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She rocked forward, enraged, and thundered up the corridor.

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The sentry girl gave the alarm. They flew for their beds.

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The matron burst in. Her arm swung and connected. A girl dropped. The hand of the moon went to the girl, tapping her on the shoulder, tapping to no avail.

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It withdrew, gliding back to the window and out. When the sun came up, its blaze seething into the floor, the girls gathered again at the window. They watched as the gardener dug a hole. His shovel thrust firmly in the ground, he lifted a covered figure and let drop. Its arms were crossed as it tumbled to the bottom. Sitting on a beach as the wind sways gently, A slender palm tree moves as in a dance. Reminiscing about each moment lived happily As the panorama of dusk takes the ocean's lamp. My senses, though numbed, are primed To receive the night's embrace. This evening, though young, burns sublime Energy into our enlightened grace.

Jaron Jan In the muggy moonlit night. A Sailor's Tale. Casting spells in a song of lust with such beauty undenied. He's chased her half a lifetime and have lost but all his pride. Sailing all the oceans blue He's left his ship dashed on the rocks.

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  • Begging for that enchanted kiss from his mermaid as she mocks. Her voice to call within a gale scent heady upon the waves. Nets shredded trying to capture her yet every night he craves. To nary catch a fleeting glimpse of her golden hair or tail. He's chased her 'cross the storming seas as winds and rain did wail. Forever calling out her name He's come to rest in every port. On moonlit nights he hears her song attempts to see her, she does thwart. The scent of salt does show his years but still he sails to her song. Forever on the shifting waves is where his heart belongs.

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    Ash Calli Sep Flowers Under Moonlit Skies. She must have been carved from stone, works of art like her can't be made naturally. Amanda May L B Nov In Between Jobs. One of those north face nights cloudless, dreamless thousands of feet up and clinging Wedged between cold and moonlit— still Red digits cannot contain the that they proclaim Breathing sideways to get enough! The air is paper thin Idle snow— loitering…. Jeff Stier Oct Violin Concerto by JS Bach.

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    A most pious man whose well-tempered music brushed the cobwebs from the throne of God Evolution was made manifest across deep time these lyrical figures achieve the same purpose in the space between the morning star and the dawn A fallow field is sewn with pearls a moonlit beach illuminated by shadow every scrape of the fiddler's bow merges mind with the present harvests the meaning in the moment The composer that good man was for a time church organist at St. John's its notable steeple leaning all askew as a rebuke against God or perhaps the drunken architect A finger of candlelight plays across the manuscript a fugue echoes through the still church And though no living person on that still winter's night shares the organist's solemn delight the stirring mass of possibility that is posterity awaits.

    Smoke Witch. Smoke witch gathering storm clouds just past the peak of mushrooms litanies of cicadas sing scratchy melodies to blustering winds setting dust flying.