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She was then recruited by Karla Otto and was placed in charge of 4 luxury brands namely , Cavalli, Pucci, Notify, Lucien Pellat Fine as well as the new launch of Celine. TO www. As if this was not enough to keep Fiorina busy, she has also launched the Ladies Lunch in London,a networking luncheon for women.

Under the stars I've taken you. Over the waters I fly to your arms, for just another wonderful moment, but you're not there, You're gone and you'll never return to me, But the Wind won't let me forget. In the twilight, in the distance I hear her voice talking to me All close and pulled tight Waiting for the sun to rise She was the one that took me to A place where the roses grew. I love my woman of the roses Because times goes on and she still remains I love my woman of the roses I can still see her smile with the same inspiration.

Under the Western skies Everywhere I look I see your eyes The smell of your hair and your neck Are some of the things I can't let go Under the Western stars Skin against skin, scar against scars Our hands grabbing for the love and the light In the dark. Wildfire why are you burning for me? High winds blow over the embers of your love.

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You're gonna leave nothing but ashes in your wake. Wildfire are you burning for me? I see you. I see the light in your eyes, the dark earth and blue skies, that softly kiss your cheek. I touch you.

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I touch the side of your face, your hand, our fingers embrace, pulling you close. I hold you. I hold you in the dark, the rhythm and the spark that makes Us one and all we have is this time together in our little world.

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I walk with you. We walk stride by stride, burning down from within to the tall hills surrounding our hearts. I taste you.

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Your lips are like warm rain falling in the high desert of my pain that I didn't even know I had. I love you. Like thunder from the sky, without warning, without knowing why. The lightning strikes my soul, but this feeling leaves me cold, for I know that you will always be a part of me, but you're not mine. In the nightfall, it lies and waits Which is worse? Free Will or Fate? Like a lover, your blood is not your own.

Don't love a ghost, the love of a ghost will leave you cold. In the nightfall, the spirit knows what burns. The ache and hunger drink the Sun and eats the Earth.

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Milk and honey, the Land of Promised Love. Just let the ax fall down, down onto the Live Oak. We have a large coyote population surrounding the ranch and have taken special care with fencing, dogs, and the llamas to see to the safety of our animals. These guys are the comic relief team for the ranch and are lovingly called the Three Billy Goat Gruff.

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They are Pygora wethers and are being raised for their fiber and fun. All you dog lovers out there know how special they can be in our lives. I have my once in a lifetime dog Einstein who actually lives up to his name. He goes everywhere that I can take him and has flown many miles.

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Star is a Kuvasz and is very protective of her owners and the ranch animals. She has a job to do and does it well. These seven little kittens now all grown are a riot and keep the mouse population down. They all come to you for a scratch or belly rub when you walk into the barn. Chickens getting a break from being in brooding pen.

This is Madonna, a Sussex hen that had four little peeps.

1. When she demonstrated how to pop star parent with flair

We raise these birds for their eggs which we enjoy. They are far to expensive to be used as meat birds but do serve that purpose. They are generally very friendly. Sonia and the new Black Jack getting a rub down. We imprinted this little guy and while doing so he fell asleep.