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We hope to offer room in the bunkhouse with all meals provided, but as of Feb. Smoking is not allowed. We are within walking distance to a truckstop and town. It's dusty and rustic, but your efforts will make it less so. It's a non-profit animal training center not a resort. It gets down to C at times which is about the same as F. This is not a hot desert. We prefer volunteers from cold areas in the winter since we hate to hear people complain about cold or the wind.

Hint: don't complain about stuff that can't be changed. We make a living training horses and training people, not entertaining volunteers. We expedite departures of anyone creating stress in the training environment. Public transport is by a bus to Grants, NM.

Albuquerque the closest big airport is about 70 miles away. Accuracy of profile: 5. Cultural exchange: 5. Communication: 5. United States. Favourited times. Host rating. Last activity. Reply rate. Average reply time:. Add to my host list Contact Register. Description What we do: Find effective methods to train all ages of horses; Facilitate successful placement of horses in adoptive homes; Educate individuals in the process of training and placement; Conduct scientific research into issues pertaining to horse taming and adoption.

Cultural exchange and learning opportunities You will have the opportunity to experience positive relationships with horses and learn something about training animals by observing animal training.

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Help Our volunteer program has always been an important element in our operation. Accommodation We hope to offer room in the bunkhouse with all meals provided, but as of Feb. What else A little more information Internet access. How many Workawayers can stay? More than two. Feedback left by and about host Jen was a very interesting person to talk to. Believe her when she says she is a good cook. Michael has led a very interesting life and is so much fun to have around.

He works hard and learns fast. He is a very generous soul. Toeff, his dog, is generally very well behaved, but cannot be trusted around unfamiliar cats. I feel very lucky to have had Michael show up at my door! Left by Workawayer Michael for host. I just spent a week with John and Patricia. It was a very rewarding experience for me. John creates some masterful cuisine and watching Patricia work with the horses was a pleasure.

The first day I was working with the horses by feeding, watering and mucking. The Wild Mustangs were standoffish but by the second day a couple of them were … read more approaching me being curious. By the third day a couple of them would be nuzzling me and playing a little bit.

By the time I left several horses had become friends and even the zebra was coming up to me. Patricia was also very instrumental in helping me get my dog trained around horses.

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By the end of the week, he was acclimated to the horses and would follow me around as I fed them. The capstone was there was a baby mustang born while I was there, I watched him getting cleaned by his mother, standing up and taking his first tentative steps. It was magical. I will be going back to help again!!!

Host rating

Left by Workawayer Ron for host. This was my 1st WorkAway experience and I loved it. I had never worked with horses or on a ranch but was eager to learn and they were happy to teach me what I needed to know. Everyone works as a team and pulls together and you'll never be asked to do anything that John … read more and Pat don't do themselves. And although I wasn't interested in becoming a trainer, I was able to interact with each horse during feeding and watering and was quite amazed at how some of these wild mustangs were eating out of my hand only a day or so after arriving.

I found this so moving that you might say I added it to my bucket list and immediately checked it off. John's cooking is always outstanding and I walked away with a few recipes I'll be using myself. If you're a bit flexible and have a positive attitude the horses know , you'll achieve far more than you hoped for. I certainly will be back to volunteer at MustangCamp again.

Oh, almost forgot Annie their lovable dog that may never catch a prairie dog but will certainly be your best friend.

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Ron is incredibly smart and energetic. We severely over used him because we were in the middle of a massive move to Milan, NM.

It was cold, brutal, and endless, and he is a trouper all the way. You will not be sorry to cross paths with this wonderful man. Left by Workawayer Emma for host. I only stayed at the camp for a week, but I had a lovely time. The work was reasonable and was always followed by a hot cup of tea or a delicious home-cooked meal. The food really is terrific. There was unlimited reading material and I had some really wonderful conversations with both Pat and John.

The accommodations were pretty rustic but … read more quite comfortable when combined with a space heater, an electric blanket, and a cuddly cat. Pat and John are so dedicated to what they do and it really shows in the animals they adopt out. Thank you for having me! Emma helped me vaccinate 20 horses and held horses for farrier work. She is extremely reliable and very comfortable to have around. The only complaint is that she didn't stay long enough which would be months or years , but she is welcome back any time! Left by Workawayer Denise for host.

My stay here was an absolute last. Patricia is a very knowledgeable patient teacher and John provides you with great New Mexican food. In the afternoon you can help with training the mustangs. Next to the horses you will also find 2 dogs, 4 cats, 3 goats, a mule and even a zebra who all love attention. Thank you so much for everything! You can only contact Workawayers who have an active membership. Jasna was a particularly wonderful guest that had a lot of interesting stories. We learned a lot about Vikings and English archaeology from her. Left by Workawayer Jasna for host. Staying at the camp was my first Workaway experience and I can only say I am glad I chose them!

Everything people had written before me is true: observing Patricia working with horses is priceless, John's cooking will keep you well fed and happy, the Library is a treasure trove of books, and all their animals are very friendly. I felt welcome … read more from the first moment I arrived here. I was given the chance to spend as much time with animals as I wanted, but at the same time the freedom to decide what I wanted to do with my free time: I was encouraged to work on my own little project weaving on Navajo loom with bale strings : and had a chance to explore the nearby landscape with two Navajo ruins.

I learnt so much about mustangs and burros by observing the trainings and by talking to Patricia and John, and I was amazed to see how successful Patricia's training methods were. All in all it was an amazing experience, which rekindled my love for horses. I do hope I have a chance to go back sometime in the future.

Ramona was fun to have as a visitor. We wish she could have stayed longer. Left by Workawayer Allison for host. I worked for Patricia and John for 3 weeks and had an amazing time. It really exceeded my expectations and I couldn't have asked for more inviting and down to earth hosts. Patricia is full of knowledge, and I would highly recommend being open to listening and learning from her during your time at the Camp, because she has so much to share. Her … read more relationship with horses is awe-inspiring, and if you're willing to learn she is more than willing to teach.

The facilities are more than adequate, and if you're not afraid of a little dust in a fully functioning horse ranch than you'll feel right at home. John's food is top notch and I looked forward to every meal he made, and if you're lucky he'll make you popcorn as a snack. Thanks guys, hope to see you again sometime soon. Left by Workawayer Veronica for host.

I stayed for 2 months and had the best summer of my life here. I learned so much about training with positive reinforcement and working with wild mustangs and burros. John and Pat are kind and generous hosts. Left by Workawayer Simon for host. Due to an overfull travel schedule I only stayed with Patricia and John for two weeks. Daisy's Chief Dane, better known as Harley, must be calm, confident, and strong in his work as a track pony.

Harley has ponied horses in the Kentucky Derby, including famed racers like California Chrome and Frammento. Working at Kentucky's Churchill Downs and Keeneland Racecourse, he's developed a fan following of his own. LV Integrity , our endurance champion! This Arabian gelding entered his first endurance competition in as a six-year old and is still competing today at age Rosie first rode Old Ironsides or Sugar as he is fondly known in and fell in love.

She followed his career, and put the word out that she'd take him when he retired. Now retired from race riding herself, Rosie is promoting Thoroughbred aftercare. Like Rosie, Sugar does it all - from ponying, to trail riding and eventing. The flashy leopard Appaloosa gelding made his show debut at age 3 and has had success in many different classes, including earning several National and World Championships in Appaloosa Heritage with his owners Ron and Donna Georgyi of Ohio. I tagged along. Within a few years, Judy and Steven decided it was time for them and their two daughters, Lexi and Sara, to have a farm of their own.

In August they bought 70 acres in Richmond. Jenn points to the young mare she just finished schooling. There are lightweight coolers near the door if she needs one. Judy greets both, and returns her attention to her student. Come again. She finishes their conversation about a car repair before the student makes it back to the jump. She discovered horses as a.

Judy credits Sally with igniting in her a passion for teaching. Sally was all about the flatwork. She instilled in me that your horse has to go well on the flat to jump well. It was a trial-by-fire experience. But it was a great job. I learned to handle a lot. Initially, Judy worked at the cytogenetics lab of Berkshire Medical Center, but she was lured away to run.

Judy says. We cleared thirty to thirty-five acres of pasture and built everything else here ourselves. The main barn includes 36 eleven-foot by twelve-foot box stalls, each with an automatic waterer. The smaller barn, which can be used for special situations, has four large stalls with an adjoining grass paddock. The facility includes two separate, heated tack rooms, one for lesson horses and the other for boarders.

Boarders and students who lease or. The heated 83' x ' indoor arena has dust-free footing to keep the air inside respiratory-friendly for horses and riders. About half of the 30 horses currently at the farm live outside. There was a lot going on. I could teach from morning to night every day. I loved that part. It gradually grew overwhelming — especially after Judy developed an autoimmune disease that made walking uncomfortable.

In , it was time to downsize at bit. We have an active riding community of 20 to 25 people and a barn staff of five. Jennifer and I still do a bunch of teaching. We have just shifted focus a little. We welcome new students who ride our lesson horses and who are not leasing yet, but we like stu-. Students typically spend a lot of time at the barn, which helps them achieve whatever goals they have set for themselves. Their enthusiasm and hard work pay off. But riding in horse shows is not a goal for everyone at the farm. The staff is great, and Judy is really flexible.

I bought my horse from her when he was three or four. She can concentrate on the teaching she loves and savor the supportive learning community she has built at White Horse Hill. Kara Noble has a pair of Icelandic mares and a pair of mini donkeys at her farm in Montgomery and has ridden for most of her life. Optimize the health and performance of your horse with minimally invasive techniques.

Wendy re-aligns the biomechanical function to fit the individual horse. Fellowship in the s. She fell in love with the both island and her future husband. Early in , Sarah met Carol Kenney while the two were serving on the board of a local educational nonprofit. Sarah was between jobs, and she.

They also contributed funds to launch its initial programs, which began in January From the outset, planning for the programs at Misty Meadows focused on meeting needs within the local community and supporting existing horse programs on the island. Instead of pursuing a traditional program of lessons,.

By the end, all three jumped a raised ground pole.

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  • It was the first time jumping for one of them. They were just glowing. It was huge for them. They told everyone in the barn. Sarah, a native of Northern Ireland, grew up riding, but had stepped out of the horse world by the time she came to the University of Massachusetts Amherst on a Fulbright. They invited local farm owners and other professionals to a meeting in the spacious hayloft, and continued discussing the potential for a new equine nonprofit for the better part of a year.

    Early in , those conversations culminated in a series of extremely successful pilot programs run at the farm with volunteer staff and borrowed horses. In November , they donated their. Rebecca has extensive equine and nonprofit experience. I wanted to focus on preventative mental health through work with horses. We knew early on that we wanted to offer programs to build com-. Rather than trying to explain what EAL is by talking about it, Rebecca and Sarah decided it would be more effective to invite people to come experience it. When they did, they loved it.

    Each session involves a mental health professional, an equine specialist, a group of participants, and a small herd of horses loose in their indoor arena. People expect answers from the organizers.

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    Instead, we encourage them to try things, to find the answers within themselves. They have also created custom EAL programs to meet the needs of other community organizations, including mental health professionals, veterans, substance abuse treatment programs, corporate groups, native populations, and first responders. Soon after the center opened, Sarah began negotiations to incorporate Rising Tide Therapeutic Equestrian. Center into the facility. The two organizations merged in February , allowing them to expand their programming to include comprehensive services for physically, emotionally and learning-disabled children and adults.

    The merger also added therapeutic riding instructor Linda Wanamaker to their team. Everyone agreed a new name was needed to complete the integration of the two nonprofits. All three hope to complete their certification in spring Staff participated in inclusion training, learning best practices for integrating various constituencies within their programs.

    Everyone volunteers to help in the barn and in lessons. Sarah credits teamwork for that accomplishment. The staff.

    Writer, horsewoman, research psychologist, occasional statistician, traveller, mother

    The volunteers. We have an amazing team. We did, and now it is one of our most popular programs. We could expand into therapeutic carriage driving. We could introduce vocational programs. We have lots of options. Heidi Ganser deeply appreciates the impact the center has had on her year-old daughter, Cameron. Visit mvhorsecenter. I approached the hand horse and spent ten minutes trying to figure it out! Finally, the horse shoved his. Star Equiculture, Sam gained confidence working with draft horses that towered over her, learning how to care for them, and meeting other people who loved horses as much as she did.

    Blue Star was also where Sam would meet the mare that would become her best friend for life: a draft-cross PMU foal named Calliope. She works in sunny Williston, Florida, training young performance horses while also pursuing her own interests in training Mustangs and rescuing PMU foals. Her body language is confident, the horse always looking to her for the next challenge.

    Sam says, smiling. She became an advocate for these horses that are a product of hormonereplacement drug manufacturing, for which the urine of pregnant mares is collected and sold. The resulting foals are usually separated from their mothers and become destined for auction and slaughter. Sam looks at Calliope and all she has become, and struggles knowing the circumstances under which she was born, and that many are not so lucky to end up in loving hands.

    She adopted Calypso as a threemonth-old, and has taken great joy in watching the filly grow up and in train-. Extreme Mustang Makeover events. There was a Youth Mustang Makeover competition being held in Massachusetts that year, and a friend suggested, in jest, that Sam enter it. Sam laughed, but began learning more about the process and found herself very interested, despite still never having taken a formal riding lesson.

    She signed up, had a lifechanging experience, and became hooked. Sam and her horses moved down to Florida to focus on training full-time, and she began work starting young horses at Prosperity Farms Sport Horses. Her mother still has a letter Sam wrote home that summer, foreshadowing the lifelong commitment to horses Sam was about to make. Volunteering at Blue Mustangs have become a huge part of her identity as a horsewoman. Sam briefly explains the problem. Sam loves the way the organization promotes the versatility and trainability of Mustangs, and remains a strong advocate for their work.

    In her second Youth Mustang Challenge, she claimed reserve champion with a chestnut gelding named Chile. The following year, she won it all with a gray called Lynx, who she decided to keep as her own. She has placed in the top 10 with several other horses consistently in the years since, and is routinely recognized for her training skills. But, for Sam, winning is hardly the. Helping horses toward better futures, and witnessing the transformation that takes place to get them there, is what makes this all worthwhile.

    He started riding bareback and bridleless easily after only a few weeks of real working rides, and now at five years old he is my main liberty and trick horse.

    Atlanta Horse Connections 16th Edition by city horse connections - Issuu

    He helps me be an ambassador for Mustangs, showing what incredible horses they can be and how they can excel in just about any discipline. Brittany Mayer of Cumberland, Rhode Island, first met Sam when they were both competing in the Extreme Mustang Makeover, and remembers being blown away the first time she saw Sam ride. Sam is fully immersed in her element, and deeply in tune with the horses at liberty in front of her.

    My focus is always on making that connection. With each connection made, Sam learns something new about horses and herself. The drive in was a bit precarious on steep and narrow roads, and I later realized that was the only route with a GPS signal. I stopped and. They also have their own parking area in the middle of the forest. Wear blaze orange during hunting seasons. I saw three dogs, all off-leash, but well-mannered. This section of the Berkshires is rugged, remote, and beautiful. Other wildlife that can be seen are deer, bobcat, beaver, and fisher.

    Beartown is a deciduous forest, with two sections of old-growth forest. There are flowering shrubs and wildflowers in season, and foliage blankets the area in the fall. The acre Benedict Pond is a key attraction in the forest, as are the yearround campsites located on the western edge of the pond. The state purchased 5, acres to create the forest in The Civilian Conservation Corps CCC worked in the forest from until , creating the forest roads, and the earthen dam that formed Benedict Pond.

    There were no trail maps at Benedict Pond. You can also print one at home from dcr. Campsites have a fee and must be reserved. The bathrooms were closed, but a sign on the door said that the composting toilets at the campground were open. Only a few other cars were in the boat launch parking lot, and I easily pulled in and looped my trailer around, pointing back out toward the forest access road. I used the bench of a picnic table near the top of the parking lot as a mounting block. As expected, most other trail users were around Benedict Pond.

    The deeper I rode into the forest, the more I had the trails to myself. Out Riding It My ride started on Old Campground Road, to the left of the boat launch parking lot when facing the forest access road. Nature is slowly reclaiming Old Campground Road. Fallen leaves blanket the sides, and moss grows up through the cracks in the pavement. At the beginning of Old Campground Road, close to the pond, there are random picnic tables placed here and there in the woods, with small grills for visitors.

    Beartown Mountain and Livermore Peak are both more than 1, feet, and the trails and roads we rode in the woods rose and fell as we worked our way around the sides of these mountains. Many times as I rode along the trails and roads in the park there were large rock outcroppings rising up on one side of me, with drop-offs down to lower elevation areas on my other side.

    Trails are a mixture of woods trail, gravel, and paved roads. Rocks abound, and sections of trail were technical — I recommend hoof protection. I was always close to a stream or a babbling brook while riding on the roads and trails near Benedict Pond. There are a couple of old cemeteries in the woods; one is on the Mount Wilcox Trail.

    If you head south take a left onto Benedict Pond Road you can immediately connect to Beartown Mountain Trail, another bridle and mountain bike trail. I followed this trail back down toward Benedict Pond. I came around a. A few other smaller birds flitted about as I rode through the forest. The trees were bare, offering glimpses of the Berkshire hills and mountains in the distance, although the colors of my ride were muted shades of gray.

    I imagine that coming back and exploring when the forest is green or foliage is at its peak will be spectacular. Happy trails! Stacey Stearns, a lifelong equestrian from Connecticut, enjoys trail riding and endurance with her Morgan horses. Behaviorist Sue M. McDonnell, Ph. A lot of horses become helpless and unmotivated because of the way we desensitize the horse to new things.

    Horses are highly sensitive, sentient prey animals that need to take in their environment to make good decisions for their well-being. Under pressure, when balls, ropes, and plastic bags on sticks are pushed into his space?