Seduced by Success: 8 Critical Thinking Errors That Cause Smart People To Do Dumb Things

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You will undoubtedly choose to share this manual with people you care about! EBook ratings Review 1 we need do not before presented a review about a reserve or any item, but we become firmly about this reserve and Patrick Kuhse, so I will post a review on this event. Kindly forgive me personally if, Hygienisch mikrobiologische Wasseruntersuchung in der Praxis download pdf torrent free as an amateur commentator, we am a chunk a bit more wordy than we should become!

I quite came across Patrick at an accounting-related professional meeting in Chicago in , in which he was a highlighted speaker whom talked about the apparently unimportant decisions that often chart a course for moral ruin, the so-called slippery slope. On many next times, I need been privileged to notice Patrick chat at a university near Chicago, in which we am an accounting professor. Simply place, he is a beneficial guy which created the wrong choice at an important conclusion aim; and that scenario resonates with most those.

When I received my personal copy of this book from Amazon, I got an event of thought after we study the ahead, which pointed out that Jeannette Mary Magdalene wrote the book, not Patrick. However, any thought had been unfounded. She nailed it!

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Some of the stories are really very acquainted to me from those times exactly where we have got the potential to visit with Patrick, and I can hear his voice as I study the pages. Some other stories tend to be brand new to myself, but we can conveniently visualize Patrick behaving correctly as described -- my personal specialty had been the hilarious facts about a tribe of wild monkeys in Costa Rica and just how Patrick rerouted their mischief at a couple of drugs sellers who lived nearby pp.

The criteria of his incarceration very first in Costa Rica, adopted by the Oklahoma County Jail, and then other federal facilities is actually not really entertaining, but it is certainly impactful and important.

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One might ask yourself just how he actually survived. In my view, he many certainly has. Although the book will not contain any of the interesting pictures that we produce seen in his presentations, interested users can gain further insights about Patrick Kuhse by viewing YouTube, where a quantity of videos snippets are available. Examine 2 Wow just what a great reserve!

It shows that truth is truly crazier than fiction. Gordon Gekko had absolutely nothing on Patrick Kuhse. A perfect life with a great group that a lot of us could best dream of, all destroyed by Kuhse's thirst for funds and electric power. When the feds uncover his system he flees his perfect your life in the U. Manuscript Competition. Clark Johnson Achievement Award. Executive Summary. Treasurer's Report. Flowers by Mary Lou. Evergreen Bank. Dot Foods.

Joe Leake.

The surprising habits of original thinkers - Adam Grant

Richard McNay. Bill McKelvey. Ken Amsinger. Jeff Thomson. Kayla Duncan. Also an INTP, with the same experience: Including function-theory, I learned how to put into words personality traits I already knew I had, how to explore and evolve my weaker sides and also how to understand others from their point of view. I agree that MBTI does not offer much in classifying groups of people under strict guidelines, because that is simply not what it does, but as a personal tool it can be very valuable.

It's not about who you ARE, it's about how you predominantly interact with the world. I have found that half the issue with the indicator is the professional who is administering it. People are told to answer the questions as they are at work, or at home or any number of ways.

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That's incorrect. You can be an I with a penchant for presenting in front of groups. If you are a mid zone I, you could easily cross over into the E zone. Finally, it's about innate preference. Which you prefer is often the style which you use first, unless you are trained not to. The expression of type can be massively influenced by the environment. I found this article completely irresponsible and uninformed.

Thank you Leah and Pamela for your rebuttal. As an MBTI practitioner of many years, I find that poor instruction prior to administration of the Inventory, along with a propensity these days for people to "self-interpret" results of inventories of this type, leads to mistaken outcomes notions and over-generalizations.

Only trained practitioners should be administering and interpreting results. The notion of "traits" discoveries from the MBTI that others speak of here is bogus. The Inventory does not measure traits. It measures preferences and there is no "strength" and "weakness" philosophy behind it. Preferences are on a continuum of "clear" or not, and yes, can vary according to an environment ex: work vs. A truly trained practitioner sorts out and appropriately explains this when working with a client. This is not a self-help tool, nor for untrained interpreters.

Thank you, Leah. I was qualified through CPP and have used MBTI for years in my practice as a leadership and organization effectiveness coach and facilitator. Firstly, anyone who claims is outright as a "test" has me immediately scratching my head and concerned about that person's experience and reliability. I won't go on; Dr. Thompson's guidance is solid. So making a claim that "you can't do something because you are a [type] is inexcusable. We all carry all of the types and have opportunity to practice our shadow types to further develop ourselves. Is the problem with MBTI really that it's unreliable, or that people are misusing it?

I've taken versions of it over the last 20 years and came out as INTJ on every single one. And yes, they are continuums, and that is made clear in the class, and most people are pretty close to the middle. I'm extremely I, and have been on every test.

Evolutionary Professor Encourages Critical Thinking

However, since it was meant to be an aid with employment, maybe that spectrum wasn't deemed critical. If people misuse that, it's not the fault of the test. The MBTI is based on four false dichotomies: the binary parameter of each dimension totally excludes the "normal" middle ground. In logic, this is the informal fallacy of the excluded middle. The MBTI is non-falsifiable and its test repeatability is very poor, both of which disqualify it from being considered as a scientific instrument. The use of the MBTI has been banned in some jurisdictions: quite rightly because it is all about stereotyping people and shoving them into one of sixteen pigeonholes, which is the antithesis of equality and fairness.

Regardless of the quality of MBTI as a personality summarizer, I can't imagine what those 89 Fortune companies are using it for. Not hiring decisions I hope. I mean, what makes them think people are going to answer honestly, rather than with what they think the HR department wants to hear? I've found out the people lie on their self-assessments when taken as part of a job interview.

The reason I know this is that I've seen the results. No one ever comes back as a "P" for perceiving. They all come back as "J" for judging. The reason is that they want to appear conscientious -- so that the employer will know they will show up for work on time. It is important for those relying on type to be able to confirm the archetype through other methods. I can teach how to type people by the words they use, and the themes that they gravitate to talking about.

Part of that problem is employer stupidity. People often don't even know what words mean, but that doesn't stop them from using them. I've seen employment questionnaires written so that it is very clear that the employer is looking for a "smiley, cheerful, happy, people person", and the employer assumes this means "extrovert". They then write their questionnaire to weed out introverts as if an introvert can't possibly fit that description. Intelligent people will see the value judgement, and then they have to decide to tell the truth and get weeded out, or lie and hope for a shot at the job.

This is especially true of large national retail chains that can't be bothered to deal with people as individuals. They have a cookie cutter, and they want it filled.

Seduced By Success: 8 Critical Thinking Errors That Cause Smart People To Do Dumb Things (Volume 1)

You're exactly right. This is why employers need to have a back-up system in place to weed out the liars. A liar is a thief If you'll steal from the truth, you'll steal in other areas too. It could be someone who really wants a job just wanting a chance to prove themselves and feeling like they're being unfairly denied an opportunity. People should be given a chance on their own merits, not what some HR dolt thinks about vague definitions without bothering to meet the person. For example, I recently had a job in which the welding crew had double standards; male welders are expected to be skilled and productive, and female welders are expected to be skilled, productive, smiley, supportive cheerleaders.

That means they'll hire an introverted male, but not an introverted female. They are not honest enough to admit any of this. It's underhanded to expect employees to be scrupulously honest when employers lie their asses off. Every employer I've ever had proudly and loudly stated that they have no favoritism or nepotism here.

Every one of them lied about it. First of all, I don't think the employer is unscrupulous if they don't tell you the type of person they are looking for. If they did, all they'd get back are candidates that are "me-too" types. The kind that say that they are good workers, self-starters, get along with others, blah, blah, blah.

If everyone has the skills and qualifications, like you said you have, what does an employer base their hiring decision on? You guessed it: it is personality. That's why they parade job candidates through the company and have everyone get a feel for them. They want to make sure that the current employees can get along with the new employee -- if their personality would be a good fit for the office.

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In this kind of environment, the job candidate is at a huge disadvantage. That is my guess as to why you view it is a double standard. If you want to learn how to read personality of the employer and figure out what they are looking for without sounding like a "me-too" candidate, then you might be interested in my book: "Selling Yourself, Advanced Strategies for Landing Your Dream Job. So, let me make sure I got this. If prospective employees are dishonest, they're liars and thieves and will continue to be so.

If prospective employers are dishonest, they're just being smart. And no, they don't "parade employees through the building and let everyone get a feel for them". They usually don't even tell anyone they are hiring, and suddenly here's this new person that needs to be trained, and there is no workstation for them. I would rather plunge shards of glass into my freaking eyes than read a book about whoring myself out, thanks. I am inclined to agree with you.

You will however find that some professions will have a higher number of one type because those skills lend themselves to what is expected from them. Statistically you should have a few P's in the mix.


I think that the problem with P or perception is that people do not understand how this attitude works. It's a shame as it's the P's who offer creative insights because they are not in such a hurry to bring things to closure. MBTI is not designed for recruitment. Indeed, its use for recruitment is prohibited. Unless an organisation decides to misuse it that is, in which the case I don't understand why someone would express disapproval of the tool.

A friend of mine uses it in her workplace her business uses it but not as a recruiting tool, only as a way for managers to better manage their employees. It allows people to be managed in the way that they respond to instead of there being a one size fits all approach. Employers withholding information is not dishonest, which is the point I was trying to make. I'm sorry if I offended you.

You're right about another thing too. I am a whore. But in my book on selling yourself, I don't use that term, I call myself a prostitute. And I'm up-front about that. All business owners are prostitutes. In order to make a sale, you have to put up with a lot of crap from customers that always think they are right. You do it and you keep your mouth shut, so that you don't embarrass them when they are wrong.

Whiny customers on one side, and employees on the other The employees are the face of the company that interact with the customers. They can easily kill a business by pissing off the customers. So with this in mind, does the employer want to hire rah-rah cheerleaders and smiley people? Of course they do. But your situation is even worse. Being a female welder, the employer is going to put you next to a guy with a mouth like a drunken sailor.

If you can't take the filth that he spews, what does the owner risk? He worries that you're going to run to your lawyer and sue him for harassment. You're not going to sue the foul-mouthed idiot, you're going to sue the company for hiring that jerk and keeping him around. So he risks losing two skilled welders, and a pile of money. So you don't care about playing the "game. Good luck with that I'm sorry if this offends you. That is not my intent. But I'm giving you the straight-up scoop that other people won't tell you. Life is all about playing "the game. So yea You're right My book is about whoring yourself.

It is about making the employer feel good about hiring you versus hiring the person that comes next in the interview process. The difference between my book and those written by human resource managers, is that I'll tell you what they are really thinking on the inside.

It is pretty raw stuff, and totally politically incorrect. But that is what a job candidate needs to know in order to be successful. The interview process is like a battle. On one side, you have an candidate that is trying to hide their past, and all the crap that might make them a huge risk to the company. And on the other side, you have the employer that is trying to cut through all the fluff that candidates say about themselves.

In this situation, the employer has the huge advantage because they are not alone.

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  • There are so many hiring tools and consultants out there, that the single candidate doesn't stand much of a chance against the onslaught. I think that my book puts that advantage back into the hands of the employee. It does so, because when everyone has the same skill set, it addresses the real reason people get hired; which is personality traits.

    I'm not offended, I just think you're talking out of both sides of your mouth.