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Kids , Motherhood. I will remember how it sounded hearing you yell for me down the hall when you woke up. And then grab my hand and bring me to the next thing you wanted to play with. I will remember how that little hand felt around mine.

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The giggle that could soften the hardest of hearts in an instant. The giggle that reminded me why I am so lucky to be alive and have you.

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Right now, you need me. You run to me.

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You always pick me. I am your person. So I will ingrain these moments so deeply into my brain.

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These memories will be my greatest keepsake. And because of these precious memories, this is how I will remember you , my son. Yesterday I Held You. Want more stories of love, family and faith from the heart of every home, delivered straight to you?

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Sign up here! Kelli is a mental health therapist, momma to two one currently cooking in the womb , and wife to an amazing man with a cool name, Rocco.

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That dude is dead and that lady is totally sucking his rotting cadaver face. Stranger still, he died by falling off a roller coaster. Strangest of all, she ends up marrying him and carrying his baby. She might be a pregnant roller coaster and he might be a dead baby.

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The kiss might be less creepy that way. Current page: Page 1. The game: Sonic the Hedgehog The couple: One is a spiky-haired teenager known for his record-breaking speed and epic adventures. The spiral of sugar-coated shame hurts our brains and our stomachs.

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