Transiting Lunar Nodes

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This leads me to believe that, in a sense, the Nodes may not be so easy to interpret because there are no "established" interpretations or consistent rules to start from. The book Measuring The Night by Steven Forrest and Jeffrey Wolf Green does attempt to explain some of the reason for the mystery and the confusion.

The Transiting Moon's Nodes: Baby in Business

Additionally, the authors believe that Karma may not be the overpowering negative force as has been expressed by the old style Hindu and Vedic astrologers. Forrest and Green describe Karma to be more like a "habit" This would also include ingrained activities that are detrimental to us. To move beyond the "habit" we need to push to the North Node's energies. The effort of redirecting our energies to the North Node helps us to gain new insight and feel improved self-worth, fulfillment or, generally, a sense of growth.

Additionally, Forrest and Green believe that we can "over do" the North Node energies. So we could assume that, with the polarity of the North Node and the South Node, balanced activity is the key. On a societal level, balancing the Dragon's Head with the Dragon's Tail is simply not practical.

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What typically happens is that there will be a sudden awareness of activity in one direction usually the South Node energy as a deviant or detrimental activity with a flurry of reactive attention that sparks alarm. The impulse is to look for other situations to confirm that things are out of control. Then groups of people will push back in an attempt to bring in some sense of balance and common sense logic.

Sometimes the attempt to "correct the problem" gets pushed too far with extreme measures, rules, and sanctions. We all see this effect, time and again, and we typically describe it as the "swing of the pendulum. As a whole, our own personal values need balancing in order for us to feel a sense of satisfaction.

We might ask ourselves, "Is this a 'Want' or is this a 'Need'? Finding ways of giving to others, receiving from others, and being willing to share without depleting all our personal resources helps us to meet those obligations. The resources do not necessarily need to be "physical" resources, since shared knowledge can also help others to build up their own personal worth.

The energies of Taurus can seem so simple and basic. Perhaps that is what makes it so difficult to accomplish in real life. In the individual's chart, the transiting North Node will move over all the natal astrological placements during an 18 year period. See the Table below to get a sense of how those transits can impact the individual.

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Take note of the house that the Planet is in for additional insight. Pushing towards the North Node energies can help to lighten up the situation. Lunar Living Astrology 18th Birthday Sale! Letter to the Editor What are Lunar Nodes? What are Lunar Nodes?

Transiting Lunar Nodes, Lunar Node Cycles, and Lunar Node Returns

What will the North Node's Transit mean for us? What is all the fuss about the North Node moving into a New Sign? MS Lunar nodes are points in the sky that are almost always moving retrograde. Transiting Lunar Nodes. Natal Placement. North Node Conjunction Take note of the house that the Planet is in for additional insight.

An awakening of the Ego. Generally a time of increased success based on the house that the Sun occupies in the individual's chart. A feeling of despair. May feel as though you are unable to get a handle on current events, particularly in areas related to the house that the Sun occupies.

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Emotions become the focus of awareness. Connections with women may increase. Check the house placement for the area that the attention will be most likely noticed.

North Node In Cancer How It Will Affect You -

There is the likelihood of depression or feelings of isolation at this time. The reason for blocked emotions may not be clear. There may be problems in the areas of fertility, whether physical, imaginative, or creative. Health issues should be addressed. Sudden and unexpected changes are likely to occur.

There may also be more nervous energy than normal. You may not feel like talking too much, simply because your brain is working overtime. Feelings of ineffective communication or unfocused thinking patterns. Feeling unable to cope with sudden changes in your environment.

The Soul's Direction Over a Lifetime

Romantic or financial situations may be sent into a cooling off period. This is not a negative factor. It simply implies that reassessment of the situation is in order. Karmic based relationships could end suddenly or develop suddenly. Can be a time when you suddenly lose money or financial resources. Misguided energies concerning finances or one-to-one relationships may push you off-course. First things first: What are the lunar nodes? In a birth chart, the North and South Nodes — also known as the lunar Nodes or the "Nodes of Fate" — represent the lessons you've learned coming into this life as well as your karmic destiny as you continue to grow here's an explainer on the Nodes , if you need it.

The Nodes' transits in general, though, also indicate where the current series of lunar eclipses will be. Because of their placement, the two Nodes will almost always fall in opposite zodiac signs. So the North Node represents our destiny and what the future holds for us, while the South Node, conversely, represents the comfort zone you'll have to grow out of to reach your North Node-highest potential.

Bustle spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust , who specializes on this topic she authored the Eclipse Guidebook , which is all about the Nodes of Fate and available exclusively at The Hoodwitch. The Nodes' recent transit is obviously going to majorly affect all the babies born for the next year and a half, as the placement of the Nodes in one's birth chart indicates a person's life path, karma, past life baggage, and the lessons they're destined to learn in this lifetime.

But just because this transit doesn't reflect the Nodes' placement in your natal chart doesn't mean you're not going to majorly feel this energy shift. Cap is like, "OK, time to work your ass off and get a good job so you can be successful. Cause I love you. For both of these signs, safety and security are huge themes — it's just that Cancer works on that security emotionally and family-wise, while Cap supports it through hard work and discipline.

So the North Node is officially in Cancer, which, as noted, is a very motherly sign that's focused on family and craves emotional security. Don't run from your feelings or bury them in work. Feel them, as you'll need to work through these and other vulnerable issues in order to grow.