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This is similar to my prediction that the marketing department of the future will be organized around content, data and technology.

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And while the Deloitte study did not mention content, a few questions from the audience led them to explain that content runs across all of the challenges and may, in fact, be the biggest challenge facing CMOs aside from the need to tie results back to the business. What do you think?

Thanks for the post Michael. Loyalty with customers will result in a sale better than an impersonal sales pitch. I believe many digital marketers are missing the mark on this. Thanks for bringing attention to it, and I looking forward to reading more posts from you in the future! I agree with you that this is one of the more advanced features of effective content marketing but a really important one that will be getting more important as time goes on.

These are our tips for building and maintaining a strong University Page Mobile search is ever on the rise with marketers predicting that is the year that we will see mobile search surpass desktop. There are countless myths out there when it comes to email; Monday is the best day to send an email, morning emails get faster responses, social media is replacing email, and of course, email is dead.

Sure social media rolled in like the new kid on campus, but Facebook can never completely take the role of email. Take a look at our top 5 marketing tips for Hotels Referrer spam, in its simplest form, is the creating of bogus links to fool Google into thinking that a website is more popular than in reality. It works by accessing publicly available logs and inserting a link into them. We hope you have a great holiday and that you get everything you want, even if it's only some time off. Next year some big things will start happening with us. We plan on blogging more regularly on a wider range of topics.

Just think of all that free internet content The inventor of the black hole, the guy who figured out string theory. A brilliant professor who's up there with Galileo, Newton and Einstein, thinks that the killer artificial intelligence might actually be a thing So you've just spent a ton of money redesigning your website and then suddenly your developer pipes up mentioning that you're going to need a mobile website. One might as well have scaled up a mountain to find an identical but slightly larger mountain next.

As long as the thing load up who cares? The holiday season is one of giving, and starting today, we will be running a social media campaign to benefit Basics for Babies!

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I spent two weeks using Bing and I was constantly ticked off at the results. Well, ticked off in the way you feel when accidentally taking a sip of cold coffee. But I was annoyed because I was accustomed to getting what I wanted when I wanted it. I got used to the internet knowing what I really meant just by typing few keywords in.

I got used to Google reading my mind Sometimes bad reviews happen. Search for that thing that you love.

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The one, book, TV show, movie, whatever thing that you think is the best. There will be at least one person who hated it. Bad reviews happen, and happen for all sorts of reasons. The trick is knowing how to avoid feeding the fire because that's when bad reviews truly get horrible Attitude is more important than facts.

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It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than success, than what other people think or say or do It is with the greatest of pleasure that I announce to you all that Nathan Kondra and Timothy Serrano have both been promoted to a more senior title befitting their obvious experience and value proposition that they bring to our team, clients and new hires to come If you are still rocking your redesign, you may want to consider the following By now, everyone has heard of the dreaded Heartbleed exploit, and I have received my fair share of customer calls asking for more information.

Wow how time flies! Hard to believe that it was 18 years ago that I incorporated Think Profits. Some history for you. The business actually started as a completed business plan I wrote over November and December of 96 through a Douglas College Entrepreneurial Program One of those Who agrees with me? Our Pegasus tattoo friend above should have taken a look at a few other tattoo parlours before he jumped to the cheapest option.

One of the greatest ways to increase revenue within your business is to reach out to your existing client database. Your clients take the least amount of convincing when it comes to getting them to choose your company over the competition. Maybe it The new and improved page embodies everything we do as a company perfectly — from the individual staff If you feel like your website has lost its appeal, it most likely already has.

Are you one Get to know your audience and target market on a regular basis as part of your marketing strategy Understanding your target market is part of a healthy and comprehensive marketing strategy. It helps us here at ThinkProfits. How to Get What You Want — Learn how to effectively generate the right leads and create successful results by Please note that our office will be closed from December 24th — January 2nd.

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We look forward to beginning a What worked? The impact that social media has on your search engine ranking is becoming paramount for page one success. This quarter we were lucky enough to acquire two new staff members for the ThinkProfits. A warm welcome to our two new account representatives, Ashton Byrne and Ken Calcitas! Ashton Byrne Ashton Byrne has a strong background helping companies grow their digital marketing efforts, In the digital marketing industry, education is vital for survival.

Some of the most sought after certifications are Google Certifications, and for good reason. Google changes their algorithms frequently and furiously, requiring constant upkeep and attention to detail. Vancouver to me has always been a small city. It gets even smaller during Christmas time when memories are made richer with familiarity, depth and detail. Running into my neighbors and friends in the streets of the West End, everyone seems to be in a Today is Black Friday, hands down the busiest shopping day of the year in the U.

More than half of my family still lives in the Philippines and they are safe in the northern Think Profits has formed a new strategic partnership with JetSetCrew! Together with Shawn Google has recently unveiled a new algorithm that redefines how web surfers interact with search engines. E-mail marketing campaigns can bear fruit for any company, regardless of size or types of products and services.

Technology has changed significantly over the past few years. Even smartphone and tablet displays have changed dramatically, offering different sized screens with almost every new model that gets released on We had a very busy yet rewarding summer this year. This year marks a significant milestone and growth for ThinkProfits.

The entire team here at ThinkProfits. Nothing quite like it has been done before on the World Wide It was beyond exhilarating to play Rain or shine, it is our great pleasure to donate our time to help make the grounds of this outstanding facility look its The effects of the flooding are catastrophic We are looking forward to a warm leisurely night at this historical Vancouver venue. It was founded in and How Email is Sent Despite using it almost everyday, most people have no idea how email is sent.

There have been numerous changes to aspects of electronic mail, but the core concept remains the same. Luckily, the experts at Google are here to break it Dear Valued Customers, I am thrilled to announce to our valued clients and suppliers that we are moving our offices at the end of March We have purchased a new ground-level entry, 3-story office only a few blocks away from our current location and From: Google 12th Anniversary Awards Centre [mailto:googlelotteryalert google.

If you have already responded to this email please disregard and accept our apologies. Why do you need this done? Google has recently Have you researched the impact that social media could have on your business? Could your social media strategy be affecting how Google and other search When inquiring about a service or a product, who do you ask?

Whose opinion do you trust the most? Google Analytics event tracking explained.

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An overview of Event Tracking and how to measure the actions of events like video interaction, downloads and other non pageview generating actions Do you ever wonder how your other online marketing campaigns are performing? Do you know if your efforts are resulting in sales?

Take the mystery out of your online marketing initiatives with Google Analytics. While Google Adwords campaigns are automatically tagged to provide conversion metrics Have you ever wondered what could be the difference in visitor retention or improved conversions? If you want to test and measure different elements to charge up the performance of your website, the most impactful one-two punch would be to use Google Analytics and Google Larry plays harmonica, Most websites in the Web 2.

Bounce rate is the percentage Why you should include Google Analytics in your blog and the top three reports to increase the performance of your blog Think ProCart, Think Profits. Our shopping cart is designed to support multiple levels of categorization of product items contained within a single web application. Pageviews are generated as The power of Google Analytics filters to provide more accurate reporting on your site metrics Combining the power of Google Analytics with Google Adwords Google Analytics provides metrics of your traffic under the Traffic Report on the left side menu.

The Traffic Source Overview provides you with an overview of the different kinds of sources that send traffic to your site. The graph shows traffic trends; the pie chart However, they may be missing a nice key point: Coldfusion. This latest site under the Google umbrella is running on top The core of how to set up a Google Analytics account Here at Think Profits. Using organic search engine optimization techniques to secure top search engine rankings with Google, Yahoo, and Bing, we strive to garner online recognition for your specific business or organization.

With a long list of Context, segmentation and keywords tree reporting are now available from Google Analytics — If Google Analytics overview and what it can do for your website performance and ROI Facebook and Twitter are remarkable networking tools. They can increase your potential leads and customers.

1. The “movie trailer”

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and are free and therefore cost-effective. Not only that, but consumers have been overwhelmed, and unsure of where to look. Now, the focus is on producing evergreen content which will last longer. Brands should be looking to produce one new piece of longer form content every month, perhaps at most. Some key brands have already revealed plans to put out new white papers or long-form articles only every three to six months. Think about creating something they will want to bookmark and read again.

The insider view of book marketing in a world where the customer is in control

Try to publish content that they will be searching for next year, or further down the line, because it will still be a relevant issue for them. Create rules to live by, tips that never go out of style, and hard-hitting emotional editorial pieces that will stay with them. It is everywhere you look, and this will continue to be the case in What is it? Using ultra violet in your online marketing campaigns is bordering on essential.

While you may be able to create a strong campaign without it, you will be more shareable with it. Consumers will respond more to adverts and social media posts containing the color, even if it only affects them in a subconscious way. The way brands will use this color is going to vary. Some will opt for subtle pops of color in brand photography. Others will go all-out with graphic design, turning their social feeds into a wall of ultra violet images and text.

The way you go about it is up to your marketing team — but you need to demonstrate your current, fresh, and on-trend brand by putting it in there. Smart speakers have become part of the home almost overnight, and their wild popularity means that a whole new world of potential has opened up for advertisers.