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I found the scene quite sad where Pentti waits and waits for the man he beat up to ring him - what would he have said and done if the phone had rung? I think that Pentti is actually ready to change, which is shown in the scene where he is waiting for the phone to ring. The one way he knows how to act counteracts everything that he wants and sends out the wrong signals to the men he is interested in.

So he is doomed to walk around in a circle over and over. The story in my mind is actually a simple and slightly banal tale of morality, that you have to dare to admit who you are or you will never be happy.

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Am I right that Deathgirl began as three of your self-published books - have you reworked, redrawn them for this book? Yes, Deathgirl was from the beginning three stories that I self published separately. I had to redo them, since they were the wrong format, but I made a huge effort to try and make them look the same, since I did the stories over three years and I really liked that you could see the progression in drawing.

Deathgirl is turning more and more childlike and less rabbitlike as the stories unfolds. The Deathgirl stories are not about me, even though a lot of people think so.

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This and your Awkwardist stories tap into the funny humanised animal cartoon characters - was Disney, and perhaps Carl Barks - an influence on you for these? I have had a huge hang-up on Disney for a long time. When you draw animal human hybrids you also get a huge scope of new possibilities when drawing characters.

I admire fairy tales very much for the effective and neat story telling. Even though I guess it is often true. But not here. I have been working a lot with telling the story in both text and images. I think that making a graphic novel is a bit like making a film, except when you write and draw a graphic novel you are the whole film crew.

In films there are a million different ways to tell a story, through words, body language, scenery, light, pace and so on. Most of these things I think are applicable to a graphic novel too. It is a bit tricky since people are so used to reading text, and text is so dominant compared to pictures, and maybe I ask too much of people. If you read the book and only read the words you will get through the book in one second and think that the stories are really thin. Both Pentti and Deathgirl are socially inept, which is the root of all their problems and it is that which drives their stories.

They are both struggling to understand unwritten social rules, and somewhere along the line they got something fundamentally wrong, which now, when they are really trying and fighting to get it right, is hampering all their efforts. The text is usually what they think and how they percieve the world, whereas in the picture you get more of an idea of what is actually going on, so often there is a disjunction between the text and the images.

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What plans and projects do you have lined up for the future? Other graphic novels? At the moment I am in Sweden working on a book of short stories, where the Awkwardists among others will feature.

pentti and deathgirl

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When two men move in next to their farm, Pentti is convinced they must be gay. Seller Inventory AB Rapidly dispatched worldwide from our clean, automated UK warehouse within working days.

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Publisher: Jonathan Cape , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Two uniquely strange tales in one beautiful graphic volume: Pentti is the story of two Finnish brothers.