Caterpillar Overalls Knitting Pattern - 4 Sizes Included

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Tiny knitted dolls of my own design, the perfect size for baby hands to pick up, manipulate, and of course chew. To see many more Little Dudes and instructions on how to make them, please visit the Little Dudes page. A rainbow caterpillar, free pattern available on the Caterpillar pattern page. There is a squeaker in the back end and a jingle bell assembly in the head. I included a squeaker inside. A knitted lace dress from Mama's Girl; 5 knit dresses for baby by Larisa Scott with smiley face buttons. This was my submission for the Caps the Capital charity event. The flower pattern is by Jessica Tromp.

Since it's hard to find bibs I like, I started knitting my own in Sugar and Cream cotton. The first one was sized roughly to some IKEA bibs we have, but with stretching it was a bit too big. The second one is the perfect size for my daughter, including great little shoulder bits so when she turns her head, she doesn't drool any food onto her clothes.

The third one is the same style as the second, but with a modified version of Rhonda White's Australian dish cloth pattern , leaving out the letters. A toddler dress incorporating several bee motifs. The dress itself is of my own design pattern not yet available online , but the bee motifs are by Jessica Tromp. My daughter is modelling the dress along with a black onesie with ruffled sleeves and black tights. In the last photo, she is feeding Cheerios to her John Puppet.

I paused on a good shot of the puppets, did some counting and calculations, and pretty much reverse-engineered one of them. I also substituted stitched eyes for buttons to make it infant-safe.

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The upper part of the head, beneath the felt hair, is supported by a disc of styrofoam also encased in black felt for visual continuity as well as structural integrity , but the rest of the head is softer than the puppets in the video in order to make it a viable toy. Now whenever "D is For Drums" comes on, she shouts, "John! Please note that I have emailled the band and their management several times asking for permission to post a free pattern, but they have never answered.

Plus, they are partnered with Disney, a company that has come down on me before for bead patterns, so I will NOT be posting a pattern for this at any time, nor will I ever sell items for which I do not have full copyright permissions. Please do not ask me for a pattern or to make one for you; all requests will be ignored.

This was made in response to an informal contest on LiveJournal to replicate the baby goat named Frank from their logo and comic in three dimensions. More photos of my daughter playing with it can be seen in this batch of baby photos. Free pattern available on the Baby Frank pattern page. I occasionally experiment with cloths using Sugar and Cream cotton yarn, mostly because the yarn is nice to work with and it's fun to do short, brainless projects now and then.

Plus, the cloths are somewhat useful; while not as good at wiping counters as terrycloth which leaves less water behind , they're better than terrycloth for scrubbing dishes. The second is a 1x1 seed stitch. The third was an experimental attempt to make a baby washcloth with a duck in it, but the graphic ended up off-centre and a bit funny-looking, so I'll probably try again another day and do it better.

At least my daughter knew what it was! The fourth through seventh the green ones were samples made with the initials of my sister-in-law and her fiancee so she could choose the design for her wedding throw, still in progress. The last of that set has no initials, but is a seed-stitch border version of my basketweave baby blanket above. The eighth is a cloth with the letter G in it done for a girl whose name begins with G.

The free pattern is courtesy of Rhonda White. The ninth was made with a 5-stitch woven look for several rows, then a middle with seed stitch for extra scrubbing power, and then more woven rows. The original motif was by Jessica Tromp , but was a border with more elements and the portion I used should have been one colour instead of two. The first version was made with calculations based on regular stockinette stitch, so with the pulling inherent to stranding, it ended up too tight for my daughter. But since it fits her doll and the yarn is inexpensive Lily Sugar'n'Cream cotton , I let her have it as is.

Then I made a second version, calculating it to be larger to fit her. Unfortunately, I overcompensated and it ended up adult-size. Still, you can see in the last picture that it almost fits her! This is somewhere between a headscarf and headband, used to keep hair back and warm the ears against cold winds.

I created this overalls pattern myself for my duck-obsessed daughter, basing the sizing on gauge calculations and a pair of her pajamas I knew fitted with room to grow, including extra room for cloth diapers. As a result, it was a bit big when I first completed it, but within a few months the fit was pretty good and there's still lots of room to grow.

The cuffs roll up to guard against wind and to accommodate short legs, but roll down either to cover shoeless feet during a stroller ride or as needed as legs grow. The straps need to be crossed over in the back for a snug fit now, but next season will leave more room if uncrossed. Lastly, the straps are extra-long so buttons can be moved as needed for a growing child.

There are snaps along the insides of the legs and crotch for easy diaper changes although the cuffs are whole and I found some nice little plastic duck buttons. It is knitted entirely in Lily Sugar'n'Cream cotton yarn except for the embroidery floss used to strengthen the button holes and a small circle of black felt sewn on for the eye.

So far it has held up to extensive play and several machine washings draped over a stair railing to dry without any noticeable stretching or fading, proving that this yarn can be used for small garments where thick cotton softness is desired. I don't have the full pattern posted yet, but the chart for the duck is available with the photos on the left.

Crochet Hungry Caterpillar Newborn Hat and Cocoon

It was created from a photo of a duck brad a pin used in scarpbooking and turned into a rough graph using MicroRevolt's free KnitPro utility. It was done using standard intarsia techniques. These are some silly finger puppets I made while stuck on the couch due to illness. I couldn't knit anything big because it was too hard on my arms while lying down, so I whipped these up. I didn't record patterns for them.

Pasture Knitting Kit

The clown's collar is a hyperbolic increase and the princess's dress layers have some very basic lace to them with a picot edge on the white layer. This is my first attempt to knit a Muppet-style puppet using Lion Brand Fun Fur, in this case one of the Muppaphone performers from the first season of The Muppet Show my daughter loves that sketch. It is a variation on Val's Original Yarnball Pattern without seaming the ends fully to allow for the hand to enter and leaving two segments partially open for the mouth.

Unfortunately, it came out a bit smaller than I wished, so I didn't do much finishing on the mouth. The eyes are cut out of felt, glued together, and sewn on. The mouth is flexible craft foam. I am almost finished a second version that is much larger and closer to the actual Muppaphone Muppets, and will post a pattern for that when I get a chance. Knitted banana with removable peel and a squeaker inside. Free pattern available on the Banana pattern page. This bear is from Jean Greenhowe's Toy Collection. The original pattern is done flat and then stitched, but I have since made other ones converting the pattern to being knit in the round see below.

The limbs and head all move and stay put when positioned. When I gave the bear to my daughter, she immediately requested a hat.

Knitting Patterns Galore - Toys: Free Patterns

I asked her what colour hat she wanted, and being a toddler, she randomly named some colours, so that's what I did. I didn't record a pattern for it; it's simply expanded from the top outwards, then a few rows down, then a few rows of hyperbolic increase for a ruffle. These bears are from Jean Greenhowe's Toy Collection. The original pattern is done flat and then stitched, but I have converted the pattern to being knit in the round to avoid seaming.

It is my standard pattern for quick toddler birthday party gifts. The pink ones are two different bears. My younger sister-in-law saw the baby blanket I made for my older sister-in-law's son and requested a larger version in a sturdier yarn to be a throw in celebration of her wedding. She also asked for me to incorporate her and her husband's initials and the year they were married into the design.

The baby version is available as a free pattern on the Baby Blanket pattern page , although the border on this is done in seed stitch rather than stockinette stitch so it wouldn't curl. It was done on a US size 5 circular needle with a 30" cord. Each basketweave row is 22 squares wide and there are 31 rows I was intending to do 32 but ran out of time and it was long enough at that. My daughter figured out just before the age of two that I can knit anything she asks for, so she asked me to make a Cookie Monster.

I said I could do that. Then she asked me to make a Big Bird , and I replied that I could do that, but asked which she wanted first. She told me she wanted Big Bird first and I said okay. Then she frowned and said she wanted Cookie Monster first, so I said I'd make him first. The pattern isn't available yet, but it's more or less a variation on Jean Greenhowe's little articulated bear as shown above in terms of how the limbs are attached.

See Cookie Monster above for the story behind these two Sesame Street toys. When it was completed, my daughter gave me a wide-eyed look and said, "Thank you thank you mummy! Pattern not yet available, but I can tell you that I used Lion Brand chenille yarn for the yellow parts. The last photo shows what it looked like before I sewed some red felt into the beak.

As my daughter's first participatory Halloween approached, I realized it just wouldn't do to have her use a standard plastic pumpkin or other store-bought bag for her goodies, so I whipped up this fast and easy pumpkin bag. She also happens to love orange I think it's her favourite colour so she's become obsessed with "sumpkins", as she calls them, making this an appreciated accessory as shown in the playful photos.

For free pattern details, please see the Pumpkin Bag Pattern Page. This was made as a silly Christmas gift for Corran in It is a Dalek from the Doctor Who series, which is a monster-robot focused on human extermination. I also finished the bottom seam using the kitchener stitch which pulled it together very nicely. I adjusted the pattern slightly to do some parts in the round to save on seaming time. This was made using Knitty's Binary pattern by Christine Dumoulin.

So after a few rows of those, I broke the yarn and started again going up from the other side, planning to kitchener them together, but since that was creating a half-stitch jog in the pattern, instead I did an inside-out three-needle-bindoff to put them together. The result is that there's a slight pucker where the pieces are put together, so it's not nice and invisible like kitchener, but you can hardly see it so it's okay. If I did it again, I'd do each half separately so the pucker would be at the back in the middle rather than more obvious on one side.

My husband likes the scarf but finds it a bit too thick to stay wrapped around freely, so it's best when used tucked into a jacket, which unfortunately would hide the pattern work.

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This is a very simple and quick hat, created when my daughter asked for a hat resembling a particular licensed character. The eyes are actually too far apart to look like said character properly, but she knows what it is and it's correctly identified as such by young and old alike whenever she wears it in public.

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In case you're wondering why this is obfuscated while other items aren't, it's the inclusion of the pattern that could present a problem, while other items of named characters fall within fair use since they don't have patterns provided. My daughter loves to eat Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers, but recently I've had to put a limit on her consumption. When she demanded some at a time when I wasn't allowing them, I whipped up this knit version for her to play with instead, since she likes to "cook" with them using her toy pots and pans.

The second photo shows it above a real Goldfish cracker for comparison. For free pattern details, please see the Goldfish pattern page.

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