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Also, corrections or improvements to a translation are welcome. The translations are listed alphabeticallly below, based on the first line of the German verse. Click on letter beginning the first word of the verse. Since verses may have slightly different wording, better results might be gained searching Translations Illustrated by entering one or two words of the verse in the Google search box below. One might call it an adage rather than a proverb, and it is mostly used highly ironically.

By the way "hard on the ears" would be expressed as "harte Sprache", not "schwer" which means only "hard" as in difficult, cannot mean "harsh sound" or "hard object". I know this thread is nine years old, but as a German I have to point out that in "Deutsche Sprache, so schwere, makes you swear.

Personally, I've never heard this proverb being said to a foreigner. This proverb is used among Germans to actually point out and make fun of another native speaker who did use incorrect grammar. So please, do not feel insulted as German-students, nor do we want to say that German is the most difficult language to learn. The hardest thing about German are most likely the very randomly picked articles, as everything else somehow has not only a pretty constant rule, but also similarities in other languages. Using the Dutch proverb page as a template, the German proverb pages has been ordered in Alphabetic Order.

This makes it much easier to find things, and looks under control at last.

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The early bird catches the worm. Zweifel talk , 19 September UTC. Kiddycat said 'My dictionary translates "qual" with "dolor" for am. As a native born English speaker, "Dolor" is a new word to me. It does not appear in my smallish dictionary. Looking at this dictionary, similar words which may or may not be related, include "Doll" and "Doldrums".

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Dolls and Doldrums are both lifeless, and go no where on their own, a bit like someone with a lot of choices but unable to make up their minds - they may have to be taken, before they get anywhere. This lifelessness does partly fit the meaning Kittycat is after. He who has a choice, has the doldrums like a sailing ship with no wind.

He who has a choice, can get dumbfounded like a doll. Wer die Wahl hat, hat die Qual. I updated the headline to include the German version again [The bigger the choice, the harder it is to choose. Or, literally transl. Also: He was in an agony of indecision; he made an anguished choice.

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My point here is that you don't have to translate Qual closely, since part of the reason it's used in the phrase is that it rhymes with Wahl. Many idioms or soundbites in many languages go for rhyme or assonance, probably to enhance mnemonic value: no rhyme or reason; done deal; too pooped to pop; neither fish nor fowl; true blue etc. A redirect remains from the German version.

I've also changed the references here and in Finnish proverbs. Correctly: "Wer nicht will, der hat schon. My Opa used it often, mostly in contempt for those esp.

“Kling, Glöckchen”

Being kinky and placing the omnious translation right above everyone else's opinions: " This too shall pass. The equivalent "every cloud has a silver lining" is not correct. These two proverbs are actually very different. It basically says that there are ups and downs, or, more precisely, downs and ups. Whereupon the fat lady asked the fat servant if the fat servant would carry the fat lady through the thick dirt.

Then then fat servant carried the fat lady through the thick dirt, whereupon the fat lady thanked the fat servant for carrying the fat lady through the thick dirt.


Unfortunately he sang lots of loud songs to the lute. Why are you looking so stubborn boy, were you in the beer bar? Donkeys don't eat nettles. Nettles don't eat donkeys! The Spanish adore exciting games. Because godfathers asked for the roast, we roasted turkey for the godfathers. Could offer turkey-roast to the godfathers, because we had roasted turkey - like the godfathers had requested.

Who digs a pit for other, has a pit-digging device. How much spawn would such an amphibian easily spawn, if an amphibian would spawn spawn. Do you know that the "the" is the most used word in the sentence? New pond fish for the native fishpond. Rowboat, bread with butter, Freshly laquered burnished painted box. Fear of fruit flesh leads to flight from fruit flesh. Stanislaus dislikes the sausage in the borscht. The sturgeon in the borscht doesn't matter to Stanislaus. Freshly picked fruit the fruit picker picks fresh. The fruit picker picks freshly picked fruit.

Who grills a grilled sausage for others, has a grilled sausage grill device. There is gypsum in Gypsum Street, if there is no gyspum, then there is no gyspum in Gypsum Street. Man is what he eats Jealousy is a passion that searches zealously what causes sorrow. Fat Dirk a name carries the thin Dirk through the thick dirt, whereupon the fat Dirk thanks the thin Dirk for the thin Dirk having carried the fat Dirk through the thick dirt. Fighting-cows fight against cramps in their knees. The shark says "huhu" to the eagle owl Bubo bubo , the eagle owl says "hi" to the shark.

By spiders spun Spaniards eat meals with pointed spades. Two siskins twitter between two plum tree branches. Wenn Nietsche's cat feeds, Mieze's Nietsche doesn't wipe anything. Malte's maltese dog Malte on Malta once painted Malte's maltese Malte When I am teaching an empty doctrine in an empty space I am teaching an empty doctrine just theoretically. The mineworker borrows a company-owned Borgward famous German car from the guard of the mine.

Never give grandpa opium, because opium kills grandpa If cockroaches crap behind Interlaken, cockroaches crap behind Interlaken. The one who captures the one who knocked down the pile which stands on the bridge which lies on the way to Wuppertal will receive a reward, and be commended and posted in the municipal showcase. Kai can't drive any small smart Colonian Barkeepers crazy.

Sweet Suzie from Saxony says: Bob's pop-up blocker blocks Bob's pop-ups. Notice in a mountain shelter in Austria: Who upon arrival gives no information on his origin in the future will not receive accomodation. The babbling chaplain glues lively cardboard posters onto the chapell's rattling wall. The morning clock wackes the baker because of the breads. He has to stretch, to move and to elongate because of the breads. Move, stretch, elongate yourself!

The cook chased up to the shipdeck, the fly that shit on his beefsteak. Rumpelstiltkin's little box of matches Sesam a name saw sesame seeds. Sesam a name saw sesame seeds. Cat paws scratch grimaces on bright-yellow air-matresses. The grimaces smack, air escapes, what is easy for cat paws. Air-matresses soon burst, hear how it hisses, whistles, and pops! Seven quick foundlings from Sindelfingen caught seven finches, full of fleas! Thus, seven quick foundlings from Sindelfingen quickly fled from fleas and seven finches from seven quick foundlings from Sindelfingen.

Test for the tolerance of contact lenses meeting of the commission for applications someone authorized to check the brakes of a train Value-added tax number the right to cross a private property German: Ich meine schon auch.

No small child can split a small cherry stone for a small child. Then it will wilt away. Dann verdorrt er Dir! Shoe-shine brush, spice box. I have laid one egg every year anyway. Ich habe sowieso jedes Jahr ein Ei hinunter gelegt. The devil shall take you! Dass dich der Teufel hole! Conversation on the edge of a field: No priest you mow! Do priests also mow? I also brought down an egg for him. Ich habe ihm auch ein Ei heruntergeholt. If my pot belly would allow it, I would go up the Kampenwnad a mountain. On a meadow, quietly and silently sat a cricket, quietly and silently - head cut off.

Auf einer Wiese ganz ruhig und still eine Grille. Hey Toni, go down, or I will hit you down! If Toni doesn't go down, I will take Toni and hit him down. But after a certain age it is no less childish. Times, Sunday Times Empire of Things is a masterpiece of historical research but also a delight to read.

People look to you for advice so give it sincerely but tactfully. They have become a fantasy not about labour but lifestyle. We all want to be more productive at work but forget reorganising your desk. Welcome them back but resist making a fuss. You cannot help but feel sorry for the families concerned.

But that will give him a huge lift. Rock at back but at fault for goal. She is another dark horse but her resilience is unquestioned. The resentment was inevitable but it had scarcely any basis in rationality. The result of the first game is negative but not impossible. We had to tough it out in certain situations but defensively we were really good. But it looked like a forlorn hope when he failed to get a place at art college. So enjoy it while it lasts, but be aware that you can go in or out of fashion.

But he just happened to be cycling on the same road. But she also dabbled in a lot of drugs. But there were excuses for that poor run. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Covenant Coffee: The Unproduced Pilot! The Harder they Come. Rough Translations.