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So plan ahead, be gentle on the brakes to fully harvest regenerated electricity, and accelerate calmly. Drive it as intended, and we found that it will go 22 miles on a full charge. Recharging it on a household volt outlet with 8 amps of current takes about five hours; expect to halve that time on volts. Our EV acceleration numbers are from the first two purely electric runs. Acceleration improves when both power sources are humming along in hybrid mode, but this is still a slow car.

In hybrid mode, the run to 60 mph takes Accept the lack of power and driving this hybrid is a laid-back experience. Only 67 decibels of noise come through at 70 mph, the steering is creamy and light, and the suspension is seemingly stuffed with goose down. Without much rubber on the road, the tires mustered only 0.

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On broken pavement, the suspension sends shudders into the structure that sound like a street performer drumming on a plastic bucket. There are some major differentiators between the Volt and the Prius Prime. First and foremost is the way the Volt drives. Clear feedback comes through the steering, the body roll is kept in check, the damping has the right dose of starch, and the structure stands up to any assaults from the road. The pound battery that runs through the middle of the car lowers the center of gravity, keeping the car glued to the tarmac.

Highway stability is excellent, and wind noise is minimal. Driving made us believers. Well, the Volt is also a better electric car than the Prius Prime. A recharge takes about 10 hours on a normal household outlet, dropping to five on a volt charger. Sending electricity back to the battery when decelerating is made easy, too.

2017 Chevrolet Volt Premier vs. 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Advanced

Leave the shifter in D or L and pull the paddle behind the wheel to activate the most aggressive regeneration mode. Lift off the accelerator, and the motors rapidly decelerate the car while increasing the amount of electricity generated. Touching the brake pedal is only necessary for emergencies and coming to a complete stop. A run to 60 mph takes only 7.

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Still not convinced? Take a long look at the Prius and the Volt. Inside, the Volt is similarly conventional. An eight-inch touchscreen is a familiar sight in GM cars and trucks, and it works well. A small door opening makes getting in and out of the back seat difficult, too. For Uber duty, the Prius has the Volt licked.

Type keyword s to search. From the February issue. View Photos. But its interior is roomy, airy, and well wrought. So, thankfully, do the chassis and the powertrain. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Comparison Test. Mazda 3 vs. VW Golf: Style vs. Q7 vs. BMW X5 vs. Civic vs. Corolla: Which Is the Better Hatch? Honda CR-V vs. Subaru Forester Face-Off. Subaru Ascent vs. Forester: Boxer Battle. Toyota RAV4 vs. Accord, 6, Camry. Join the Conversation Show Comments Loading She was SO mean to him!

The Best Car Jump Starter in the World and Why

I have no least favorite episode as of the moment. Devianart and Fanfiction. I love hip-hop and Zydeco, and I'm just fun to talk to. Here are some more Darkwing Duck icons that I made. As usual, feel free to snag them for use on your LJ or for avatars or whatever.

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At the very end are six specific to NaNoWriMo for this year as well. Is anyone else in this group planning on doing Nano? I made a handful of Darkwing Duck ship-themed banners for those of us who are fond of particular pairings. I included five pairings total, all ones that I enjoy myself. Two have an alternate version with the names listed in opposite order, since I've seen that particular pairing denoted both ways in summaries.

If people like these, I may make more in the future if people have suggestions for other pairings they'd like to see a banner for.

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Seven banners behind the cut Collapse. Since this community is still relatively new and small, I thought it might be fun and useful to make a starter post for members to post links to Darkwing fanfic they've written and posted in other places. Also, this can serve as a starting point for people new to the community and the fandom to find some stuff to read without having to spelunk through the large and not-so-easy-to-search and sort archive on fanfiction. If you've written stories that you would like added to this list, please reply to the post with your story information and links, and I'll revise the post to include it.

In addition, I'm adding pairing tags and some character tags that can be used as well. FYI, I'm doing the same thing with the fan art posts so that people can sort by artist. Also, the character and pairing tags can be used on fan art posts as well. Darkwing Duck Fanfiction Links Collapse. Here are 33 assorted Darkwing Duck icons, heavily focused on the Fearsome Five characters.

There are also some of Darkwing, Gosalyn, and a few miscellaneous for good measure.