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Romanticism and Civilization: Love, Marriage, and Justice in Rousseau’s Julie

We see events through their eyes—particularly in the frequent passages of free indirect discourse, which closely align the narrator with the protagonist in question—but do not warm to them. In such passages, a more poetical and contemplative narrative voice emerges, seemingly not aligned with either protagonist.

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Although the novel ranges across the city, MacInnes seems most fascinated by Kilburn and Stepney, which are in many ways opposed to one another within the narrative. The repressed sexual deviance of the suburban middle class, for example, finds its expression in that archetypal site of homosexual transgression, the public toilet. South End Green public toilets For MacInnes, the design of such places somehow embodies the hypocrisy, pomposity and repression that characterise the lower-middle-class strata found in neighbourhoods like Kilburn.

While it is to one of these new developments that Edward and his girlfriend relocate, such projects have as yet failed to influence either the character of the district or the mindset of its inhabitants. MacInnes does not anticipate the associations of crime and social decay that will attach to housing estates following the rise of Thatcherism, or the gentrification of former slums in the same period. Mr Love and Justice celebrates London as a city which spiritually resists this kind of rationalised planning.

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If Kilburn, in the novel, struggles to escape its late-Victorian atmosphere, Stepney displays a more complex mixture of residual pasts and vibrant presents. Through his twin protagonists, MacInnes demonstrates that individuals are symbiotically entwined with places through these phenomena, both shaping and shaped by the character of the areas in which they live. Posted by Zachary Fenell Aug 20, Education 1. Upon entering the train station on her way to a business meeting, Hill noticed her train had already pulled in.

She hurried on her way over to the platform and boarded the train, and throughout her account, she insists it remained stationary—a crucial insistence, since the company, British Rails, claimed that Hill attempted to board a moving train.

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Her life changed forever. As Hill described the immediate aftermath of her life-changing accident, I found myself attempting to empathize by recalling a shocking, painful moment from my own experience. They wanted and needed to empathise on a very deep level. What well-placed words! Doing so prepared me and allowed me to learn.

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It strikes me as funny that I am a writer who covers a disability beat, but I quickly forget the vastness of experience surrounding disability. Then the biggest crime is we put them all, all in one huge category for our own convenience. Hill taught me about these specific issues. I also felt an intense mourning of loss for my connection with the earth.

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This came as a shock. This encounter from Chapter 27 is one example:. By the eye contact he was clearly interested in the way I looked. And then I got up to welcome Sarah and his face dropped to the floor as he saw me pick up the two walking sticks.