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Guinea pigs need:

Nutrition There is a lot of varying information around the ideal calcium to phosphorous ratio but between 1. Feeding Tips and Advice Here are some points to remember when feeding vegetables and fruit to your guinea pigs: Although vegetables should be fed daily, don't give them too much as it could result in diarrhoea and obesity Fruit must only be given in very small quantities and very occasionally Always wash fruit and vegetables thoroughly before serving to get rid of any nasties like pesticides Guinea pigs love lettuce but Iceberg is not suitable as it has very little nutritional content and can result in loose stools They can be fussy pets but they can get a taste for something if you persist in small amounts There are certain foods that are poisonous for guinea pigs.

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Allow your guinea pigs to have up to 1 cup of fresh vegetables every day. Limit fruit servings to 2 times per week—serving size is approximately tablespoons for every grams of body weight. Your cavy tummies are most likely filled up with fruity goodness.

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And, a great rule of thumb, is to introduce new foods one at a time, similar to babies and toddlers. Healthy Fruits. As with any pet, there are particular foods that are strictly off limits. Your happy little cavies rely on you to keep them safe and healthy.

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Yes, the key to a happy, healthy guinea pig is a happily varied diet. The great news is that there are soooo many different choices available, so designing the perfect diet for your little companion, is like cavy play. Oh, and be sure to check out our awesome guinea pig hutches.

Guinea Pig Safe Vegetables

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