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NASA Heads For 'Psyche,' A Mysterious Metallic Asteroid That Could Be The Heart Of A Dead Planet

How can we still justify using and destroying land to produce cotton over food? To pollute land, waterways and air to produce polyester? Without a physical collection to show, Frandsen represented her final project by displaying a mound of textile waste that had accumulated in her university's fashion studio over the past two to three months.

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Frandsen's lack of a physical collection was a response to the theme of this year's RCA graduate show, All at Once, which asked students to address the fashion industry's impact on people and the planet. I was constantly swimming against the stream and it took a few battles, not the least with myself," explained Frandsen.

End of the world? This distant dead planet could be a preview of Earth's final fate

Other students focused on developing materials based on bio-technology, or repurposing old, discarded materials and objects into new products. Fransden believes that the potential future growth of the fashion industry could put the very survival of the planet at stake. According to the Global Witness report released during the Congress, at least people were killed in 35 countries protecting rights to land and the environment between and Moreover, was the worst year so far to be an environmental defender, with killings - nearly three times more than in Impunity for these crimes is rife: only 10 perpetrators are known to have been convicted between and - just over one per cent of the overall incidence of killings.

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Brazil is the most dangerous place to defend rights to land and the environment, with killings, followed by Honduras and the Philippines The sad reality is that being an environmental activist is also deadly. Thanks to people like Billy Kyte of Global Witness for exposing the very scary fact that 2 activists protecting rights to land and environment are killed per week. Our own experiences for example in Istanbul's Gezi Park and in the Russian Arctic last year made me realize how difficult it is to be a peaceful protestor in the current political and legal climate. It takes an incredibly committed individual to stand up against the all powerful - whether they are governments or oil companies - when those individuals have their security put on the line in order to protect all of our rights.

The 28 Greenpeace activists and two freelance journalists who faced piracy charges following their peaceful protest in the Russian arctic had no chance of receiving a fair trial. Luckily, the Arctic 30, as we call them, had their freedom secured by the millions around the world who stood up and took action to defend them. But most Human Rights defenders are not so lucky. Environmental campaigners are under attack.

Indigenous communities fighting to save their own homes, are too under attack.

There Are No Human Rights on a Dead Planet | HuffPost

Governments and corporations are increasingly putting them under immense pressure. Some are being charged with terrorism and piracy, and jailed, silenced and even killed. Their fundamental rights and freedoms are being violated-- freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, freedom of association - even the right to life itself.

As we meet today, Greenpeace worldwide is facing about 72 million euros in damages claims and our activists collectively face decades of jail-time as a result of peaceful campaign efforts aimed at exposing environmental problems. Corporations are seeking court orders to permanently stop protests. We need vigorous action fighting public backlash and regressive laws.

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We need the support of human rights lawyers in strategically defending environmental activists and NGOs from government and corporate attacks. I urge human rights lawyers to be creative and fearless in defending environmental activists from injustice. Let's break down the artificial barriers that have so long separated the human rights, environmental, and development communities.

We face common threats. But there are common solutions.

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Sharan Burrow of the International Trade Union Confederation, in a meeting with the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, noticed that the he was a bit unsure why she was even there because the topic of the conversation was climate change. She said to him, you might be wondering why as a trade unionist I'm so concerned about the climate.

That's because 'there are no jobs, decent or indecent, on a dead planet.

Mars: Death of a Planet

So to bring it home, there are no lawyers or clients on a dead planet either. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. People celebrate on the steps leading to Gezi Park in Taksim square after Turkish riot police pulled back allowing them to enter the square in Istanbul, Turkey, Tuesday, July 9,