The Sorrow Stone: A Journey Through Loss, Grief, and Healing

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Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grieving and Recovery - Inspirational and Comforting Stories About Surviving the Loss of a Loved One by Jack Canfield A collection of true personal stories from regular people about losing loved ones, covering all the phases of mourning and recovery, with emphasis on how to accept the loss and move forward. Friends, family, and parents of children of all ages who have passed on will find an empathetic voice in this book full of real-life advice from parents who've been there. Stumbling Stones: A Path Through Grief, Love and Loss by Airdre Grant A wise and important book that explores a subject we talk very rarely about--death and loss--through touching stories and meaningful personal journeys.

The Wild Edge of Sorrow: Rituals of Renewal and the Sacred Work of Grief by Francis Weller Noted psychotherapist Francis Weller provides an essential guide for navigating the deep waters of sorrow and loss in this lyrical yet practical handbook for mastering the art of grieving. Let's Talk About Death: Asking the Questions That Profoundly Change the Way We Live and Die by Steve Gordon In a book that is honest, probing, sensitive and even humorous at times, two experts on death take on challenging questions about pain, caregiving, grief and what comes after death, drawing on the results of a candid discussion they conducted for several years over email.

A Widow's Guide to Healing: Gentle Support and Advice for the First 5 Years by Kristin Meekhof Focusing on the first five years of widowhood, a guide for women on how to manage the loss of a life partner shares advice on everything from estates and medical bills to single parenthood and navigating social situations.

A Mother's Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy by Sue Klebold The mother of one of the two shooters at Columbine High School draws on personal recollections, journal entries and video recordings to piece together what led to her son's unpredicted breakdown and share insights into how other families might recognize warning signs.

Passed and Present: Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive by Allison Gilbert Suggests methods individuals and families can use to keep loved ones who have passed away alive in their everyday lives through eighty-five different activities. Teen Suicide by Christine Watkins Discusses issues surrounding adolescent suicide, including information on the role of bullying, vulnerable teen populations, and the risk of contagion and suicide clusters.

A lyrical tribute to the loss of a loved one follows the farewell of Old Turtle, whose grieving friends lovingly remember how he impacted their lives and will continue to influence their world. When his best friend and fellow polar bear, Ida, becomes terminally ill, a sad Gus spends their final days together whispering, sniffling, cuddling and laughing with Ida in their home at the Central Park Zoo. A pet fish who has lost his companion imparts a gentle, age-appropriate message about saying goodbye while touching on the emotions commonly experienced by children in the face of loss.

Whether children are experiencing grief and loss for the first time or simply curious, it can be difficult to know how to talk to them about death.

Using questions posed in a child's voice and answers that start simply and become more in-depth, this book allows adults to guide the conversation to a natural and reassuring conclusion. Explore Now. Buy As Gift.

Greet Grief | Entering into the pain as you move through life's losses

Overview It never occured to me to express my grief through poetry. While praying one day, the idea came to me while reading some of my other poems.

What a good way to show you how I was feeling and dealing at that one moment in time. When I write poetry, it is meant to be read, in print. You who know will see I use many poetic devices; metaphor for example. I use vebs for nouns, nouns for verbs, and generally break every word processing or writing rule there is.

If you read "The Sorrow Stone" at face value, you'll miss the meaning. Look for key words which repeat throughout the poems. The words are an allegory like one reference to "Two-a-days", but it does not refer to sports practices. I refer to other famous poems in my writing. See if you can identify which ones. This collection is one of two books with the second appearing later this year.

If you're hurting over any loss in your life; a pet, a spouse, an aunt, uncle or parent, consider "The Sorrow Stone" my offering of hope and a likeminded desire to heal. Try to read it when you're alone with time to contemplate and think about how this applies to your healing need.

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There is no metaphysical application, just my thoughts to you. Join me if you're Greifwalking today.


Come and walk with me along life's journey for the next little while. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches.

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After Miscarriage: A Journey to Healing. On August 13, , just months after her honeymoon, Lori suffered her first miscarriage. After four miscarriages in less than two years, she struggled to find peace each day. As she suffered in silence with her grief, she was determined View Product. Forever Yours.