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Italiano-vietnamita, Vietnamita-italiano PDF. Read Enunciazione E Racconto. Read Filologia E Liberta. Read Forte Vento Laterale. Read Forum.

Alien Surf Girls (2012) - programma (2012)

Read Fra Oriente E Occidente. Read Gold Pre-first. Exam Maximiser. Without Key. Read IL. Step 2. Audiocorso 2 CD Online. Step 4. Paso 1. Paso 3. Read Inglese Vocabolario Online. Read Inglese. Grammmatica Alfabetica PDF. Funding from the European Social Fund ESF is available to help undertake the necessary adaptation not only in the labour market but also in the education system, as well as to improve social inclusion and strengthen institutional capacities.

The Commission and Croatia are now commencing discussions for programming investments to be supported by the ESF in the period for The issue of the forwarding agents will also be tackled. There will be a possibility for persons employed as forwarding agents to use training and retraining measures offered through active employment measures by the Croatian Employment Service CES which will be co-financed by the ESF.

Through individual counselling the redundant workers have been offered several possibilities of support whose details can be obtained from the Ministry of Labour and Pension System which is the Managing Authority responsible for the ESF operational programme in Croatia. Regional CES offices will continue with visits to the employers and with mobile team activities in order to establish possible redundancies of forwarding agents and in order to provide services to workers based on established plans.

Angesichts dieses Urteils:.

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Welchen Standpunkt vertritt die Kommission in Bezug auf Systeme, die Dienstleistungserbringer verpflichten, sich vor der zeitweiligen Erbringung von Dienstleistungen in anderen Mitgliedstaaten zu melden? Belgien hat am Oggetto: Libera prestazione di servizi e obbligo di registrazione prima della prestazione di servizi.

Alla luce della sentenza:. Come valuta la Commissione la misura proposta dal governo belga per rispettare la decisione? Inoltre, ha stabilito che la legislazione belga in questione richiede informazioni di natura dettagliata dai prestatori dei servizi prima della prestazione, senza una giustificazione sufficiente per quanto riguarda sotto qual profilo la comunicazione di tali informazioni risulti necessaria per conseguire gli obiettivi di interesse generale da esso invocati e sotto qual profilo l'obbligo di previa comunicazione di tali informazioni non vada oltre i limiti di quanto necessario ai fini del conseguimento degli obiettivi medesimi.

Betreft: Vrijheid van dienstverlening, verplichte registratie voor het begin van de dienstverlening. In het licht van dit arrest wilde ik de Commissie het volgende vragen:. Wat is de mening van de Commissie over de maatregel die de Belgische regering heeft voorgesteld? Wat denkt de Commissie over regelingen die dienstverleners verplichten zich te laten registreren voor het begin van het tijdelijk verrichten van diensten in een andere lidstaat?

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Het Hof oordeelde ook dat de in het geding zijnde Belgische wetgeving vereiste dat de dienstverleners voorafgaand aan de dienstverlening zeer gedetailleerde informatie verstrekken, zonder voldoende rechtvaardiging van het feit op welke wijze de verstrekking van die informatie noodzakelijk is om de doelstellingen van algemeen belang waarop de wetgeving berust te bereiken en op welke wijze de verplichting om die informatie vooraf te verstrekken niet verder gaat dan hetgeen noodzakelijk is om die doelstellingen te bereiken.

Die conclusies kunnen gelden voor andere soortgelijke systemen op grond waarvan zelfstandige dienstverleners in het algemeen verplicht zijn vooraf mededeling te doen van de aanvang van hun activiteiten. Jakie jest stanowisko Komisji nt. In view of this judgment:. Is the Commission aware of the existence of the similar systems in other Member States? It also found that the Belgian legislation at stake required very detailed information from service providers in advance of the service provision, without sufficient justification as to how the provision of that information is necessary in order to achieve the objectives of public interest on which it relies and how the obligation to give that information in advance does not go beyond what is necessary to achieve those objectives.

These conclusions could apply to other similar systems obliging self-employed service providers in general to notify the commencement of their activities in advance. The financial and economic crisis is, at the moment, spilling over to become a social crisis, too. Youth work, in particular detached youth work, is a very effective tool to enhance the skills, development and social inclusion of young people in times of high youth unemployment. In addition, in the context of the crisis, the Commission has proposed the Youth Opportunities Initiative in an effort to enhance the employability of young people.

However, youth work is very developed in certain Member States, but under-developed in others. In times of financial crisis, it is very important that youth work does not lose ground, and it should focus particularly on marginalised and disadvantaged young people with fewer opportunities. In line with this, is the Commission planning on launching any initiatives to address this imbalance between different Member States? The Commission shares the opinion expressed by the Member as to the effectiveness of youth work in the development of skills and competences of young people; the non-formal learning approach implemented by youth work is a useful way to enhance the employability of young people as well as their active participation in society, thus contributing to their social inclusion.

The Commission promotes youth work in various ways, all of which should help, over time, to encourage more balanced progress across the European Union:. Objet: Le bon fonctionnement de la libre circulation des capitaux. Restitution of property is considered a capital movement. Any restriction also have to observe the principle of proportionality, requiring that the measures are appropriate to attain the objectives which they pursue and do not go beyond what is necessary in order to attain them, and have to be non-discriminatory. Based on the limited amount of information available to the Commission, it is not possible to give a more detailed answer regarding the situation referred to by the Honourable Member.

They have been responsible for crushing dissent inside Iran, and are accused of funding numerous terrorist activities outside the country. In particular, they have allegedly funded and armed the Taliban, Hamas and Hezbollah, assassinated Iranian dissidents abroad, and assisted the planning of multiple plots to commit atrocities, particularly in Israel, a country which the IRG have stated they wish to destroy. The United States and Canada have already proscribed Quds as a terrorist organisation. In addition, a number of members of IRGC and other entities owned or controlled by IRGC are also listed under the nuclear sanctions regime because of their involvement in the Iranian nuclear programme.

Il meccanismo di assistenza tecnica JASPERS stabilito per i nuovi paesi che hanno aderito all'UE nel e nel fornisce agli Stati membri interessati un sostegno e una competenza specializzata mirata relativamente ai principali progetti finanziati dall'UE. Non ritiene la Commissione che, date le persistenti avverse condizioni economiche, l'accesso a detto meccanismo debba essere consentito a ogni Stato membro che lo richieda? Prevede la Commissione di estendere a nuovi paesi la partecipazione a detto meccanismo? In caso contrario, per quali motivi?

Does the Commission not take the view that, owing to the persistent adverse economic conditions, access to this facility should be granted to any requesting Member State? Is the Commission considering including more countries in the list of eligible participants? Is the Commission planning to extend participation in this tool to new countries?

If so, which ones? If not, why not? What are the conditions that need to be met in order for a country to be included? This was justified by the need to ensure support to those Member States in the preparation of large infrastructure projects for financing under the European Regional Development Fund and the Cohesion Fund, particularly in areas where those Member States lacked the necessary knowledge and experience.

More recently, the Commission agreed to extend some support under JASPERS to Greece, to boost the capacity of the Greek authorities to prepare sound projects for urgent implementation in the context of the current economic crisis. Die Tabakerzeugung wird dabei neutral behandelt. It will probably again be possible during the forthcoming aid period to apply for European aid funds for growing and processing raw tobacco as an agricultural product. What interactions does the Commission anticipate from the interplay of these two approaches? Does the Commission consider that subsidising tobacco farming, while at the same time applying trade restrictions in a bid to limit tobacco consumption, adds up to a coherent policy?

What grounds can the Commission cite for the need for uniform pan-European regulation of tobacco products? Why is this a task for the European Union? Special financial support for the raw tobacco production was phased out in according to the reform of the common agricultural policy CAP of The production of raw tobacco is fully integrated into the general agricultural policy instruments. Tobacco production is treated in a neutral way. However, the tobacco sector is not included in the list of products eligible to the voluntary coupled support scheme applicable from onwards.

The aim of this new scheme is to grant a support in regions or sectors undergoing certain difficulties. The aid to the Canary Islands for several products is guided by the same objective. Furthermore, the Rural Development RD programmes of the CAP, offer numerous possibilities to help farmers who decide structural changes in production. Oggetto: Aumenti tariffari ingiustificati dei prodotti omeopatici. La Commissione non ha potere per intervenire nella definizione di tali tariffe a livello nazionale.

These measures clearly stand at odds with the procedures in various other EU Member States e. France and Germany and irreversibly damage the competitiveness of Italian businesses, which are forced to withdraw products from the market because of high registration fees, as well as that of foreign companies operating in Italy, the third biggest market in Europe after France and Germany. Does the Commission believe that such an increase dramatically alters the balance of the market?

Does it have the authority to encourage Italy, the third biggest market in Europe in terms of turnover, to bring itself in line with the legislation in force in Germany and France for homoeopathic medicines? Rules, such as those of the Italian Decree-Law mentioned by the Honourable Members in their question, setting fees for the national registration of homeopathic medicines are the exclusive responsibility of Member State authorities. The Commission is not empowered to intervene in the setting of these fees at national level. L'organizzazione di elezioni rientra nelle competenze degli Stati membri.

Compared with countries with a perfect or almost perfect gender balance in their representations in Parliament — such as Finland, Slovenia, Estonia, the Netherlands and Denmark — women are greatly under-represented in the delegations of most Member States in Parliament. Organisation of elections falls within the remit of Member States. However, encouraging the participation of EU citizens in the democratic life is a high priority on the Commission's agenda.

The Commission took measures to address the gender imbalance in the European Parliament with the adoption in of the specific programme Fundamental Rights and Citizenship. More specifically, one of the annual thematic priorities for was dedicated to improving the gender balance in the European Parliament. Thus, the Commission has been funding several projects of NGOs and other organisations awarded under this priority. Le garanzie fondamentali in materia di protezione dei diritti umani previste dalla Costituzione del Pakistan non sono in vigore nelle aree tribali, dove vige il regolamento sui crimini di frontiera risalente all'era coloniale.

Nel , inoltre, i regolamenti di azione a sostegno del potere civile hanno dato all'esercito ulteriori poteri arbitrari d'arresto e imprigionamento. I modesti tentativi del governo pakistano di modificare il regolamento sui crimini di frontiera non sono stati all'altezza delle norme e degli standard internazionali sui diritti umani e sono stati ulteriormente compromessi dall'entrata in vigore dei regolamenti del Quali azioni intende dunque promuovere l'Alto Rappresentante per sollecitare il governo pakistano a una riforma del proprio sistema legale, profondamente difettoso e causa del perpetuarsi del ciclo di violenze nelle aree tribali?

According to statements by United Nations representatives on the ground, many men detained by the armed forces have alleged torture, and others have never been seen again after being transferred to secret detention centres. The Taliban and other armed groups also continue to pose a deadly threat to Pakistani society, often carrying out brutal, unlawful killings of captured soldiers or suspected spies, sometimes following quasi-judicial proceedings that fail to meet even the most basic international fair trial standards.

Although the armed forces have regained control of most of the tribal areas over the past three years, they have arbitrarily arrested thousands of people, imprisoning them for long periods with virtually no due-process safeguards. Moreover, in the armed forces were granted further sweeping powers of arrest and detention under the Actions in Aid of Civil Power Regulations. Although the courts have nevertheless heard cases challenging the lawfulness of some detentions, there have been no prosecutions of armed forces personnel for alleged torture, enforced disappearance or deaths in custody.

Limited attempts by the Pakistani Government to reform the FCR have fallen far short of international human rights law and standards, and have been further undermined by the entry into force of the regulations. What action will the High Representative therefore take to urge the Pakistani Government to reform its legal system, which is deeply flawed and the cause of the constant violence in the tribal areas? This issue will be raised with the new government of Pakistan in the next EU-Pakistan human rights dialogue which is expected to take place in the autumn of Oggetto: Anomala moria di delfini nel Mar Tirreno.

Il Ministero dell'Ambiente ha deciso di monitorare la situazione e di allertare il reparto ambientale marino. Secondo i primi accertamenti sarebbe possibile escludere, quale causa dell'insolita moria, eventi eccezionali causati dall'uomo, come versamenti in mare di petrolio o di sostanze inquinanti. Sembra essere invece probabile una causa di natura infettiva a causa delle tracce del batterio Photobacterium Damselae rinvenute su 6 carcasse esaminate. Per avvalorare tale ipotesi gli esperti sono alla ricerca dell'eventuale presenza di virus o fioritura di alghe anomale.

Since the start of the year an environmental crisis has been affecting the seas off Italy: since January, dozens of striped dolphin carcasses have been found along the Tyrrhenian coast. This represents an abnormally high mortality rate compared with the historical average of about four corpses found per year. The Ministry of the Environment has decided to monitor the situation and to alert the marine environment department. According to initial findings, any exceptional man-made events, such as oil spills or pollution, can be ruled out as the cause of these unusual deaths.

The probable cause actually seems to be an infection, as shown by the traces of the Photobacterium Damselae bacterium found in six of the carcasses examined. In order to confirm this hypothesis, experts are looking for the presence of viruses or abnormal algae blooms. Pending concrete data comparing theoretical knowledge of sea currents with marine weather data from the last few months, the Italian Ministry of the Environment has requested information about any animals washed up on the beaches of France and Spain in order to obtain a more accurate picture of the situation.

Is the Commission aware of the unusual dolphin deaths in the Tyrrhenian Sea over the last few months? If so, has it launched an investigation to establish the cause? Molte delle aziende in cui sono occupati producono abbigliamento per marchi internazionali o applicano illegalmente etichette di marchi internazionali. Altre piccole fabbriche della zona lavorano in subappalto. Molte sfruttano il lavoro in nero dei birmani e producono prodotti con marchi falsi. I lavoratori birmani clandestini vivono spesso nelle fabbriche dove lavorano, dormono e mangiano e vengono nascosti ogni qualvolta vengano compiute ispezioni da parte della polizia tailandese.

Solo gli immigrati regolari sono assunti con contratto. Gli orari di lavoro sono estremamente lunghi e non di rado i lavoratori effettuano gli straordinari sino alle 11 di sera. Secondo quanto riportato da fonti locali, in alcune aziende sarebbero impiegati anche i bambini delle lavoratrici migranti adibiti alla pulizia nelle fabbriche tessili.

Many of the companies in which they work produce clothes for international brands or illegally use international brand labels. Some of the work is subcontracted to other small factories in the region. Only legal immigrants are given an employment contract. The dormitories are too small and overcrowded, there is a total lack of hygiene and, to make an already complicated situation even worse, there are no procedures in place to resolve any disputes that arise with their employers. According to local sources, even the children of some migrant workers are employed to clean the textile factories.

The EU pursues this matter in several ways, both in bilateral dialogues with the Thai authorities, and within the relevant international bodies. The EU supports the ratification and effective implementation of the Conventions of the International Labour Organisation ILO , in particular with regard to the core labour standards, and cooperates with the ILO in this respect.

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  • Such instruments also address health, safety and labour conditions along companies' supply chain. When finally concluded, the EU-Thailand Partnership and Cooperation Agreement will provide for an additional framework for discussion and engagement with Thailand on these topics.

    A circa tre anni e mezzo di distanza la situazione abitativa nel paese resta sconcertante, con circa Qualche mese prima, nell'agosto , grazie al sostegno dei donatori internazionali, il governo haitiano aveva lanciato un programma per trasferire i residenti di 50 tendopoli in 16 nuove strutture residenziali, attraverso un incentivo per famiglia di dollari per 12 mesi e 25 dollari per i trasporti.

    Il progetto ha aiutato alcune famiglie, ma gli incentivi troppo bassi hanno impedito a molte altre di trasferirsi e accedere a una soluzione abitativa a lungo termine. La catastrofe del ha peggiorato seriamente la situazione a Port-au-Prince costringendo 1,5 milioni di persone a rifugiarsi nei campi per gli sfollati interni. Living conditions in the tent cities are worsening by the day and there is little access to water, sanitation and waste disposal.

    This has contributed to the spread of cholera and other infectious diseases. Furthermore, women and girls, as already highlighted in a previous written question, are at constant risk of rape or sexual assault. Although the project has helped some families, the incentives are too low, preventing many others from moving and gaining access to long-term housing.

    The withdrawal of the main humanitarian operators from Haiti and the resulting funding cuts are making the situation even worse. In view of the above, what measures will the High Representative take to try to resolve the difficult issue of housing in Haiti? Is she aware that resolving this problem would secure more rights for the Haitian population? Housing is a chronic problem in Haiti that predates the earthquake.

    The disaster severely aggravated the housing shortage in Port-au-Prince and forced 1. The EU responded immediately to this humanitarian challenge. To complement the humanitarian response, the national authorities and international donors have launched several initiatives aimed at the provision of sustainable housing. The EU has also made urban reconstruction one of its priority areas of intervention. A sustainable, long-term solution to the issue of housing in Haiti requires addressing deep-rooted structural causes, including widespread poverty and the absence of a national housing policy.

    Welche Leistungen werden erbracht? Wenn ja, welche und warum? Wie stellt die Kommission sicher, dass derartige Interessenkonflikte bekannt werden? What benefits are obtained? Were contracts awarded without a public invitation to tender? If so, which ones and why? Can the Commission state whether any former IMG employees are now working in its services as local members of staff? Can it state whether any family members of IMG employees are working in its services as local members of staff?

    Can the High Representative state whether any former IMG employees are now working in her services as local members of staff? Can she state whether any family members of IMG employees are working in her services as local members of staff? The countries concerned benefit from the transfer of public expertise in post-conflict zones.

    IMG has undergone an assessment which concluded that IMG applies accounting, audit, internal control and procurement procedures equivalent to internationally accepted standards. The Commission may entrust implementation to such an organisation through joint management. The selection has to be justified in an objective and transparent manner. Eight of the 11 ongoing contracts were awarded in this manner, while three through negotiated procedure in accordance with the provisions for flexible contract award procedures in crisis situations defined in the Financial Regulation.

    The Commission is not in a position to know about activities of family members of its partners. All staff members are obliged to declare any conflict of interest they could incur during the accomplishment of tasks. Non-disclosure of any potential conflict of interest would expose staff members to disciplinary sanctions. Members of an evaluation committee have to sign a confidentiality and impartiality declaration. Rules concerning ethical and organisational values are regularly brought to the attention of Delegation staff including local agents.

    Asunto: Litigios comerciales entre la UE y China. What measures is the Commission taking to protect wine growers and distributors from this trade dispute? Does the Commission have an action plan to protect European interests, given that the number of trade disputes continues to multiply in direct relation to commercial ties? In this context, it has been providing the Member States and wine industry stakeholders with relevant assistance and has been also in contact with the Chinese authorities to ensure a good level of bilateral cooperation and compliance of the pending proceedings with the WTO rules.

    As a result of these pre-consultations, China narrowed down the number of alleged subsidy schemes it is investigating. The Commission is of the opinion that China has the right to initiate AS and AD investigations and to impose trade defence measures provided that the relevant WTO rules are respected. The Commission always carefully analyses the merits and development of such investigations and in this context actively cooperates with relevant stakeholders. Should that not be the case, the Commission would not hesitate to duly intervene.

    There are still barriers to the digital sale and distribution of audiovisual content. Making digital audiovisual content available to potential users, regardless of their geographical location and no matter where the content has been licensed, will benefit consumers and rights holders as a result of competition and broader exposure. Does the Commission have in place any concrete measures to ensure the completion of the digital single market? In spite of this agreement, however, Israel continues to violate the rights of Palestinians throughout occupied territories. Among these rights abuses are policies aimed directly at ridding the city of Jerusalem of its Palestinian population.

    Nonetheless, Israel continues with its strategy to purge the city of Palestinians which, since , has included the revocation of over 14 IDs from Palestinians in Jerusalem, thereby stripping them of their right to live in the city in which they were born. The concrete effects that the use of each of these instruments has had on Israeli policies over the past twenty years? What will be the main measures?

    What steps will be taken to facilitate disability vetting procedures? Under the EU's Lifelong Learning Programme LLP , mobile learners with special needs may benefit from specific measures, including subsistence and travel costs of an accompanying person. LLP National Agencies make all information and offices accessible to disabled people.

    All activities described above take into account the guidance and expertise provided by the European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education. Esos pasajeros tienen derecho a asistencia gratuita en los aeropuertos, puertos, estaciones de ferrocarril y de autocar y a bordo de los distintos medios de transporte. The purchase of goods and services and relevant and accessible information on them should include appropriate commercial solutions, as well as goods and services designed to be accessible in the long term. The European Design for All e-Accessibility Network EDeAN is a network that provides support and resources in the field of universal design, and this centre of excellence and the associated organisations in each of the Member States are responsible for drafting reports, conducting studies and promoting the exchange of knowledge, information and good practice.

    Are these data taken into account in the European institutions? Does the Commission think it should take legislative and practical measures to support these associations, requiring manufacturers to market their products with disabled people in mind? Are disabled consumers informed of their rights with regard to products and services that do not take account of their needs? EU passenger rights legislation ensures that disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility have the same rights to travel as other passengers and cannot be discriminated upon booking or boarding on the ground of their disability.

    These passengers have the right to free of charge assistance at airports, ports, railway stations and bus terminals and on-board. En la respuesta conjunta de la Sra. The Commission will follow closely this matter. The Commission also understands that the Spanish Constitutional Court will examine the amended provisions on court fees. De hecho, en el caso de los taxis, hay muy pocas unidades adaptadas a pesar de que, por insuficiencias de otros medios de transporte, se han convertido en la forma de desplazamiento preferida de este colectivo pese al elevado coste de sus tarifas.

    En el caso del metro, hay ciudades en que hay muchas estaciones sin adaptar, especialmente conforme se alejan del centro urbano. El cumplimiento de estos reglamentos se ha delegado en autoridades nacionales de cada Estado miembro. Las normas aplicables al transporte en taxi o en metro de pasajeros con discapacidad se desarrollan principalmente a nivel nacional o regional, lo que permite tener adecuadamente en cuenta las circunstancias y preferencias locales.

    It is important to bear in mind the number of citizens in the European Union who have disabilities or reduced mobility, as well as the fact that members of this group are often unable to drive a private vehicle and, as a result, depend on other people or on urban transport to move about and to be able to lead their lives normally. Does the Commission not take the view that these services should be regulated as well? In fact, in the case of taxis, there are very few adapted vehicles, even though, given the inadequacies of other means of transport, taxis have become the preferred way to travel of persons with disabilities or reduced mobility, in spite of the high cost of taxi fares.

    In the case of the metro, in some cities, there are many stations that are not adapted, especially as one moves away from the urban centre. Enforcement of these regulations has been delegated to national authorities in each Member State. Are users with disabilities informed about the authorities to whom they should direct any complaints regarding transport? With regard to vehicles, brand new, reconditioned or serviced vehicles are required by law to be adapted, but has a deadline been set for the full adaptation of all vehicles?

    The rules for transport by taxi or metro of passengers with disabilities are mainly made at national or regional level, and this allows to take local circumstances and preferences well into account. As regards enforcement, the Commission has published addresses of national enforcement bodies on its website where, according to the regulations referred to by the Honourable Members, disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility can register complaints. The main specialisms being abolished are in the health and welfare and applied arts sectors.

    There is a great demand for these specialisms, for which a large number of students have already enrolled. The Commission is aware of the recent decision of the Greek Government to restructure the provision of vocational training at secondary level. In that respect, the Commission notes that the Greek Government has stated that the abolition of a number of programmes in healthcare and other sectors offered by vocational high schools EPAL can be matched by the provision of programmes at post-secondary institutes of vocational training IEK , thus ensuring that Greek trainees will have the opportunity to train in those sectors, which are indeed included in the provision in other Member States.

    The Commission is aware that a number of IEK are private institutions, and it also takes note of the Greek Government's plan to widen the capacity of public IEKs and support the accessibility of their courses. La repressione sistematica degli oppositori politici, la perpetrazione di torture nei loro confronti, il rifiuto di tenere elezioni libere, segrete e competitive e l'inesistenza di quella separazione tra poteri tipica di uno Stato di diritto, sono infatti — a detta di numerosi osservatori internazionali — indicativi della natura autoritaria del governo kazako.

    The systematic repression of political opponents, the use of torture against them, the refusal to hold free, secret and competitive elections and the lack of separation of powers, characteristic of a State governed by the rule of law, are — according to many international observers — indicative of the authoritarian nature of the Kazakh Government. Does she intend to take into consideration the adoption of punitive measures such as a request to suspend the application of the partnership and cooperation agreement between the European Union and Kazakhstan should the Kazakh authorities fail to provide the guarantees requested?

    They work to ensure that her legal rights are fully observed in the course of the ongoing investigation. Alma Shalabayeva was placed under house arrest immediately after her deportation from Rome to Almaty. She is now facing a possible prison sentence for allegedly corrupting two officials. It is also worth noting that the detainee was denied access to both lawyers and an interpreter, which deprived her of the right to appeal against the deportation and have the case re-examined.

    The actual deportation was carried out in an unprecedentedly short space of time. The Commission also requested information regarding access to the asylum procedure and the respect of the principle of non-refoulement. The Commission will examine carefully the reply from the Italian authorities and closely monitor any further developments. Assunto: Dia Internacional das Cooperativas — Medidas de apoio e fortalecimento das cooperativas.

    Cooperatives undoubtedly play a fundamental role in society in their various fields of action which should be recognised, encouraged and supported. What measures are planned at EU level to support and strengthen cooperatives? Given the numerous difficulties the cooperative sector has had in accessing credit lines from the EIB, does it not believe that it should propose a specific framework to enable cooperatives to access EIB funding, thereby changing the current situation?

    The Commission shares the Honourable Member's view that actions are needed at European level to keep improving the competitiveness of cooperatives, particularly in the current economic context. The Commission's aim in this area is a level playing field so that cooperatives can compete on equal terms with enterprises using other legal forms. Cooperatives are enterprises; as such, they can benefit from all financial programmes and policies of the next Multiannual Financial Framework.

    The Commission has recommended to the Member States to specifically support social business via the EU's structural funding programmes. However, the EIB does not plan to set-up a specific programme for the cooperative sector. Short sea shipping is currently associated with the movement of cargo in smaller vessels Ro-Ros or feeders. According to sector associations, the increased flexibility in terms of pilotage exemption certificates brought about by this amendment carries considerable and inadmissible risks.

    Moreover, the financial impact of current discounts on short sea shipping pilotage fees must be taken into account. What assessment and consideration has been made of the risks highlighted by sector organisations? The definition of Short Sea Shipping contained in the proposal for a regulation on market access and financial transparency of ports. The proposal does not adress the issue of Pilotage Exemption Certificates which is still being considered by the Commission in the context of a separate exercice agreed jointly between the Parliament, the Council and the Commission.

    The proposal seeks intead to clarify the rules on the access to the market of port services, including pilotage services. It will allow, among others, to impose minimum requirements related to safety and to impose public service obligations such as the availability and continuity of the service for all users. It will also allow, under well justified and transparent conditions, to restrict the number of operators and to rely on in-house operators with exclusive rights. Where the market access is restricted, provisions are also proposed so that port service charges are set in a transparent and non-discriminatory way after consultation of users.

    The proposal results from a long consultation of stakeholders including the pilotage organisations and on safety. As regards the separate issue of Pilotage Exemption Certificates, the Commission also remains in close contact with the pilotage organisations. No decision has however been taken yet. Por outro lado, a Apibarra recorda que o comportamento dos portos portugueses tem sido exemplar.

    Como se justifica que a especificidade dos portos portugueses seja, em face do supramencionado, ignorada? These bodies have persistently maintained that pilotage should not be considered a commercial service. Over the last few years except , Portuguese ports have grown faster than national GDP and, more recently, have clearly bucked the national economic trend.

    If so, why has this been overlooked in the proposal and why has the opposite idea been conveyed? Has it taken account of the different situations in EU ports? In view of the aforementioned information, how does it justify overlooking the specific situation of Portuguese ports? EMPA's views have been taken into account and are not overlooked in the proposal which the Hounorable Member refers to. In fact, the Commission's proposal is neutral in respect of the choice of Member States and does neither impose nor advocate intra-port competition in pilotage.

    The draft regulation foresees that Member States define the public service status of pilotage services and apply to those services the general TFEU principles of transparency, non-discrimination and proportionality. A Portuguese association intends to develop a project that aims to protect water reserves in Rio de Vide Miranda do Corvo , a village in central Portugal, with a view to tackling seasonal shortages of water used primarily, but not exclusively, for farming. Its objective is to make more efficient use of the water wasted in winter and use it for farming and drinking water in summer.

    The project would involve, among other things, constructing a dam to store water for farming and restoring infrastructure springs and fountains from which people still fetch drinking water, which is becoming increasingly scarce. Which programmes and measures could support a project of this nature and what are the related financing conditions? The Rural Development Programme of Mainland Portugal Proder for the period currently offers this possibility, through specific measures related to development and modernisation of irrigation systems.

    Aid can be granted under Proder to farmers who fulfil the eligibility criteria and whose applications are selected by the managing authority following the selection procedures in force. In the framework of the management of Rural Development programmes, Member States are responsible for the selection and contracting of projects. Further information should be requested to the Proder Managing Authority at the following address:. Moreover, in and , the proportion of current health expenditure financed by households increased, accounting for At the same time, there was a decrease in funding from the National Health Service which represented This means that Portuguese families alone spent more on health, at a time when between and the wage share in the national economy experienced its biggest drop since and unemployment saw a dramatic rise.

    To which years do these statistics refer? Why is it not in a position to judge? Sitemap

    Health system reforms in Portugal in the framework of the Economic Assistance Program aim at improved efficiency and effectiveness. Savings mainly concern the area of pharmaceuticals and hospital operating costs. The objective is to maintain access to care and its quality and to increase value for money. Further measures, such as those in support of better prescribing practices are expected to bring both savings and improved health outcomes, for instance through avoiding hospitalisations. Which Member States have lower diesel and petrol prices after tax for the fisheries sector than other consumers?

    Does the Commission have any comparative information on the price of fuel diesel and petrol , after tax, for the fisheries sector in the different Member States? The Commission does not record complete enough data on diesel and petrol prices for the fisheries sector to allow for a comprehensive comparison across all EU fleet segments, Member States and other sectors.

    This information is retained at Member State level and can vary across regions within different Member States. These estimates do not include all Member States and do not differentiate between petrol and diesel consumption. The report, along with the relevant data, is publicly available on the webpage of the Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries. Deelt de Commissie de mening dat het onwenselijk is dat steun aan landen met gebrek aan verantwoording niet gekoppeld is aan voorwaarden ten aanzien van bestedingsdoeleinden, wettigheid, regelmatigheid, doeltreffendheid en doelmatigheid, zoals in het geval van Egypte?

    • Ebooks and Manuals.
    • Stirling Cycle Engines: Inner Workings and Design.
    • The Lombardo Story?
    • Akne Antibiotikum Minocyclin Weimar.
    • foto Jessica Green, Philippa Coulthard (ep. 9 - The Cane Field);
    • What’s Available;
    • Overeenkomstig haar herziene richtsnoeren inzake begrotingssteun stelt de Commissie in Egypte en in andere landen die begrotingssteun ontvangen, de uitbetalingen volledig afhankelijk van de vooruitgang van de hervormingen en de ondubbelzinnige verwezenlijking van de desbetreffende voorwaarden.

      Bovendien kan in het kader van het Spring-programma, waarvoor Egypte in principe in aanmerking kan komen, aanvullende steun wordt gekoppeld aan democratische hervormingen. Sinds augustus heeft de Commissie voor Egypte dan ook geen nieuwe begrotingssteun meer vastgesteld. Vijf aspecten worden systematisch beoordeeld: relevantie, doelmatigheid, doeltreffendheid, impact en duurzaamheid. Does the Commission agree that it is definitely desirable to link aid to countries displaying a lack of accountability to conditions based on allocation purposes, legality, regularity, effectiveness and efficiency, as in the case of Egypt?

      If so, how and by when will the Commission turn this irresponsible approach into one featuring robust conditions and accountability, starting with Egypt? In line with its overhauled Budget Support guidelines, in Egypt and in other countries that receive budget support, the Commission conditions its financial disbursements entirely on progress in reforms and the unequivocal fulfilment of relevant conditions. To measure the performance of its aid programmes the Commission has tools that allow it to draw lessons from past experience. In addition to system and financial audits on each project it funds, the Commission, in line with the Project Cycle Management methodology, conducts regular independent results-oriented monitoring exercises as well as mid-term, final and ex-post evaluations.

      Five dimensions are systematically assessed: Relevance, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Impact and Sustainability. The mass extinction of bees is becoming an increasingly alarming problem. One of the reasons why these insects are dying is the use of pesticides from the neonicotinoid group, which are found in seed treatment insecticides. It appears that the research originally carried out by the manufacturers of these plant protection products was wrong.

      What is the likely end date for the research being carried out into this group of pesticides, which includes clothianidin, imidacloprid and thiamethoxam? What progress has been made with research into their harmfulness to bees? Does the Commission intend to look into the issue of monitoring beekeeping, including reliable research into bee populations and bee health? Does the Commission intend to increase its future budget for promoting the expansion of bee populations?

      The drastic drop in bee numbers has resulted in lower pollination levels, which in turn means reduced crop yields and higher prices. Research on neonicotinoids is ongoing… Research evidence was published recently in the EFSA conclusions and in the Peer Review Report on the three substances. The Commission is already providing support technical assistance, co-financing of 3. The Commission has regularly consulted beekeepers' organisations for several years.

      Can the Commission confirm its intention to open infringement proceedings? If so, which countries do they involve? At the moment, the Commission is in the process of assessing the implementation of FABs by Member States, which may result in forthcoming infringement proceedings. Whether or not infringement proceedings against Portugal or any other Member States are warranted remains to be assessed. Aihe: Sukututkimus ja yleinen tietosuoja-asetus. The requirement to obtain consent from the subject for the use of personal data would make genealogical research more difficult.

      Genealogical researchers fear that the new requirement will put an end to the publication of genealogies. If the Commission considers genealogical research to fall within the scope of the General Data Protection Regulation, why has it not examined the impact that the proposal for a regulation would have on genealogical research as part of the impact assessment? Will the Commission consider proposing in the so-called trialogue negotiations between the Council and Parliament the addition of genealogical research to the text of the regulation, either in the form of a data processing condition deviating from the general principle or by defining historical research so that it also covers genealogical research?

      Alternatively, will the Commission consider a proposal for disproportionate efforts to remain a legitimate exception to the obligation to notify, at least in the case of historical research? Aspects pertaining to processing of personal data for research purposes have been touched upon in the impact assessment. The area of genealogical research was not specifically examined in this context. La crisi umanitaria miete vittime e crea grandi sofferenze ai popoli africani che cercano di sopravvivere in quella zona, sofferenza che potrebbe essere alleviata se si potesse far giungere acqua in quelle regioni.

      Nel i paesi del bacino del lago Ciad si riunirono a Ndjiamena per accordarsi su una versione ridotta di trasferimento idrico. L'UE si adopera con impegno per affrontare la questioni attinenti alla desertificazione del Sahel e alla resilienza delle popolazioni e dei paesi, compresa la salvaguardia del lago Ciad. In occasione del Forum mondiale sull'acqua tenutosi a Marsiglia nel , il presidente ciadiano ha presentato 32 proposte di progetti volti a preservare il lago Ciad.

      Gli sviluppi sul fronte della sicurezza ostacolano gli interventi umanitari in varie zone del Sahel. According to the UN Regional Humanitarian Coordinator, Robert Piper, the fighting in Mali has displaced thousands of people and is having a devastating effect. Because funds have been diverted away by the Syrian crisis, even the UN contribution, in terms of emergency aid, has been falling short of what is needed.

      The humanitarian crisis is claiming its toll of victims and causing great suffering to the African peoples endeavouring to survive in the Sahel. Their suffering could, however, be alleviated if a way were found to bring water to the region. In addition to refilling the lake, Transacqua would halt desertification, create an agricultural development area the size of Lombardy, and generate substantial hydropower production capacity.

      Has the scaled-down version of the project got under way, and — assuming that the case applies — how far has the work progressed? Does the Commission have information about any humanitarian operations carried out by the EU? Does the Commission foresee that implementation of the targets may result in job losses in the aviation sector and if so, how does the Commission intend to address this? Currently, the Commission is in the process of preparing for the second reference period of the Performance Scheme RP2 from to EU-wide targets for that period will be decided under comitology rules by the end of this year.

      In this work, the Commission is assisted by the independent Performance Review Body. Furthermore, for the process of RP2 target setting, considerable dialogue and engagement with staff bodies and associations will take place at EU and national level. More generally, in order to achieve the Single European Sky, changes are necessary on how air traffic management is organised in Europe, which may bring changes to the staff working in this sector.

      In parallel to the process of setting EU-wide targets, preparations for RP2 have already started at national level. The resolution called on the Israeli Government and authorities to meet their obligations under international humanitarian law IHL , including securing an immediate end to house demolitions, evictions and forced displacement of Palestinians. What steps are being taken, or are being considered, to support the return of persons forcibly displaced within the oPT?

      Palestinians have legitimate claims based on both international humanitarian law and human rights law. The EU continues to support projects aimed at maintaining the livelihoods of Palestinians across the West bank, including humanitarian support to displaced people in the Gaza Strip. The EU is concerned that continued Israeli restrictions on the import of construction materials, limiting the impact of donor-funded housing self-help programmes.

      It will continue to raise these matters in discussions with the Israeli government. The resolution called on the Israeli Government and authorities to meet their obligations under international humanitarian law IHL , including facilitating Palestinian planning and building activities and the implementation of Palestinian development projects. The EU itself has always called on all its partners, including Israel, to meet their obligations under international law.

      Further, while for instance master plans are being submitted to the village councils of the Israeli Civil Administration, it is considered that any further permits within those submitted master plans would be within the remit of Palestinian institutions. The resolution called on the Israeli Government and authorities to meet their obligations under international humanitarian law IHL , including facilitating access and movement. The resolution called on the Israeli Government and authorities to meet their obligations under international humanitarian law, including facilitating the access of Palestinians to farming and grazing locations.

      Rocket attacks on Israel must cease. Israel has also allowed improved access to farmland close to the Gaza-Israel fence following the ceasefire, although the lack of publicly available information setting out Israeli policy continues to create uncertainty and instability for civilians. The Netherlands has supported the FAO in transforming barren land in formerly restricted areas into arable areas. The EU is determined to build on the ceasefire and work towards a fundamental change in the situation of the Gaza Strip for the benefit of the local population, and will continue to raise these matters with Israel, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority.

      The resolution called on the Israeli Government and authorities to meet their obligations under international humanitarian law, including ensuring a fair distribution of water to meet the needs of the Palestinian population. The EU is fully cognisant of the challenges concerning the access to and management of water resources shared between Israel and Palestine and has consistently encouraged both parties to address all final status issues including water during negotiations.

      The EU aims to support the Palestinian Water Authority to provide collective sanitation, improve treatment of wastewater and re-use part of it for agriculture purposes. The EU also insists that there should be no obstruction to water-related infrastructure development in Palestine. The recommendations, in line with the reports for all ENP countries, were limited in number and largely linked to attaining objectives in bilateral relations under the ENP Action Plan across a range of sectors.

      The resolution encouraged the Palestinian Government and authorities to pay increasing attention to Area C and East Jerusalem in Palestinian national development plans and projects, with the aim of improving the situation and living conditions of the Palestinian population in these areas. What have been, or are expected to be, the outcomes? The resolution called on the Council and the Commission to continue to support and deliver assistance to Palestinian institutions and development projects in Area C and in East Jerusalem, with the aim of protecting and strengthening the Palestinian population.

      If so, for how long? So far what has been the response of the Israeli authorities in respect of these projects? Concerning their inclusion in Palestinian national development plans, the PA is currently working on the Palestinian National Development Plan which has not yet been finalised. Through extensive coordination on the ground, EU missions are also definining a strategy for development in East Jerusalem which should be Palestinian-led. The EU, through its representations on the ground, is determined to engage in a gradual, positive and non-confrontational manner with Israeli counterparts on all matters relating to Area C.

      The programming exercise carried out for funding for Palestine envisages a package of measures for Area C including support for the PA's planning capacities and some small-scale infrastructure. In parallel, humanitarian assistance will continue to be provided in Area C in line with humanitarian principles. The resolution called on the European External Action Service EEAS and the Commission to verify on the ground all allegations concerning the destruction of and damage caused to EU-funded structures and projects in the occupied territory, and to submit the results to Parliament.

      If this information has not yet been obtained by the EEAS and the Commission, when can Parliament expect a presentation of these findings? Have guarantees been obtained that such demolition will not occur again? Has compensation been claimed for the donor agencies or on behalf of affected communities? If so, what was the outcome? If not, what steps will be taken in this regard? The issue of damage to EU-funded structures is long-standing. According to this, 22 out of the beneficiaries who received funds under this EU programme were affected.

      The resolution called for the protection of the Bedouin communities of the West Bank and in the Negev, and for their rights to be fully respected by the Israeli authorities, and it condemned any violations e. It called also, in this context, for the withdrawal of the Prawer Plan by the Israeli Government.