Saving American Elections: A Diagnosis and Prescription for a Healthier Democracy

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How does one know what fixes will work? What type of reforms are actually needed? In this book, Anthony Gierzynski addresses the state of electoral reform discourse by offering a new approach that borrows from the field of medicine.

FREE PDF Saving American Elections: A Diagnosis and Prescription for a Healthier Democracy

Doctors do not prescribe treatment until they have a diagnosis. The same should be true of those who prescribe treatments for American elections. This book works up such a full diagnosis of the problems besetting American elections, drawing from the extant research in political science and other disciplines. It utilizes research and data on elections, the mass media, political parties, and public opinion. Once complete, the diagnosis makes clear what is needed to improve the state of elections.

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If one then adds in the state of knowledge from the extent research literature, the author argues, one has a template that not only points out the needed treatments but also which treatments are likely to be effective. Gierzynski then uses this template to sort through and evaluate the prescriptions for elections that involve the media, the electoral structure, political parties, electoral law and administration, and the public itself, while offering a few of his own.

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He concludes the book with a list of prescriptions that addresses what has been diagnosed, along with what have proven to be effective or likely to be effective. By putting reform proposals in the context of a complete diagnosis of the system, it becomes obvious which changes to the political system will address what is actually wrong. Combining the diagnosis with what the research has proven on the likely effectiveness of various treatments, Gierzynski argues, offers the best way to assess prescribed reforms.

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The effect of such an approach results in some surprising conclusions regarding election reform. Beyond the prescriptions proffered in the book, the framework Gierzynski develops for evaluating reform proposals can help scholars and others sort through any new reform proposals. The framework can also prove useful to the reform community by helping them focus on what needs to be done and what can be done, channeling their efforts in ways that would be more fruitful.

The Congressman and participants discussed junk plans, pre-existing conditions, protecting provisions in the ACA, health care and prescription drug costs, Medicaid and lifetime caps. Tampa area neighbors and advocates told me how important affordable health care is to them on HealthCareWeekend ForthePeople.

Watch local coverage of the roundtable here. Ted Deutch focused on issues around access to treatments, cost of medications and trust in the health care system; the event was part of a national effort to call attention to what Democrats are doing to protect health care and the challenges ahead…in Orlando, Rep. Val Demings used Health Care for All Americans Day of Action to hold a round table discussion to address the soaring costs of prescription drugs and release a new report on diabetes medication prices in her district.

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The report shows that because Medicare is not allowed to negotiate drug prices, the costs for diabetes medications to Medicare are nearly four times higher than in the United Kingdom, five times higher than in Australia, and three times higher than in Canada. For uninsured patients, the costs can be as much as 21 times higher. This morning I met with local health care professionals and advocates to discuss the most pressing health issues in South Florida.

Congresswoman Lucy McBath meet with several constituents with pre-existing conditions to talk about the ACA, expanding medicaid, increase access to health care services, and lowering costs.

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McBath pledged to keep fighting for Georgians that rely on the ACA for their care and to find w ays to lower costs. Post event release here. Yesterday I held a panel discussion in Wheaton on the rising costs. The rising cost of prescription drugs is hitting seniors hard. Underwood held a press conference in Minooka with farmer Kaylee Heap at Heap Giant Pumpkin Farm, and spoke about how local families have been affected by the high cost of health care:. That is unacceptable. This would make premiums for people who buy their own insurance more similar to insurance costs for people with employer coverage.

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Thanks to Mrs. Watch Rep. I will bring these stories with me as we continue to work to ProtectOurCare. Dingell, Rep. Lawrence, Rep. Slotkin, and Rep. Watch the roundtable here.

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Last Saturday, Rep. Susie Lee held a town hall with constituents while she was home for Congressional recess. The congresswoman discussed health care, what Congress was doing to protect the ACA, and what the Texas v. View a tweet from Rep. Susie Lee here. Join us NOW. Watch the roundtable discussion on Facebook Live here.

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Americans pay more for life-saving medicine than any other country in the world. We must stop Big Pharma. HouseDemocrats have passed legislation to improve health care for everyone — it is vital to our ForThePeople agenda. Pennsylvanians with pre-existing conditions met with Congressman Matt Cartwright to discuss ongoing threats to health care and his work in the House to defend protections for pre-existing conditions.