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But here goes…. To experience God is to experience a presence, a pureness, an awareness. It is to experience a divine link to a dimension beyond the ego and the material, a dimension so assured and righteous, it cannot be explained by knowledge. But the beauty is, when looking for explanation, I realised how universal and common such experiences are. These shared qualities are at the core of all religions, not just those originating in the East.

During a time before long-distance travel or communication, many separate communities shared the same experience, and drew the same conclusions. It just is.

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But how does this atheist go from experiencing love during meditation, to the conclusion love is the universal force behind everything? Well love is universal.

Language is an immensely valuable tool but it can never describe the spiritual experience adequately. The great spiritual teachers are able to write in a way that instead pokes and prods the smouldering ember within you, the place where you just know these things to be true, as if a pool of knowledge lurks deep within the self, and all you have to do is abseil down to bathe in it.

But they can never describe the experience. I find great solace in the sweet spot between the direct experience of spirituality, and our understanding of how the material universe operates.

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In this respect, science, and in particular quantum physics, can be a highly spiritual pursuit — but it requires humility. We know through thermodynamics that energy cannot be created or destroyed, and all the energy within the universe is all that ever has been, a message religions have echoed in metaphor for millenia.

Shit like this gives me chills, and the beauty is, it completely fits with spirituality. I'm devoted to understanding the human psyche and spiritual growth. Undergoing a life-long process of minding my ego.

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March 4, Leave a Comment. Is Love the collective force of the universe?

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Ricky Writer. View more posts. Since its publication, A Theology of Love has influenced countless scholars, pastors, teachers, and students. Now in this new edition of the monumental work is included the original text plus a previously unpublished chapter.

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This enhanced version is the ideal addition to anyone desiring a deeper grasp of the theological insights and contributions of this exceptional scholar, and a provocative exercise in rethinking John Wesley's concept of holiness. Skip to main content. Mildred Bangs Wynkoop. Attachment Size Purchase from The Foundry Publishing.