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Bear Pond atop French Mountain. Old post card view of French Mountain. Further inquiry discloses that George Schermerhorn, now 85, of Lake George , likewise had heard the buried treasure legend many times as a boy, Mr. The legend has it that British soldiers holding out at Fort William Henry at the head of the lake had not been paid for months and talk of a rebellion was heard within the bastion.

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With Legends of the Force running in the Walt Disney Studios park at the same time, this normally slow time of year at the resort will be exceptionally active. With the 90th birthday of Mickey Mouse fast approaching November 18th , Disneyland Paris have unveiled their plans to celebrate the momentous occasion. The big visual theme of the season is… cupcakes! Yes, Disneyland Paris does love a good cupcake. Giant cupcakes will be placed in each of the lands of Disneyland Park, themed to their respective land.

Parade performers with the Family of Honor car will also have cupcake themed outfits, and guests will be able to collect a set of cupcake themed button badges for each land. Yes, you read that right.

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It feels like barely a yesterday that we were waving goodbye to George and the magic of cinema for what we thought was the last time. However, the magic of cinema is set to return!

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Obviously, doing a big farewell for the show last year, only to bring it back again this year, has caused some controversy with some fans. However, I can get behind it.

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This adds more indoor entertainment options to the Walt Disney Studios park during the cold, and usually pretty wet, months. The building has been sitting unused since the run of Star Wars: Path of the Jedi ended. Still, it presents an opportunity for European guests to experience a Disney Parks classic they might not otherwise have had the chance to.

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You can read our mostly spoiler-free review of the Annual Pass preview of the show here. For day guests, particularly visitors from outside of Europe, these options might prove enticing enough to those looking to get as much as possible done in a short visit. Upon entering the Studios, guests were given a decorative programme and exclusive pin to mark the end of the 25th celebrations.

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Despite having a much smaller number of tickets compared to the FanDaze Innaugural Party , lines for a lot of the meets were still cut around an hour after the park opened. Guests also had the opportunity to learn the flash mob dance performed by Cast Members on the 12th April, as well as look-back at some of the highlights of the 25th Anniversary with the Disneyland Paris Ambassadors.

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The evening was rounded off with a parade featuring all the characters who were out meeting, and a fireworks and projection show on the Tower of Terror. Surprisingly, the Flash mob was probably the highlight of the evening, once again showing that guests in good spirits are willing to dance. Disneyland Paris took part in the European Heritage Days celebration for the first time this year. Pre-registered guided tours were also available.

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Four years later, at the height of the depression, the corporation gave concrete evidence of the progressive nature of the firm and its confidence in Glens Falls by installing an ultra-modern front in the stores. By the spring of , it was found essential to add still more space, this being acquired by taking over several offices on the second floor of the building.

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The most modern store fixtures were installed at that time. After the death of Julius Erlanger in , and of Mr. Watters in October , Howard Ornstein became president of the firm. He and his wife, Doris, who now reside at 28 Coolidge Ave.