Ecosystem Services from Agriculture and Agroforestry: Measurement and Payment

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He carries on researches on agricultural and environmental policies, farmers' organizations and commodity chains.

Ecosystem Services from Agriculture and Agroforestry

He specifically analyses the political framework and governance of the instruments of agro-environmental policies, payment for environmental services programs and green certifications schemes. John Beer is the Research and Development Director of CATIE where he has worked for the last 30 years on the value of agroforestry systems AFS as a systemic response to the complex problems faced by rural agricultural and forestry based communities.

His specific research interests are in the potential of coffee and cacao AFS to provide ecosystem services including a focus on productivity and nutrient cycling as well as on the adaptation of different research and development methodologies for AFS.

Colombian Farming and Payments for Ecosystem Services Schemes

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Payment for Ecosystem Services - Rangeland Ecosystem Services

Close Preview. Toggle navigation Additional Book Information. Description Table of Contents Editor s Bio. Few examples exist where national or international bodies have been able to set up viable mechanisms that compensate agricultural systems for the environmental services they provide.

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However this book provides several examples of successful programs, and aims to transfer them to other regions of the world. The authors show that a product can be sold if it is clearly quantified, there exists a means to determine the service's values, and there is a willing buyer. The first two sections of the book present methodological issues related to the quantification and marketing of ecosystem services from agriculture, including agroforestry.

The third and final section presents case studies of practical payments for ecosystem services and experiences in Central and South America, and draws some lessons learnt for effective and sustainable development of ecosystem services compensation mechanisms. Contents: Contributors. Part I. Measuring ecosystem services.

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Principles and methods for assessing climate change mitigation as an ecosystem service in agroecosystems. Quantifying services and identifying watershed priority areas for soil and water conservation programs.

Measuring biodiversity. Ecological mechanisms for pest and disease control in coffee and cacao agroecosystems of the neotropics.

Payment for Ecosystem Services

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