Winning at Collaboration Commerce: The Next Competitive Advantage

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The e-commerce market share in Q3 , as a percentage of all retail sales, has increased to 9.

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Census Bureau, up from 3. The fashion industry functions as the engine for growth and innovation and has been the muse for many technological breakthroughs such as the invention of Google image search thanks to Jennifer Lopez's Grammys Versace dress in New age e-commerce entrepreneurs continue to enrich the cyberspace with new and innovative business concepts and marketing strategies while fashion is as an ever inspiring source for visual technology and merchandizing that increases online retail conversion rates.

E-commerce enabled luxury fashion to be more accessible around the globe and became a significant part of the global economy, today. Due to the growth that will be driven by emerging markets worldwide, McKinsey Global Fashion Index further projects global fashion industry sales to grow by 3. Due to the lack of financing options not many small businesses manage to integrate omni-channel strategic marketing in comparison to larger brands.

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  5. Moreover an increasing number of startups and smaller online enterprises are successfully boosted by platforms like Shopify, Kickstarter and IndieGogo. DHL Express thus partners with Shopify to empower small businesses to go global.

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    Broader positioning through both e-commerce and offline brick-and-mortar retailing remains important, as consumers continue to seek for products available digitally and locally. In fashion most traditional luxury brands are exclusively available through their own online and offline stores, younger medium-sized luxury brands waive the management of their own online shop and instead distribute their goods through select offline stores with respective online stores.

    For the growing number of smaller niche fashion labels concerned about in-depth storytelling, transparency, personalization as well as sustainable and ethical aspects of their supply chain — individually refined online stores are an indispensable tool since visual and content-related digital representations play an increasingly important role to eco-commerce consumers and millennials. This significant distinguishing factor is a major benefit of smaller sustainable e-commerce businesses, yet many of them are lacking in digital visibility, e.

    Sustainability-conscious consumers can globally purchase and better inform themselves about niche products and brands online. Personalization — describes a customer-centered e-commerce model that provides more personalized and curated shopping experiences with a focus on niche markets and customization opposed to mass production. Consumer want to be individual by identifying themselves with authentic brands and products, implying that brands will have to focus on their strengths, their brand story and quality of products. E-mail commerce — will become vital to brands.

    Personal customer service and secure purchases through e-mail gives online shopping a much more personal touch. There are major gains for businesses that know how to build long-term customer trust online. Sustainability — will evolve to be indispensable for brands, products and e-commerce, as millennials are becoming increasingly sustainability and quality-conscious.

    Is collaboration the new competition?

    Mindful consumption and circular economy principles will be an integral part of the value and supply chain. The process of e-commerce itself will become more sustainable by improving product informations and online visualization, consumer behavior, packaging material and delivery options.

    Coordination and Cooperation — in supply chain management and e-commerce will cause retail sales to rocket. Two-thirds of the U.

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    But it is still a possible big advantage to Walmart if they could think like one business instead of two. They are also attempting to crowdsource package drop-off among customers.

    "Competitive Advantage of Collaboration" David Sloan Wilson at 2018 Business for Peace Foundation

    But Amazon has non-perishable products like diapers that its infrastructure allows shoppers to set up regularly scheduled deliveries, a service popular on Diapers. A fantastic feature. And Amazon is already a step ahead with its Amazon Fresh same-day delivery, currently available in the Seattle area but soon headed for California. Amazon is building out this infrastructure for perishables.

    Advantages and Disadvantages:

    Groceries will be the battleground very soon coming to the forefront. This will further eat into solid Walmart business. They are creating a vast new logistics system that includes building new warehouses for Web orders. Hedging their bets so to speak. More illustration of the internal competition in our mind. The extra layer added to its costs. Walmart e-commerce strategy … agile innovation Amazon has existed in the ecommerce technology world since their inception. They think like a technology company and agile innovators. They are not afraid to try new things and they can get things done quickly, thanks to the culture their CEO Bezos has instilled.

    The big box behemoth may not be a start-up, but it does try to think like one with its Walmart Labs division. Those groups is developing Pangaea, a global technology platform with scan and go apps that let shoppers buy in store via a smartphone, and online operations in growing markets outside the U. But why would an on-line shopper want to deal with the congestion of a visit to a Walmart mega store?

    C-Commerce in practise:

    Not us. Walmart ecommerce strategy customer set differences Walmart demographics, a quarter of whom reportedly do not use debit or credit cards or even have a bank account, represent a big difference with their key e-commerce competitor. While we have not found any statistics on Amazon customer set, we speculate a much larger representation of higher end incomes among their shoppers.

    Big advantage to Amazon we believe, both in consumer disposable income, but also in ability to operate and shop on-line. And take advantage of frequent new technology features. Existing in-store strategies Walmart has an enormous and growing network of brick and mortar outlets — 4, in the U.

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    More internationally. With those stores goes an equally enormous product offering. A blessing but an equal curse. They are a long ways on being able to put all the products on-line where they can be easily found. At some stage these stores and product line may be an advantage for Walmart. But those are technology constrained goals that are, for now, out of reach.

    And that is not even considering how Walmart might solve its internal competition problems. Can you imagine the Wal-Mart cash cow making compromises in terms of revenue and profit to help their e-commerce business? Walmart ecommerce performance. Walmart e-commerce strategy … e-commerce technology lead Like Amazon, Walmart has a massive product offering. Walmart must transform itself into an invisible personal shopper to help customers navigate its vast inventory.

    What exactly would that take? A lot.