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Let her stew in her own juice. That evening while I was eating dinner I saw a text from my son.

What's up with you and Mom. Call me. Mom called. She is going nuts. She said you and her had an argument and you moved out. There's a little more to it than an argument. Tell me. She's been cheating for quite a while. I found out and moved out. Are you sure?

He got pictures of them together. I'm afraid it's true. She really loves you. I guess we're both wrong. Call me what ever you want but she is going to pay. I don't want to visit you in jail. I'm just cutting everything off. All she has left is her cell phone. Isn't this a little drastic? I refuse to support her any longer. Let lover boy support her. She can't even be honest with you. Next time you talk to her make her tell the truth. It should be a new learning experience for her. Don't try to take sides. It will work it's self out. It's really rotten what she did, but she's my Mom.

She'll always be your mother. You must be really pissed. After being married for twenty two years and she decides it's ok to fuck someone else. Keep me posted on what's going on. I love you. Take it easy on yourself. Bye bye. I waited till I got in the room to call them. I was driving and couldn't answer your call. She called and she was crying so much I had trouble understanding her. There's much more to it than that. What happened, Eric? She has a lover. I have pictures of them together.

I can't believe she did that. She wasn't raised that way. I think it's been going on for a few months. I can't imaging how hurt you are. I closed all the bank accounts. She may be calling you for money. I'll decide later what to do. I refuse to support her and I know we can't ever be husband and wife again. How is he taking it? He can't believe it either. He loves you guys so don't worry about that. Please stay in touch. I love you too. I knew her Facebook password so I opened her page.

I wanted all of her friends to know what a slut she was. I posted the pictures of them kissing and I added a caption. He is so hot. I just love taking his big black cock in my hot white pussy. He makes me cum so hard it's almost a religions experience. You haven't lived till you've had a big load of black cum in your pussy. It's amazing how good the orgasm are. Especially if he's hung.

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Most of them were from Sarah. A few from some of our friends. I just deleted everything and turned off my phone. That evening I checked my phone. My voice mail was full and I had a ton of texts. I answered the texts from my friends.

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I mostly told them I would be in touch when the dust settled. One of the calls was from her Mother. I called her. Sorry, but I had to turn off my phone. That was pretty cold.

It's just how I feel inside. Cold and angry. I overheard two women talking about having black lovers. They mentioned a chat room where they hooked up. I really didn't believe it was real so I checked it out. I found Sarah's profile there. I figured out her password and read her chat. It was, how should I say, revealing. I could send you a copy if you want. After you read it you'll be able to understand how I feel. I know you're hurt and angry, but you need to start letting it go.

If you don't it will consume you. You should think about some kind of counseling. I will in the near future.

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Sarah is thinking about coming here to live. And you should get her into some counseling too. She's pretty messed up now. She's dealing with the guilt and the hurt she caused you.

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She keeps saying she wants to talk with you. Her chat log and actions pretty much tell me everything. I want her out of my life as soon as possible. Then we can both move on. I knew my boss would be watching me closely. On Wednesday he called me into his office. What's up? It's way off. You're not doing the job I hired you to do. You're the best man I know for your job and your department is falling way off.

I want you to get your shit in one pile and do your job like you know how.

See a Problem?

I want you to go see a doctor. If you don't I'll have security drag you there. Go to your primary doctor and get some help. You can't do this alone. I don't mean to let you down. I'll call today and get an appointment. I'll handle your job till your get back on an even keel. Take all the time off you need. I'll do my best for you. He had enough irons in the fire and didn't need mine too.

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The combination of that and the weekly counseling sessions I was feeling pretty good about myself. Sarah kept calling wanting to talk. I didn't take her calls or answer her texts. One day I saw her parked at my motel. I don't know how she found me.