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About Mark Richard Zubro. Mark Richard Zubro. Author also writes as: Mark Zubro. Mark Richard Zubro is an American mystery novelist. High in nearby Frankfort Square, Illinois. Zubro writes bestselling mysteries set in Chicago and the surrounding Cook County area, which are widely praised as fast-paced, with interesting plots and well-rounded, likeable characters. His n Author also writes as: Mark Zubro.

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His novels feature gay themes, and Zubro is himself gay. His longest running series features high school teacher Tom Mason, and Tom's boyfriend, professional baseball player Scott Carpenter. The other series Zubro is known for is the Paul Turner mysteries, which are about a Chicago police detective. The books are a part of the Stonewall Inn Mystery series, published by St. Martin's Press. I taught eighth graders English and reading for thirty-four years and was president of the teachers' union in my district from until I retired from teaching in and now spend my time reading, writing, napping, and eating chocolate.

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Today, population density in Central America is only a fraction of what it was during the Mayan peak. In Belize, for example, population density may be as low as 26 people per square mile 10 people per square kilometer. Yet human pressure on the environment is still significant.

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Archaeologist Tom Sever left and remote sensing specialist Dan Irwin right have pooled their skills to understand the Maya. The effectiveness of modern tree-cutting technology became clear to Sever in the late s. Sever, who had pioneered the use of remote-sensing data in finding archaeological sites, turned to satellite imagery once again. Using Landsat data, he produced an image showing part of the border between Guatemala and Mexico. Most political borders are invisible in satellite images, but this border was obvious.

It marked the beginning of a larger effort to protect the environment in Mesoamerica. More importantly, that one image was directly responsible for the Guatemalan Congress declaring the Maya Biosphere Reserve in northern Guatemala, which is the largest protected area in all of Central America. The corridor preserves Mayan ruins, along with habitat and migration routes for wildlife. The razor-sharp border between Mexico and Guatemala, as seen in this Landsat image, shows the impact of high rural population on the rainforest.

This image prompted the leaders of Mexico and Guatemala to set aside long-standing tensions and focus on preserving the rainforest.

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Image courtesy of NASA. Irwin began working with Sever in the early s as an employee of Conservation International. Unlike their president, the villagers initially had trouble understanding the images. With that, I made the decision to continue on and do this type of work. Through routine satellite observations, researchers can monitor important ecosystem vital signs, such as rainfall, vegetation productivity, cloudiness, and forest gains or losses over the entire area.

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Remote-sensing data and modeling technology have already enabled natural resource managers in Mesoamerica to predict and avoid environmental damage. Irwin recalled a proposal to build a road through the middle of a reserve to connect two archaeological sites. Irwin is also encouraged by improved agricultural practices, such as shaded coffee. By planting shade-tolerant coffee around existing trees, farmers can strike a balance. Sever and Irwin are now providing Mesoamerican scientists, policymakers, and land managers with direct access to satellite data and models. The site offers a satellite data archive and distribution system for professional researchers, maps for more casual users, visualizations, and a decision support system that provides information to researchers and policymakers.

Animals that depend on the rainforest for habitat in the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor include left to right hummingbirds, howler monkeys, quetzals, jaguars, and macaws. Howler monkey image courtesy of the U. Book ten in the Tom and Scott series.

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Chicago area high school teacher Tom Mason and his lover, professional baseball player Scott Carpenter have had a taxing year. After publicly coming out, Scott and Tom have had to deal with a firestorm of publicity, a major loss of privacy, a great outpouring of support and an equal number of cranks. Now, finally, they are going to do something that they've always wanted - get married in a service before their family and close friends.

Despite the potential problems of such of an event, the ceremony comes off with nary a hitch. With the reception in full swing - with a guest list ranging from long-time family friends and co-workers to the cream of the social elite - Tom stumbles upon the corpse of the murdered ex-boyfriend in the bathroom. He's an old flame of Tom's who told him the last time he saw him that he, Tom, "Wasn't worth the trouble," of getting together with ever again. In addition to casting a ghastly pall across the proceedings, it puts Tom in the awkward position of being the prime suspect in the murder.

If he's ever going to get to go on his long-planned honeymoon, Tom is going to have to uncover the truth behind the murder of this unwanted guest. Book nine in the Tom and Scott series. A series of three bombs destroy a local health clinic, killing many and injuring many others including high school teacher and clinic volunteer Tom Mason. While Tom is hospitalized, his lover, professional baseball player Scott Carpenter, begins to believe that Tom may have been the intended victim of the bombing. The third bomb was wired to Tom's truck, and Scott is receiving threatening letters saying that he's next.

With a long suspect list and a mounting death toll, Scott must find the killer before the killer finds them. Book eight in the Tom and Scott series. The last thing that gay high school teacher Tom Mason needs in the new school year is turmoil. But a conservative parents' group, 'worried' about gay teachers corrupting the students, is attempting to take over the PTA.

And it soon gets worse, one of the ringleaders of the parents' group is murdered in the high school after a very contentious PTA meeting, and Tom's best friend is arrested for the crime. Now to prove her innocence, Tom must hunt down the real killer. Book seven in the Tom and Scott series. Scott Carpenter, Chicago baseball player, and his lover, Tom Mason rush to rural Georgia to be by the side of Scott's father, who has just been stricken by a heart attack.

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There the two proud, openly gay men face the prejudice that too often exists in that part of the country. Once there, they discover that the locals are none too pleased to have them around. To make matters worse, the local sheriff turns up dead, in the back of their rental car, and the local officials can't imagine anyone they'd rather convict of the crime than the two of them Book six in the Tom and Scott series.