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If the records are boxed according to a straightforward filing order, such as alphabetical or numerical, the box list should simply identify the first and last file in each box. Clearances and Copies. Remove and destroy all duplicates, routing slips, unofficial notes and other non-record materials from the files before packing them for transfer. Arrange the packages in rows within the cartons and place cardboard dividers between the layers. Marking the Boxes.

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Do not use "paste-on" labels; write directly on the box. An example is shown in Appendix 2. The numbers stand for the record group , a fiscal year 05 and the four-digit sequence number e. Place the record group and fiscal year on the first line and the accession number directly under the record group and fiscal year on the second line. Shipment of Records: ICs are responsible for arranging the actual shipment of the records within 90 days after receipt of the approved SF Name Location of Boxes Bldg. An example is shown in Appendix 3. Call the WNRC for questions concerning these and other options at Records may be retrieved by accession, by box es within an accession or by file folder s within a box.

Obtaining Forms. An example of the OF 11 is found in Appendix 4. If more than one box is requested, the boxes can be ordered on the same OF 11, provided the boxes are in consecutive order, i. If only folders will be retrieved, enter the box number that contains the folder. Only one record can be requested per one OF 11, unless the records are filed in consecutive order in the same accession and box.

Ordinarily it would be the agency contact official identified in item 3 of the SF Sending the OF WNRC will send records directly to the Congressional office requesting them. However, the NIH offices must ensure that the specific disclosure to Congress is authorized for any records subject to the Privacy Act before directing WNRC to send the records to a Congressional office. The requester will need to supply its IC Federal Express number for express mail services. Records returned must have the original accession number, box number s and location clearly identified.

If only a few folders were withdrawn, they may be mailed directly to WNRC through regular mail, as follows:.

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If one or more boxes have been withdrawn, the records must be re-packed into the original boxes before returning to WNRC. Follow the same instruction provided under E. Records stored at WNRC may be viewed in their reference room.

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At least two months before the disposal date given for an accession on an SF , the NIH RMO will send to the originating office, through the IC RMO, a memorandum stating that the records in the accession are scheduled for destruction. The destruction of records on the authorized disposal date is required by law unless the originating office identifies a program or administrative need for the records, or unless the records are required for litigation.

NIH e-mail messages messages, including attachments, that are created on NIH computer systems or transmitted over NIH networks that are evidence of the activities of the agency or have informational value are considered Federal records. All e-mail messages are considered Government property, and, if requested for a legitimate Government purpose, must be provided to the requester. E-mail messages must also be provided to members of Congress or Congressional committees if requested and are subject to Freedom of Information Act requests. The back-up files are subject to the same requests as the original messages.

Records not subject to the Privacy Act.

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Records subject to the Privacy Act. Sample of Correct Box Identification and Assembly. Sample of a Properly Loaded Skid and Pallet. Electronic Documents F. Legal Files and Papers G. Miscellaneous H. Personnel Records I. Property Records J.

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Tax Records K. Contribution Records L. Veteran Records A. These may be divided into two general categories: 1. Some examples include: Routine letters and notes that require no acknowledgment or follow-up, such as notes of appreciation, congratulations, letters of transmittal, and plans for meetings. The maximum period that a PDF file should be retained is 6 years.

1742 - Transfer, Withdrawal and Destruction of Records at the Washington National Records Center

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About this book The problem of ice destruction comes most frequently to our attention in engineering glaciology and ice engineering because it is essential in the solution of many problems in the polar regions of the Earth. Show all. Pages Thermal Destruction of Ice Bogorodsky, V.