Désir Le (Hors-collection) (French Edition)

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Download Print Comment. The narrative at the heart of urban production The art of storytelling is now at the heart of urban production. From technical discourse to the creation of narratives The love affair between cities and trams has not run smoothly.

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Incorporating aesthetics and design into urban regeneration In the space of a few years, trams have seen their status evolve from technical objects used in transport networks to objects used by all-powerful urban planners as tools for urban regeneration and, furthermore, icons. After all, every flatterer lives at the expense of his listeners… Bibliography Beraud, P.

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La Culture architecturale des Français

Dubravka, U. Karaoke Culture , Arles: Harmonia Mundi. Eco, U. La Guerre du faux , Paris: Grasset. Feuerbach, L. Gwiazdzinski, L. Kracauer, S. Lacan, J. Lipovetsky, G. Lynch, K. Maldiney, H. Matthey, L.

Viktoria Modesta: our Guest Star is the future in person!

Montgomery, C. Happy City. Palmier, J. Walter Benjamin.

Raynaud, M. Salmon, C. Soubeyran, O.

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Stiegler, B. Damiel the angel has the melancholy yearnings of those already dead: the desire to touch, taste, feel, be whole again. The wing also looks like a heart, a butterfly and therefore, according to the Greeks, a soul. With every picture you get a sense of a profoundly experienced image, be it terror or comfort. Her art does what good poetry is capable of doing, with the same power of implication in a small space.

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Heavenly creatures , Bulleen, , The idea that we can own something, possess it as if a part of ourselves, is one that children grasp by the age of two. You may think people collect things because they like them enough to want more, and that may well be the case. Research by Professor Itamar Simonson, an expert in consumer decision-making, based in the Stanford Graduate School of Business in California, recently suggested that it may actually be more a question of guilt or embarrassment.

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  6. Owning two of something is unjustifiable, so instead we rationalise the decision to keep both things by buying more and starting a collection. For something to merit a spot here, it needed to be intelligent, irreverent and beautifully made. On a corner there is a gate, tall and fading after years of neglect. When you bring emotion into something, then yes, maybe we can call it luxury. And then luxury is affordable for everybody. Nothing piquing your interest? Well fear not. One client commissioned a rickshaw. Le Sur-Mesure department already makes lots of bags.

    It threw up a few odd suggestions, which have proven to be hits, such as the skateboard hundreds have been sold , a kite and a picnic basket. They ended up making 26 of those.

    Wings of desire 1, () by Jenny Watson :: The Collection :: Art Gallery NSW

    White, 3D printed-looking models are arranged against one wall. Then in the middle of the room is a Voisin C28, a car from the Thirties that looks as if someone wrapped the art deco movement in riveted aluminium and put it on wheels. Outshined somewhat by the car is a Yamaha motorcycle, which has also had many of its vital organs cocooned in leather. From a shelf, de Beaufort plucks the frame of a bicycle.

    By trade, de Beaufort is a yacht designer. De Beaufort is a proper designer, and keen to stress that the Sur-Mesure is a proper design studio, not just a place where rich people place orders for expensive luggage, but where questions are asked, research is done and problems are solved. To the right, there are tables and workstations manned by craftspeople quietly beavering away, one is stitching the seam of a briefcase, while another is sanding down a car steering wheel. Straight ahead is a clutch of sewing machines, backed by a wall loaded with spools of thread and to the left there are small glass-walled offices, home to people with desks covered in swatches and boxes and general design studio detritus.

    In the far corner, a huddle of people chat and laugh quietly as they work and, next to them, hidden behind boxes and some leather-clad cabinets, is another Voisin car, two-tone inky blue and yellow. Its interior has been removed, waiting to be replaced.

    The Desire Line: Streetcar Loss & Rebirth in New Orleans

    There are shelves all around loaded with parts of skateboard and delicate crockery and strange shapes of metal and prototype bags and wicker baskets and bits of leather. There is leather everywhere, and almost all of it is impossibly soft and squidgy to touch. In addition to the pieces requested by clients and the stores, the Sur-Mesure department makes objects of its own design.