Emily and the Priest (Power Play)

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When Emily believes that things are finally over between her and Teddy, and — crucially, I think — that her dream of becoming a published novelist is dead, she seeks comfort in an engagement to a much older man, Dean Priest, who has also been a friend of hers since her early adolescence. He lies to her about how talented he thinks she is, because he believes that if she is truly successful she will leave him.

Orange blossom would make a sweeter coronet. After their final reunion, her writing is not mentioned again. So strongly linked that they rely on a virtually wordless communication, they are not well-served when words are necessary. It is almost possible, in fact, to question whether or not Emily ever did hear Teddy calling for her again.

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Chronology, something that Montgomery keeps a close eye on in all her work, throws their reunion into doubt. At the very earliest, we can assume Emily is fourteen in The last certain age given for Emily in the series is twenty-four. It seemed the most natural thing in the world that he would come to her there, in that old-world garden where the three Lombardies still kept guard.

Nothing was wanting to bridge the years.

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There was no gulf. This resolution, straightforward on the surface, is, underneath, as ambiguous as the obsessive love affair that proceeded it. Like Like.

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Interestingly, I found a suggestion on another blog that Montgomery felt under pressure to finish the Emily series with a traditional romantic ending. A sidenote on Teddy: I too adored their relationship as an adolescent, but on this read-through, it struck me how very little we know about him as a person, especially as an adult.

Power Play: The Complete Series by Selena Kitt

Emily spends a lot more screen time interacting with Ilse and even with Perry. What an interesting perspective on the romance between Teddy and Emily!

But I was confused about the timing of the three novels — I was always trying to figure out what the date was. And no war was ever mentioned.

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It really feels like LMM is trying to torture us as much as she can in a good way, in my opinion! Was there someone she could never stop herself from thinking about, even though it was too late for her? Something like that might not have even been written in her journals. And then there is Mrs.

Emily and the Priest: Power Play, Book 3 (Unabridged)

Thanks for your comment! Like Liked by 1 person. Hello, I absolutely loved these books as a child — even more than Anne series — and I remember being so disappointed that L. Anyway, Emily needed to write to live — she was a shell of herself without that.