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Are we empiricists, epicurianists, existentialists, hedonists, humanists, platonists, skeptics or stoicists? Listen on to find out more and to hear a full-on discussion of life, the universe and everything! Notes and transcriptions available. Includes analysis of the vocabulary and the themes in the poem and also a chance to enjoy the unique voice of Sir Michael Caine — with some funny impressions too.

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Transcript, vocabulary and videos available. Vocabulary explained in the episode and available on the page. Plot spoilers throughout the episode! Listen carefully for descriptive vocabulary for describing emotions and feelings as well as the language of childbirth previously explained in episodes and Merry Christmas! Here is some more listening you can do while waiting for the next episode of LEP. We recorded an episode all about the Paris Metro while riding the Paris Metro. You can listen to it here. Thank you for listening! So, expect to hear our thoughts and some facts about this very traitional British institution.

Listen for explanations of the film, its appeal, descriptions of the characters and events, the type of people who like the film and a few bits of dialogue too. Notes and videos available. Learn about Australian English, Aussie accent, Aussie slang and exactly what you should say whenever you meet a true blue Aussie, mate! Who Wants to be Good at English? Will my dad be able to identify the words, spell them and explain the differences?

Listen to learn 20 words and phrases which native English speakers often get wrong. Vocabulary list with definitions and examples available. Includes a cameo appearance by young Hugo, saying his first words on the podcast. Vocabulary is explained in the second part of the episode. Listen to Andy and Ben talking about their experiences of becoming parents, how their babies were born and more. Vocabulary is explained in the second half of the episode. Martin and Dan are lifelong friends. They know each other very well but they spend a lot of their time bickering and getting at each other.

Do they really like each other or not? Vocabulary list and explanations available. Vocabulary is explained after the conversation and there is a vocabulary list available below. Ethan is very well-travelled, having lived in at least 6 different countries.

  • Bachelor Undone (Mills & Boon Desire) (Bachelors in Demand, Book 3).
  • Speaking is often a source of great frustration for ESL learners.;
  • Mercenarys Destiny (The Wild Geese Saga Book 5).
  • The King of Harlem;
  • Protozoan Parasites of Fishes, Volume 26 (Developments in Aquaculture and Fisheries Science).
  • Learn 600 of the Most Important English Nouns.

Vocabulary notes and language test available. Listen to Paul Taylor and me discussing the tricky relationship between spelling and pronunciation. Good luck, may the force be with you. Vocabulary list, song lyrics, definitions and a quiz available. It was pretty intense, and you can listen to it all here on this page.

Vocabulary list and memory quiz available. Notes and transcript on the page. Vocabulary list and definitions available. Listen to find out what happened in this part of my trip. Check the episode page for the vocabulary. Vocabulary, lyrics and definitions available on the page. Includes various bits of vocabulary throughout the episode. N otes and vocabulary available on the page. Notes and vocabulary available on the page. Watch Star Wars on your TV or computer, and listen to our commentary at the same time. May the force be with you. Why does the UK have so many accents?

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In this episode I answer several questions from listeners about accents, including how regional accents occur in the UK and why there are so many accents there. Video available. This one contains a moving true story about recovering from a serious illness. A quick episode with a few announcements about the podcast. Understanding the Liverpool Accent Helping you to understand and appreciate the Liverpool accent and Scouse English, featuring clips of comedy, a short history of Liverpool and interviews with famous footballers, actors and musicians.

British Comedy: John Bishop Helping you to understand a comedian with a Liverpool accent — learn vocabulary, culture and accents in English. Get this word into your life Learn lots of phrases and uses of the word GET that you heard in episodes and How I make episodes of the podcast Part 2 Talking about the technical side of making a podcast, with a few funny anecdotes too. How I make episodes of the podcast Part 1 Talking about the creative side of making podcast episodes, including some thoughts on how to come up with ideas and how to speak in front of an audience.

What are the appropriate answers? What are the subtle differences? How do native speakers use these questions? Can you take the test and get all the right responses? Sarah Donnelly Conversation and language analysis with the podpals and guest Sarah. Talking about being married to a foreign person, bringing up bilingual kids, and slang from Australia and Northern Ireland. Vocabulary is explained at the end. David Crystal in episodes and and how they relate to learning English. In this episode, David answers questions from listeners. Listen to this episode and then watch the film on Netflix or DVD for that extra bit of English input.

Includes comments about motivation and attitude for dealing with any challenge, including learning a language to fluency. What is this, British Humour? What is British humour? What does it tell us about British culture and communication style? What are the typical forms of humour in the UK? This episode features lots of vocabulary related to cars, but a lot more too including your guide to how to speak like Jeremy Clarkson. Thanks for voting! This Pile of Books on my Desk Talking about a pile of 16 mostly unread books which has been sitting on my desk for months.

Reading Books to Learn English Recommending some self-study books for improving your grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary, talking about the value of reading for your English and some ways you can use books to improve your English in general. Hi Luke, I have a question! Another episode done in a similar style to the last one, with some news, some rambling and some questions and comments from the website. Listen for story telling, questions and general fun, plus some jokes at the end of the episode. Videos and vocabulary lists available below.

Includes swearing. We talked about teaching and podcasting, including some behind-the-scenes stories of LEP. Zdenek uses his particular set of skills to analyse 50 bits of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation from the interview. Listen to informal English spoken in a Glasgow accent, and understand it. Anyone fancy a brew? Everything you need to know about the culture of tea-drinking in the UK, including a full guide to how to make a nice cup of tea, English style.

What was the most popular episode of LEP in ? With the Family Part 3 More Encounters with Famous People My mum, dad and brother tell us a few more anecdotes about their encounters with some well-known people. With the Family Part 2 My Uncle Met a Rock Star Listen to my uncle Nic telling some stories about British rock stars he has met over the years, including an encounter with one of the most famous musicians in the world! British Festivals and Holidays Part 2 An episode all about special days and celebrations in the British calendar.

Cultural information and some pronunciation work. There are videos for the intro and outro of this episode. Talking about working as a translator and interpreter, and her experiences of learning English and other languages. You might like them too. What are the most essential skills of a good foreign language learner? Exploring responses to this question on quora. Also, a quick chat with English Robot , who has been in a box for about 3 years.

Learn British English with Luke Thompson

Finding it hard to make progress beyond an intermediate level? Listen to this episode to get lots of advice on breaking the intermediate plateau. Breaking the Intermediate Plateau Part 1 A woman, on the other hand, would talk about her purse. But beware! If you are irritated it means that you are a little bit angry or annoyed; something has got on your nerves. It does not mean that you are a little bit confused. It is a perfectly correct way to describe someone who is your superior.

This can cause confusion in some languages. For example, the French footballer Eric Cantona was forced to do community service in the form of youth football coaching after he attacked a fan of a rival team who had insulted him. Executive clients have looked at me in horror as I described them as workers. A worker is someone who works, who has a job and can be anyone from the dustbin man to the managing director. A clerk is someone who works in an office and who does clerical work such as filing, telephoning, typing etc.

The people are Hungarian and speak Hungarian but please, please note that Hungaria sic. This has nothing to do with placing them in a pile! A notice is an official sign or written piece of information that is placed in a prominent location where everyone will see or notice it. This may be a notice board but it is NOT a blackboard. This sounds terrible to English ears. We use it as an abstract concept in English. England is only one part of Great Britain. Scots would be very offended and may even turn violent! It is perfectly correct to write 18 August, 21 September or 4 July.

We say to work for a company; e. A large area where you may have to pay to park your car is known as a car park or a parking lot in the United States. In English, Doctors tend to work in hospitals rather than in management and in any case, a doctorate is indicated by the letters Ph.

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  7. Confusion abounds! We will also highlight a few outdated idioms that you should avoid, and give you some exercises to practise your understanding. Something that appears bad at first but ends up having good results Missing that plane turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I got to spend more time with my family. A humorous way of saying someone is stupid or is a bit mad He brought only shorts and t-shirts when he went to Sweden in the winter — I think he might be a sandwich short of a picnic!

    When someone does something to make a bad situation worse When Sarah started laughing during the argument, it really added fuel to the fire! To be at a point in your life when you need to make an important decision I was at a crossroads when I was offered a job in the US, but my boyfriend wanted to stay in London.

    Are you planning to quit university, or not? Better late than never! To do something that helps you get rid of stress, energy or anger After my meeting with the boss, I went for a run to blow off steam. Something that is very ordinary or basic, nothing special Despite the excellent reviews, we thought the restaurant was just bog-standard. Work that has been done badly, in a clumsy, lazy way The original builders did such a bodge job of our kitchen that we had to get it completely redone.

    An informal way of asking someone to move to make room for you Could you budge up a bit so I can sit down? To refuse to think about or confront serious issues or situations Martin just buries his head in the sand when it comes to his financial problems. To work very hard on something, or to harass someone I was busting my chops all night to get that report finished! Stop busting my chops!

    To narrowly succeed in doing something The traffic was terrible so we only made the plane by the skin of our teeth! I think we should call it a day and finish the report tomorrow. The new sales guy at the office has a real chip on his shoulder. To become silent or stop talking When Bill came into the room, Jenny just seemed to clam up.

    I think she likes him! To deliberately ignore someone I got the cold shoulder from Anna at the party. When something is very expensive That Italian meal cost a bomb! When something is very expensive The new bar in town was really fancy, but my drink cost an arm and a leg! To get to the point, to not include unnecessary detail To cut a long story short , she has to move back to the US until her new visa comes through. To do something in the easiest way possible usually not very well in order to save time or money We had to cut corners to get the project done within our budget and by January.

    To get directly to the point when speaking, to not give unnecessary detail I have to leave in a minute so can you cut to the chase? What exactly do you want me to do? To refuse to do something or change your mind, especially when people are trying to persuade you I wanted to go on the earlier train, but Mary dug her heels in so we had to get the later one.

    Top Twenty Errors in Undergraduate Writing

    It can be a cut throat business. I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures! To be extremely hungry I am so hungry I could eat a horse. Every cloud…! To become very angry, scared or excited can be negative or positive I freaked out when I saw The Rolling Stones perform. That Goth at the club freaked me out a bit because he was dressed like a vampire! You must have had a good day at work. To become difficult to control The protest got out of hand and the police had to intervene when some demonstrators broke down a fence. To overcome or move on from a difficult situation Moving out of the city for a while might help you get over Harry.

    Did you get up on the wrong side of bed , or something? To believe or trust what someone tells you even though it might not be true Hannah said she missed the exam because her car broke down.