giving a date of birth. In consequence, one noticeable feature of Christian practice in the first two centuries following the birth of the Messiah is that his birthday was not marked.

One wonders whether the explanation for the absence of recorded information relating to the birth of Christ may be in some manner tied into the fact that King Herod had ordered the death of the infant. According to the Book of Mathew II, Jesus was born in a stable, and immediately following the birth Joseph gathered Mary and the infant child and fled as refugees under the cover of darkness to Egypt, where they remained until they received information that Herod had died.

Such a scenario would account for why the early Christian writers could not state exactly when Christ was born with any degree of certainty, would it not? And if this was the case, can we today state with any authority that the Messiah truly was born on Christmas Day? Of course we cannot! The author points to the fact that c. Augustine of Hippo refers to the Donatists, who the writer believes kept Christmas festivals on the 25th December, but refused to celebrate the Epithany on January 6th as it was considered innovative.

Yet proof cannot be extrapolated that Christ was born on December 25th on the strength of this evidence, as earlier writers made no mention of this birth date. It was not until c. Here we encounter the dual problem of differing birth dates, and the fact that none of these dates were the 25th December.

As the author correctly notes, if Christ were born in December the sheep would have been corralled. Therefore, the earliest recorded evidence indicates that Christ was born in the summer months. Such a supposition is supported by the modern science of astronomy. Mr Reneke pinpointed the planetary conjunction, which occurred in the constellation Leo, to the exact date 17th June 2 B. It was discovered that a bright star really did feature in the sky over Bethlehem 2, years ago — but the date of birth has been calculated as being the summer months, and 17 June in particular — not 25 December.

It is believed that the Christmas star was a magnificent conjunction of the planets Venus and Jupiter, which came so closely together that they shone like a beacon of light. It is probable that the magi interpreted the light as the beacon sign that they had been waiting for and followed its trajectory eastwards to Bethlehem. There can be no certainty that this natural phenomenon was truly the Christmas Star, but it is a very strong candidate.

Crucially, astronomy is a particularly precise science, and so it is possible to plot where the stars were, and in consequence, it certainly seems that this was the fabled Christmas star. Herein lies further evidence that Jesus was born in the summer months and not in December.

We are left with the question of why December 25th came to be associated with the birth of Christ? However, the writer quickly dismisses this suggestion on the grounds that such an act is not recorded in any early Christian writings. The author singles out the most significant problem with this theory as being the fact that the first mention of a date for Christmas c. Yes, in the first few centuries A.

The date of 25th December C. In sum, modern astronomical evidence verifies the early Christian belief that Christ had been born in the early summer months. In fact, the distance between 20th May and 17th June is not that great at all, being as it is less than one calendar month. In the final analysis, it would seem that in the fourth century C. Christianity adopted the 25th December as the birthdate of Christ. And the reason for doing so was that it coincided with the pagan solstice festival.

After all, Christianity has a long tradition of borrowing from other religions in order to attract followers to the cause. The article How December 25 Became Christmas provides ample evidence debunking the pagan origins myth, showing how it actually got began, and […]. Check out this link for more understanding on the dating of both Easter and Christmas — great […]. I thought I had read once that it was the earliest cookie associated with Christmas, but because […]. Some suggest Christians moved the date to the end of December to hijack pagan festivities such as […].

Some things I want remained you when do start celebrate of Christmas? This contains not just the things you desire to have this December 25, but also things you want to experience and places you want to visit before the year ends. You may […]. My conclusion: Although I was unable to read all above, but if Jesus was and is God, He cannot be born. So, the Bible did not give us His birthday and we should be careful of what we say about His birth. Creator God was not born, Jesus was presented as a sacrifice to us and we should not focus on His birth for He was from the foundation of the world; He cannot just be attached to a point in human history.

If He has no birthday, He has no age, for God is ageless and Jesus as One of the Trinity is ageless for they are all one and the same. His divinity supersede His humanity; as a Divine being, He was not born by humans-He was a virgin birth, in-explainable though.

Modern scripture tells us that April 6th is the day that Jesus was born. The reference can be found in the book of The Doctrine and Covenants, section 20 verse 1. In terms of the East celebrating on Jan 6th, that is actually December 25th on the Julian Calendar, once the West switched to Gregorian Calendar, the Julian calendar is 13 days late.

I am offended by this piece. Whether we celebrate it in winter, spring, summer or fall, the Christmas season is still about Jesus. All of you who responded to the greatness of the article and the author need a lesson in English. Luke tells us when Jesus was born. He assumed that we, the readers of his Gospel, would know that Mary and Joseph would make their census registration trip to Bethlehem during one of their three annual pilgrimages to Jerusalem. John would have been born at Passover. Jews set an extra setting or keep a door open for the arrival of Elijah and John is the Spirit of Elijah.

Jesus was born on the Feast of Mangers, 4BC! Birth was as an empty vessel but death a full one. Nativity had no interest. They developed tradition of long time visit. Consist also easter material, the communion hymn! Two Christmas dates come from the beginning, other was feasted in Israel area and another locally. Also different calendars may point to the same day.

The time is framework of the christian feast. The month is right but the proper feast is the feast of the trumpets. The trumpeting heralds in the gospels as well as the entire concept of the types and shadows of old testament law conforming to illustrating Jesus support that date. You can get rough estimate of the time of his birth by going back to the birth of John and the Angels announcement to Zachariah of the birth of John. The Bible does give these times. Christmas is here and you mothatruckers better be ready for Santa.

To make sure we are, cable […]. If any Christians wants to be really dogmatic about Christian festivities?! We should be following the Biblical festivities and calendar and not the pagan calendars and feasts. Ist diese Versicherungsleistung einer Sterbegeldversicherung nicht ausreichend, weil nicht die Absicherung einer Beerdigung im Vordergrund steht, sondern die eines Lebenspartners bzw.

And the winter feast, was the Feast of Light, and when did Jesus the Light of the world come to earth? At conception! Bible History Daily, vierailtu Source […]. And I am not arguing that those dates were used to celebrate Pagan festivals. Quite the opposite actually, that those dates were chosen to celebrate Christian events in place of those Pagan festivals. I don't even know if Santa would be considered "pagan", but I would say that the Christmas tree could definitely be argued as a pagan tradition incorporated into the celebration of Christ's birth.

There us no clear date…I will give you speculat…. Constantine was a great Emperor and Christian. He favored Christians. He defended Christians. He built Churches. He returned all confiscated property to Christians. He fought against those who persecuted Christians. He supported all Christian pastors and bishops. He tried to unite all Christians. He in all likelihood asked Bishops to come up with One Bible.

He fought against false teachers. He gave us Christmas. He even got baptized in water at the end of his life, for public reference, cause water baptism is not necessary. Spirit Baptism is. But what is the general opinion even among Christians in our times. No, he was not a Christian. He was just using them for political reasons. Actually, nobody knows what his truth birthday is. In short, theologians struggled to figure out the exact date, and […]. Sol invicta- feast is good for Jesus, the sun of the rightiousness. Martyrdom also was suitable in this mind.

Also the day of John the Pabtizer was a motive, age difference 6 months. More important as day, is that Jesus was born. Great Article. It is A. This secularizing and dishonoring of Jesus Christ should not be engaged in by His people. Stop pandering to the idiot unbelievers who invent ways to dishonor Christ. It is AD. These dates were just useful to the early Christians. So, if Christ was actually born, when was he born? It can make it the first choice with the users as well as the most wanted and comfortable P2P torrent engine ever produced in the world.

There are a number of small business women can take part in that would not separate them from other site from their responsibilities in your family. I really love to read more about Christmas and ancient history of Christmas. This is vey helpful for me to share in my prayer service. All of what I've described is written about in more detail here, complete with a bibliography consisting mostly of primary writings from the people I mentioned.

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At the end of the day, I think […]. It would seem that the church settled on that date due to some interesting, and probably Jewish-inspired, mental gymnastics. I enjoy what you guys tend to be up too. This type of clever work and exposure! Historical fact is Roman tax day was Sept 2nd. From the time of Babylon Dec 25 was for Tammuz as he resurrected that day and Baal the sun god incarnated him and took him to heaven…….

Per Amos you can find who the Baal worshipers are if you search hard enough. December 25 might not even be Jesus's birthday. There's also that whole thing about […]. These dates were just helpful […]. A lie is a lie. We as Christian are supposed to worship God in spirit and in truth. A true believer will not continue to believe or carry on a lie. Jesus was born without a doubt but he was not born on December If this was all important he would have left some proof as to when, the more important aspect of his life is if you believe a lie then you cannot live the life he died for you to live and that is to get closer to God the father.

Mistletoe and the Yule log come straight from my ancestors, the pagan Norsemen. And the whole gift […]. This was no super-nova. It was a light that moved and stopped at will. The magi astrologers interpreted the light as some sort of star, but no star or supernova would act like this. Can you look up and see a star that is directly above your house.

Go a mile from there to another house and see if the star also looks directly above that house. Remember that the magi were astrologers not astronomers. Astrology was forbidden by Jehovah Yahweh in his laws to the Jews Isaiah 13,14 so it not likely that He would use such persons to announce the birth of the Messiah.

Please read all of Matthew Chapter 2 to understand the context of what was happening. In Luke we have the official announcement of Jesus birth from angels telling the shepherds. Charlene seems to have the most biblical answer, leading us to the Feast of Tabernacles. If this brings a link to his second coming at that time of the year, the feast of Trumpets would be a good herald.

Any thoughts? You can check out the article over HERE. Spoiler alert- Jesus was probably, most definitely, not born on December Find out […]. I hate to bring science into this conversation, but in regards to your second hypothesis, the idea that it is exactly nine months is a bit of a problem since the actual gestational period of a human being is weeks. Maybe messiahs just take a little less time to bake, on average. Reviewing Charles information, it becomes apparent that he has lost track of gestation calculations.

That makes Jesus birth in January or possibly end of December. That would fit with the evidence of the new brilliant star. That is not myth, it is documented in astronomy records from China and Korea. Supernova have been documented to be visible to the naked eye up to 21 months. Contemporary astronomers believe it was likely a nova or supernova rather than a conjunction of planets.

Roman historians also mention it appearing during the reign of Cesar Augustus, and it appeared on his coins. That is documented in his Res Gestae which was carved on temples throughout the empire and can still be seen today in his temple in Ankara, Turkey. Contemporary rulers of states outside the empire also put stars on their coins next to the kings portrait, from Phraates IV of Parthia to Celtic tribes in Britain.

Herod , and every other ruler of that time,would have taken this new star very seriously. Christians then co-opted the holiday and Christianized it. They were much more concerned with the resurrection. By about AD there were two dates: December 25 for the west and January 6 for the east. Great article. Sure, we may spend a few hours in church. Personally, I love midnight mass on Christmas Eve, […].

Most Christians already know that He was sacrificed as the Passover lamb on Passover. Fittingly, He was born on the Feast of Tabernacles autumn , the Hebrew feast that commemorates when God came to dwell with His people in the desert as the pillar of cloud , and then as a baby Jesus. Get to know the feasts and everything about Jesus will become clear.

I believe the evidence presented, convinces me that Jesus was not born on December 25 which has all the trappings of Saturnalia and the god Mithras who was said to have been born on December I believe a balmy night in the fall about late September or early October, 2 C. E was most likely the correct time. It has been assumed that God sent the star. Since the star apparently led the magi astrologers to King Herod first instead of to Bethlehem, we wonder about the origin of this star.

Herod, on being told of the birth and the star, told the astrologers to come back when they found the child and report to him so he could also do obeisance to the child. Of course Herod actually wanted to kill Jesus while still a child because he no doubt considered him a threat to his dynasty. This strange light, which most certainly was not actually a star, then led the magi directly to Jesus who was now a child in a home. The magi were warned in a dream not to go back to Herod and thus they went home by a different route. So why the star? Its origin seems sinister to me—an attempt to have the future Messiah killed.

Who else besides Herod would like to see this child killed? Cyclical views of time where significant events fall on certain, specific, special days perhaps borrowing from Judaism may be more informative to the development of these dating traditions rather than linear notions of time, which are quite western. Mark, C. When they finally pin it down, then A. Plus the presence of all of the heralds with trumpets you see in art.

It is a subconscious, anecdotal, verbal history sort of thing. Yeshua may have been a Virgo. The ancients believed that you had major and minor stars. Virgo the harvester, often shown with a loaf of bread is the major sign; the minor sign is six months later; in this case, Pisces. The loaves and the fishes. Now, where have I heard of that before? The Jews put some stock in astrology, due to their time in Babylon. That puts Yeshua between and , when the flocks were still in the fields.

Back then, they were in paddocks by October, being fed hay. Twins Gemini in Genesis; bulls Taurus in Egypt; Rams Aires in the desert; harvester Virgo until now; the lion Leo from here on — Then Cancer, in years — yet to be written — every years it changes, both major and minor signs…Gemini goes with Sagittarius archer — pre-Egypt; Taurus with Scorpio scorpion — Egypt and the desert; Aires goes with Libra scales — The Ram and judgment under the Law; Virgo with Pisces — the harvest and those drawn from the sea of man; Leo with Aquarius the water bearer — the lion of God and living waters; and Cancer the crab with Capricorn the goat.

According to how I read the Revelation. The year ages is relative, adjustable.

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Now, go and reread your Old Testament. This will all be in my book someday. Why do you use C. Common Era rather than the more common A. The use of C. Common Era is the term used when secularists want to omit references to the historical Jesus. The Bible is full of seemingly mundane, useless or even boring information and some treat it as unimportant and just read over it. Beth Kendrick. Wish Upon a Matchmaker. Marie Ferrarella. Dead Between the Lines. Denise Swanson. Fear: 13 Stories of Suspense and Horror. Murder Had a Little Lamb. Cynthia Baxter.

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