Such is Life

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Read Sample. This is not poetry.

What's the meaning of the phrase 'Such is life'?

This is my life, my heart, my soul,. Love, hope, dreams and despair,.

Such Is Life by Joseph Furphy

Intense moments, stitched together into words,. Neatly creased in folds of ink and paper!

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This book takes you through the roller-coaster journey of life, posing questions that you have always wanted to ask the world. The poems in this book are born out of emotions that each one of us go through in our lives sometime or the other and feel that we have someone by our side who understood it.

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Sorry we are currently not available in your region. Alternatively you can purchase from our partners. Rahul is an IIM Kolkata educated corporate strategist turned writer, poet and philosopher. His tryst with words started at the tender age of nine - he has romanticized with poetry since then. He is passionate about love, life and philosophy uncovering and understanding different nuances of human relationships.

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His poems reflect a mix of love, desire and dreams with a subtle, beautiful flavor of hope and optimism. Rahul lives in Gurgaon with his wife Viniti, and daughters Aanya and Aaradhya.

You cannot edit this Postr after publishing. Are you sure you want to Publish? July 03, Cambridge Dictionary. Meaning of such is life in English. Oh well, such is life.

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