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Archer and Knight 1. It should be mentioned, at this stage, that this will be undertaken from the perspective of a lay listener to music, not that of a musicologist. The pastoral airs in King Arthur and Gloriana certainly make no attempt to imitate natural or bucolic sounds.

Whether or not they evoke country songs will need to be examined. In this respect, the texts, though using different strands of the pastoral tradition, are all of a celebratory kind, whether they extol the natural fertility of the land, the humble happiness of shepherds, or the produce of human toil. Come, boys, come, Come, boys, come, And merrily roar out our harvest home. Bring hether the Pincke and purple Cullambine […] Bring Coronations, and Sops in wine, […] Strowe me the ground with […] […] Cowslips, and Kingcups, and loued Lillies Song and dance of the country maidens From fen and meadows In rushy baskets They bring ensamples of all they grow.

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In earthen dishes Their deep sea fishes; […] Woven blankets; New cream and junkets, And rustic trinkets Our wicker flaskets […] Song and dance of the rustic swains. Both composers juxtapose polyphonic settings with homorhythmic, mostly syllabic, songs, reminiscent at times of Anglican church music, especially of those anthems which, through their slow, regular rhythm and syllabic setting, achieve both complete intelligibility of the text and an atmosphere of peaceful reverence.

Concord, Concord is here, Concord, Concord is here, Our days to bless And this our land, our land to endue With plenty, peace and happiness. Where life was scanty, Fruits of plenty, Swell resplendent From earth below!

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The Elizabethan context of the opera, however, enabled him to reinterpret the Renaissance and Baroque variety of musical language. Thus, the songs of the country maidens and the rustics are pastoral only in textual contents and in their suggestion of lilting or syncopated dance rhythms, but they are mostly remarkable for the contrasts in their vocal settings and textures.

Shepherd: Bright nymphs of Britain with graces attended, Let not your days without pleasure expire. Let not youth fly away without contenting; Age will come time enough for your repenting. Here are marriage-vows for signing: Set their marks that cannot write. After that, without repining, Play, and welcome, day and night. Their pastoral associations are, however, eclipsed by the transparent sexual symbolism of the flutes mentioned in the stage directions.

The recorders are used again, as both pastoral and sexual signifiers, at the end of the masque when shepherds and shepherdesses, having reached a suitable agreement, dance a hornpipe. As for the choral dances of Gloriana , they are all sung a-capella. Since the pastoral masque is a spectacle offered to the noble Emmeline, the mismatching between the rustic contents and the courtly origin of the dance music is more apparent to us than it would have been to a late 17 th century audience. It is also fraught with the attendant perils of stereotyping on the one hand and nationalist fervour on the other.

The irony may have been intentional, or Purcell may simply have used a musical idiom that suited his artistic purpose.

What power art thou

Savage Whittall As James Day observes, using a rural metaphor appropriate to the pastoral topic:. Both Purcell and Britten felt free to set the pastoral texts to the music that best fitted the words. In particular, they successfully combined the slow, ceremonial measures of idealised and allegorical pastoral with the jaunty, energetic rhythms suited to performing rustics celebrating the fruits of their labour.

Besides, as a Restoration composer, Purcell was not looking backwards to earlier music for, as Constant Lambert stated,. The Elizabethans did not tire of their conceits and go back to the simplicity of Hucbald, any more than the late Caroline composers deserted the new airy Italian style for the grave fantasias of Dowland.

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  5. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Banfield, Stephen, ed. The Blackwell History of Music in Britain general ed. Ian Spink , vol. Oxford: Blackwell, Britten, Benjamin. Stephen Layton. London: Hyperion Records, Mark Elder. Arthaus Musik, Caldwell, John. The Oxford History of English Music , vol.

    Purcell: King Arthur (Complete)

    Carpenter, Humphrey. Benjamin Britten, A Biography. Chew, Geoffrey. Stanley Sadie. London: Macmillan, Day, James. Series: Operas, Theme: 0-miscellaneous. Potential suitable shop article. Price: 7. Price: Album Purcell Henry. That could befit Youtube. Please enter your access information on the righthand side, or sign up as a new member: Register Now! Access data reminder. Forgot access data.