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She is only a few weeks old, had a portion of her tail cut off, and can not walk due to being beat and assaulted. So far, no one has been charged.

He was terribly emaciated and looked like he was barely alive.

In a video update on June 3, Hope is seen taking her first steps since being brought to the foundation--steps they never thought she would take again. While her body is still healing from the severe burns she suffered, Hope seems to have use of all four of her legs and is making friends while she recovers.

The dog who defied all odds. A preliminary 7.

Tiny puppy who had her tail chopped off before being set alight makes miraculous recovery

The quake was initially downgraded to 6. Several people are without power tonight after a major 7. The outage is believed to be earthquake related. There is no estimated time when power will be restored. Crews are also on scene of a water main break which caused some flooding on the block of West Wilshire.

So another magnitude 6. From one dumpster diver to another — I love my dumpster treasures. God is in the details….

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Here I was worried everyone would be disgusted by my collections coming from the dumpster and all but I have friends that do the same thing. God is so good. What a wonderful, thoughtful post. I agree, that God is everywhere even in the places we consider most dirty! We truly need to look around and open our eyes more often!

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Thank you so much for the encouragement! Awww, thanks Jess. I am glad we could connect on this blogging journey. You are such a thoughtful wonderful writing companion. People in my neighborhood will leave nicer items out the night before trash day. Whether intentional or not on their part, God is so good to provide for us in unexpected ways!

I love to read stories like this!


Some people make thousands of dollars that way! I have read articles about it. Of course that is not my intention at all. I am just grateful for the reminders that God cares for his children and he speaks to us in such creative personal ways. I love this, Natalie! I know! Like I said I mentioned a couple examples from the Bible, but I keep on think of more and more.

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He works in such mysterious ways. Sometimes I wonder when this time of transition will end, but He has taught me so much and already been using our story in ways I never imagined he would. I love, love, LOVE this. Natalie…not much to say except this openess God has gifted you with makes me cherish you even more as a friend.

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I love your heart, your faith, and your willingness to let God control the mess! Natalie, I read your posts sometimes and you are still so sweet.

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Maybe even sweeter then the day I met you. I too have collected treasures from the dumpster and the street. Just recently I picked up a bench for our humble patio. Then a few weeks later there was a matching chair at a different house. So now I have matching patio furniture. He provides for us out of His riches and glory. Thank you for your ability to share a part of you with the rest of us.

Email me. I would absolutely love to hear from you! Previous Next. God is in the Dumpster I wrote this when we lived in the apartment, but I am just now sharing it. In your own way and by His leading I challenge you to look for God in the dumpster. About the Author: Natalie. I am a Jesus Lover, a wife, and a mother. And I'm making the best of what looks like a mess! Natalie October 5, at pm - Reply. Tara October 5, at pm - Reply. Laura October 5, at pm - Reply. Natalie October 6, at am - Reply. Mary Geisen October 5, at pm - Reply. Susan Shipe October 5, at pm - Reply.

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Miraculous Adventures Issue 3

Larissa October 6, at am - Reply. Amanda October 6, at pm - Reply. This is so good. I love how you used your experience to rely on God and trust in Him. Sarah October 6, at pm - Reply.