Lost by translation- forked tongues in the fight for North America

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Where cross-subsidies are insufficient, government needs to step in. Yet, the Trump Administration has opposed ACA subsidies for persons who are ineligible for Medicaid but also cannot afford private health coverage.

Lost Tapes Season 1 Episode 1: Chupacabra

President Trump would allow bare bones health insurance, absent crucial prevention and curative health services. Empirical evidence shows that work requirements do not lead to good jobs, but are effective at impeding access to needed government services. If the Trump Administration seems committed to one big idea, it is gutting or delaying health regulations developed under former President Obama. The U. President Trump promised American voters he would appoint Justices to the U.

The Culture of CEO Pay

Supreme Court who would overturn Roe v. Wade , including his initial appointee, Justice Neil Gorsuch. Kavanaugh , joined a three-judge appellate panel in Garza v. Hargan to order the delay of abortion services for an undocumented minor in federal custody. Preemption is the ultimate deregulatory tool masquerading as legal doctrine. It allows higher levels of government to negate, circumvent, or block laws and policies at lower levels of government. Under the Constitution, federal laws can preempt state or local laws via the Supremacy Clause ; state laws can preempt local laws pursuant to state sovereign powers.

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  • For example, Congress has banned on-board smoking on all domestic flights outlawing contrary state laws. As well, the Americans with Disabilities Act forbids states from allowing discrimination prohibited by the Act, although states can enact higher anti-discrimination standards. Coupled with additional tactics , preemption laws and policies can impose severe penalties, fines, or other restrictions on governments unwilling to fall in line.

    Federal preemption has been used to shield food companies from consumer protection lawsuits , force sanctuary cities to align with immigration laws and policies, and promote Second Amendment rights over sensible gun control laws and policies. Almost Americans are killed by firearms every day across the country.

    II. An Empirical Investigation of Theories of CEO Pay

    The Trump Administration and Congress have done little to control access to guns or hold manufacturers liable, despite national protests following numerous mass incidents of gun violence in Las Vegas, Parkland Florida , and outside Houston. The Parkland students have been particular well organized politically to stopgunviolence.

    The federal Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act continues to insulate firearms companies and dealers from liability for crimes committed with their inherently dangerous weapons although new legal themes are emerging to try to break through its preemptive language. Outright reductions or flat-lining of federal health care and public health funding are ravaging federal, state, and local health programs and initiatives. Refusals to support ACA-mandated initiatives, honor insurance subsidies, or expand Medicaid programs noted above already limit access to basic health services for millions of Americans.

    Physicians used this database to get authoritative practice guidance based on carefully-vetted research. Lives are being lost unnecessarily because the Administration and Congress refuse to fund efficacious programs set by law to improve national health. Congress subsequently expanded Fogarty and NIH funding, recognizing the essential value of global health assistance and biomedical research.

    Project MUSE - Forked Tongues: Speech, Writing, and Representation in North American Indian Texts

    Significant funding limits were also proposed for CDC and other foreign assistance programs. Hard-line cuts at CDC are already leading the agency to pull expert staff from low-income countries. Hummingbirds also have tongues that split at the tip.

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    The phrase "speaks with a forked tongue" means to deliberately say one thing and mean another or, to be hypocritical, or act in a duplicitous manner. In the longstanding tradition of many Native American tribes, "speaking with a forked tongue" has meant lying, and a person was no longer considered worthy of trust, once he had been shown to "speak with a forked tongue. According to one account, the native proverb that the "white man spoke with a forked tongue" originated as a result of the French tactic of the s, in their war with the Iroquois , of inviting their enemies to attend a Peace Conference, only to be slaughtered or captured.

    There are appearances of the phrase "forked tongue" in English literature , either in reference to actual snakes' tongues, or as a metaphor for untruthfulness, such as a sermon by Lancelot Andrewes , who died in He shewed it in the beginning, when he made the Serpent, lingnam bisulcam, a forked tongue, to speake that, which was contrary to his knowledge and meaning, They should not die; and as hee did the Serpents, so hee can doe others.

    Use of genomics in toxicology and epidemiology: findings and recommendations of a workshop.

    The phrase also appears in Milton's Paradise Lost :. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Why snakes have forked tongues. Science Chemical senses involved in garter snake prey trailing. Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology Brain Behavior Evolution Young, and K. The forked tongue and edge detection in snakes Crotalus oreganus : an experimental test. Journal of Comparative Psychology Evolution and function of lingual shape in lizards, with emphasis on elongation, extensibility, and chemical sampling.

    Journal of Chemical Ecology Dorries, and H. Is the vomeronasal organ system really specialized for detecting pheromones? Trends in Neurosciences Bonnet, M. Elphick, and E. A novel foraging mode in snakes: browsing by the sea snake Emydocephalus annulatus Serpentes, Hydrophiidae. Functional Ecology