Church Boyz: Temptations of the Flesh

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Temptations of the Flesh

Turn to your neighbor and look them dead in the eyes. Make sure your expression is stern when you ask them this question: What in the world are you lusting after?

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That is my topic for this blessed Sunday morning, which will be part of a series over the next six weeks. Ask them! Because half of you in here are guilty as charged. In John , the Apostle of Jesus called it the lust of the eyes — the first area I will focus on this morning. If this was how it was going to be over the next six weeks — me sitting in a straitjacket — I may consider taking a brief sabbatical until the old preacher moved on to something else.

Maybe a custom-designed yacht or a mouth-watering piece of cheesecake. Then, let us not forget about the appeal of the opposite sex — and for some, it is the appeal of the same sex. However, I dare say that human attraction is one of the greatest avenues Satan uses to tempt.

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I always say that God is not going to stop creating beautiful people. The problem comes when we allow our hearts to become set on obtaining these desires using illegal means, as we see here in our text. A married woman, a woman who had everything going for her.


So much so until one day she eventually tore his coat off of his body. It is an all-out war on her Christian faith. Husband, Father, Muscian, Writer Conceived in the chills of Switzerland, Fowler's parents journeyed back home to the Bahamas where he was born and reared a Caribbean product. A cosmopolitan at heart, Fowler's interest in the power of writing was ignited at the impressionable age of thirteen, awarding him the opportunity to share his furor with his family and close friends.

His first poem, inspired by his Literary teacher was published at age fourteen by a recognized publishing company in Washington D.

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He's a graduate of Remmington College in Tampa Florida and was elected to deliver the graduation speech for the Bachelor program. Most of his reading and writing experiences have been immensely touched by noted prolific writers such as, Agatha Christie, John Grisham, Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim Lahaye. He now introduces his new novel, "Church Boyz".

church boyz temptations of the flesh Manual

Fowler's favorite activities, besides writing and reading, include playing the piano, traveling, and meeting new people. Visit his blog at www.

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